Ego Vibrations: A Game of Limitation

Adam Lanka, Contributor
Waking Times

Ego is a term that plays a fundamental role in the study of “I” in our daily, individual existences.  For countless ages humanity has pondered this concept, struggled with this concept, and even warred over this concept.  For a word that is so deeply indoctrinated in our lives, ego conjures up many different feelings and thoughts in many different people.  Let us closely examine the ego and its impact on our universe in an attempt to gain a clearer understanding of its meaning and purpose.

To begin, a firm grasp of the energetic nature of our existence is needed.  As beings of energy, we express ourselves as particle and wave, but in a balance of both spectrums, in a perpetual state of dynamic equilibrium.  The balance between the two sides of the spectrum is dictated by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and a measurement or observation of one state increases uncertainty in the other.  When we overly vibrate or occupy one spectrum of our energy, we are not in harmony, and are vibrating in an unstable state.

To interact with energy and with the universe, our intent forms coherent waves of emotion and other such vibrations, and sends them into the fabric of universe to influence and buffet the infinite, formless potentia.  A slight variation in either direction increases uncertainty, and our intent is interfered with and ineffective when we are not in harmony in our spectrum of energy, balanced between particle and wave.  Attachment also blocks intent, as our energy entangles with the object of attachment and collapses, again increasing uncertainty.

The concept of our being as pure energy is immense, and it is extremely difficult to fully grasp the complexity and enormity of this fact.  Our limited, physical processor can only draw conclusions based upon the limited, physical information that is evident in our tangible world.  As we respond to the internal and external stimuli in the world around us, we slowly build a model of our energy, a mental construct, brick by brick, and layer by layer.  Our job, social status, material possessions, feelings, emotions, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, body, actions; any physical phenomena in our existence further serves to reinforce the creation of a finite construct that is identified as the “I,” or what is commonly referred to as the ego.

But what does this mean on the level of energy?  I propose that the energy of the ego exists as a spectrum of vibration, another finite division of energy within the infinite.  The ego is then the magnitude of limitation and blockage that we place upon our energy, and the measure of how much we entangle our energy with ego vibrations.  It serves as a bottleneck through which we constrain our vibrations to a finite spectrum, and thus become trapped in a rigid, closed system.

Furthermore, the range of energy the ego dwells in is one dominated by the collapsed particle state.  The energy of the ego is based upon physical phenomena, it is thus composed of vibrations on the particle spectrum.  This casts heavy uncertainty on the wave spectrum of the energy, and is unbalanced.  This shows that the ego vibration is unstable, and is not in harmony with the universe.  This is more than apparent in the world today.

Currently, much of humanity is enslaved by the ego.  All actions and thoughts are guided by its unseen hand in the subconscious of our minds.  Its dominance is deep within our culture, with our political and social hierarchy even structured around it.  It is a self feeding monster aiding in the disinterest and disconnection of humanity, the silent divide and conquer of our lives.  It preaches materialism, and that our existence is a competition based upon work, material possessions, social status, and public perception.

  • But the situation is failing, the foundation slowly crumbling, and the inevitable transformation is already underway.  An economy based upon projections and rational decisions, a failing housing market, global economic woes and poverty, worldwide political unrest, all reflect the instability of the dominant energy vibrating throughout the world.  People are shifting the paradigm, stepping out of the rigid construct, stopping the forward crawl towards chaos and turning instead towards sustainability, balance, and harmony.  The momentum is gaining in the new direction, but many still cling tightly to the ego dominated paradigm currently in place.

    The strength of the ego varies with how firmly we have built the construct to house and contain our energy.  Every layer and intent that collapses the energy of “I” further builds this finite structure that we identify as ourselves.  These are the consequences of our gradual, unconscious subscription to certain close minded, limited, disconnected thoughts, perspectives, agreements, ideologies, and intents throughout our lives.  Through our continued attachment, we further anchor our vibrations to this blocked frequency.

    The solution comes in the release of entanglement between our energy and the ego.  What many times is referred to as the ego “death” is merely the final severance of the bonds tying the two together, pulling the energy down into the collapsed state and into uncertainty, out of balance.  The release of our energy from the finite spectrum of limiting constraints and boundaries of ego lets our energy vibrate again in its complete potential.  This is the return to the point of equilibrium and harmony, where our energy flows unhindered, unbounded, freely and fully expressed through our vibrations.

    The demonization of the ego and the need to destroy it has been a common theme in many disciplines, but this is merely a case of misplaced blame.  The fact that the ego can entangle with our vibrations, limit, and constrict our energy is indeed an issue.  But the ego cannot be blamed for its nature, the issue stems from our own inability or unwillingness to control the ego, to not become attached and entrenched in its energy.  The ego itself is only a construct, only a tool, to be used for whatever desired purpose or cause.  Awareness of the ego and its function is a step into wholeness, back into the balance, into our natural harmonic.

    With further awareness of the ego and its function in the universe around us, we further understand the many little parts that make up the whole.  The harmony and perpetual state of dynamic equilibrium of our energy is easily influenced by our own consciousness, observation, and intent.  The magnitude and spectrum of the influence is our own doing, to be however limited or limitless.  Through awareness we find that the forever sought after “I” is really our energy, our universe, and our vibrations within the infinite.

    About the Author:

    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and lightworker.  His passion and interest in the spiritual path has led him to many insightful revelations about religion, spirituality, and how to walk nobly in these modern times.  To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust.

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