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What is Matrix?

Jon Rappoport – The overwhelming majority of human beings are trapped in a form of hypnosis.

Contacting the Dead

6 Steps and 3 Awakenings on the Spiritual Path

Frank M. Wanderer – You are invited to a special journey, in the course of which our inner light shines up in us. This journey takes us through six steps to three awakenings, each one more profound than the previous one.

What is Real: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Video – If you were born inside of a box, will the truth of the outside world ever enter your mind? Considered one of the greatest philosophers, Plato asked just this sort of question in his famous Allegory of the Cave.

How the Brain Creates Ghosts

Buck Rogers – Are ghosts merely creations of the brain, or do some people have more developed perception than others?

Time to Flush the Mind

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times The gravity of the situation… we hear a lot about that. In our souls gravity is not a low-vibe thing: it’s a feeling room. Even if I had the opportunity to hang with the high-vibe folks and talk about how simple the profound is and how profound the simple, I

Awakening the Mother Mind

Julie Umpleby, Contributor Waking Times As we reach the first equinox of 2014 on 20 March, my attention was captured by an event taking place over this special time. This is a gathering of 13 indigenous grandmothers at a sacred venue in Arizona, headlined “In the Name of the Mother” and is in alignment with sacred

52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams

Rebecca Turner, World of Lucid Dreaming Waking Times Learning to have lucid dreams can be fun, intensive, frustrating, euphoric, bizarre, daunting – yet ultimately, lucid dreaming is a hugely rewarding and life-changing experience. Learning how to lucid dream is like any other skill that you develop over time. There is no magic secret to behold.

How the Mind Works – Three Methods to Make Your Mind Run Smoothly

Alen Mischael Vukelić, Contributor Waking Times How the mind works – Do you know what your mind is doing? Are thoughts produced by our mind? Do we create our own thoughts? Is the process of thinking voluntary? Do thoughts have emotions? Your mind is much more than just its physical outlet, which we call our

Levels of Consciousness

Steve Pavlina, Guest Waking Times In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, there’s a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. It’s an interesting paradigm. If you read the book, it’s also fairly easy to figure out where you fall on this hierarchy based on your current life situation. From low to high, the levels

Living In A Hologram: Our Holographic Reality

Paul Lenda, Guest Waking Times We grow up thinking and believing that the world and reality in which we exist in is something tangible and physical and is just as is perceived. However, not only does this thought-process become disillusioned with various difficult-to-explain phenomena, but perceptions becomes realized as completely subjective that do not reflect

Is Mind the Ego in Disguise?

Linda George, Contributor Waking Times In my last post I looked at how the ego is an aspect of our totality that defines and distinguishes us as separate individuals. The ego, in astrology, is symbolized in the Sun. We say the Sun is our ‘individuality’, our ‘essence’ – the fuel that drives us. We must

Divine Infinite Consciousness, Beyond the Limits of Language

Peter Borys, Jr., Guest Waking Times When we are communicating through language, we are participating within the limits of a specific sensory frequency range, which is then decoded by the thinking mind to determine meaning at a certain level of the conscious mind. This applies to both verbal and written frequencies. Language is limiting because it

Meditation Stimulates Long-Lasting Brain Changes

David Wilder, Reality Sandwich Waking Times The effects gained from meditation continue to affect brain function for a long time after meditation is over, according to new research. “This is the first time meditation training has been shown to affect emotional processing in the brain outside of a meditative state,” said Gaelle Desbordes, Ph.D., a research fellow

All in All We’re Cracking the Wall

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Today I’m going to tackle a subject and a half… starting with some statements and questions: We project our minds into imagined future events according to our analysis of what we see, hear, and accept as real in the present. We reject experiencing one future scenario, and we fully embrace

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