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Good Vibrations and the Song of Din

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition so ubiquitous that virtually every cell in the body is governed by the influence. The aspect I speak of is the photo-stimulated resonance of protein molecules within cellular boundaries. Like strings of a harp,

Alien Intervention and Souls: A look into the Reality of Human Life

Debbie West, Contributor Waking Times The reality of the existence of ancient extra terrestrials is becoming more apparent by the most recent findings presented by scientists and archaeologists. Notably, among the most recent and significant is The Ancient Alien Question by Phillip Coppens, Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo, The Sirius Documentary by Dr. Steven Greer, the

The Spirit of Shamanism Brings Harmony and Magic into Everyday Life

Keith Varnum, Guest Waking Times  Shamanism is a very practical spirituality. A modern-day shaman could live next door to you and the only clues you might have are that they get along well with people and animals and have a green thumb with plants. Also, shamans have a knack for putting people at ease and

The Musical Universe

Andy Dilks, Guest Waking Times What is it about music that moves us in so many different ways? The rhythm begins and we slide onto the dancefloor, gyrating to the beats; a guitar strikes a chord and we throw ourselves into the crowd, surfing across a sea of hands; a favourite song comes on the

The Science of Raising Your Vibration

Marc Oromaner, Contributor Waking Times Anyone who travels within spiritual circles has probably heard about “vibrations.” The context is usually that someone with a higher vibration is somehow more spiritual or that the goal of the individual is to raise his or her vibration. But what does this really mean? Is it all just spiritual

Ego Vibrations: A Game of Limitation

Adam Lanka, Contributor
Waking Times

People are shifting the paradigm, stepping out of the rigid construct, stopping the forward crawl towards chaos and turning instead towards sustainability, balance, and harmony.