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The Global Drug War: Ten Critical Developments in 2014

Nick Alexandrov – As criticism of the world’s war on drugs grew louder, legalization and prevention made some strides—even as violence, poverty and other social ills afflicted countries from Mexico to Greece to Ukraine to China.

9 Marijuana Policies From Around the World That Are Way Ahead of the U.S.

April M. Short, AlterNet Waking Times The U.S. is far behind when it comes to drug laws that actually make sense. While people in Barcelona, Spain are lighting joints up on the street outside of bars as tourists flock to enjoy a marijuana culture that increasing rivals Amsterdam, the U.S. continues it’s prohibitionist path. While Israel’s

Simple Living: President of Uruguay Leads by Example

Matthew Pike, Positive News Waking Times Despite being the figurehead of a country on the up, Uruguay president José Mujica donates his earnings to charity and lives on a small modest farm. Matthew Pike considers how his grounded principles are changing the political landscape. When José Mujica became Uruguay’s 40th president in 2009, he chose not to

Uruguay Government To Legalize And Sell Marijuana?

TJ Green, Weed Blog Waking Times A Government Finally Embraces Reality The local media in Uruguay, citing unnamed lawmakers, is reporting a plan to legalize and sell marijuana to registered users to combat crime, and cut off the flow of money to dangerous cartels. Hmm, seems like I’ve heard this idea before. Oh yeah, it’s what

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