Uruguay Government To Legalize And Sell Marijuana?

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A Government Finally Embraces Reality

The local media in Uruguay, citing unnamed lawmakers, is reporting a plan to legalize and sell marijuana to registered users to combat crime, and cut off the flow of money to dangerous cartels. Hmm, seems like I’ve heard this idea before. Oh yeah, it’s what we have all been saying for years. It’s what several latin American countries have been wanting to do, but can’t because of staunch opposition from Obama. Well, it looks like the U.S. is no longer calling the shots in the western hemisphere.

  • The president of Uruguay has not yet confirmed the report, but did tell the The Associated Press in an email to expect a announcement soon addressing “the marijuana issue.” The program would be based on the notion that getting people off drugs is about rehabilitation, not punishment. In order to buy marijuana users must first register with the government. Any user who goes past the monthly limit of government joints will be required to undergo drug rehabilitation, but will not face prosecution. All income from the program will be used to treat hardcore addicts. Wow! Is that reason I smell in the air?

    We need to send Obama to Uruguay asap for leadership training. Apparently, the idea is to reduce crime by reducing the flow of money to dangerous drug dealers, as well as by giving cannabis users an alternative source of ganja so they are not drawn into using more dangerous drugs.

    “This measure should be accompanied by efforts to get young people off drugs,” said ruling party Sen. Monica Xavier.

    Well, you heard it here folks: the tide is turning fast against the U.S. Drug War. Nations will no longer be bullied by Obama into accepting drug violence within their borders. The time is now to rise up against prohibition and demand legalization. Our brothers and sisters in Latin America have our backs. Let’s do this!

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