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As we reach the first equinox of 2014 on 20 March, my attention was captured by an event taking place over this special time. This is a gathering of 13 indigenous grandmothers at a sacred venue in Arizona, headlined “In the Name of the Mother” and is in alignment with sacred prophecies. On the website, we read, “We are standing in the vibration of a sacred prophecy. The prophecy tells us that consciousness is preparing the spirit of the feminine, the spirit of the grandmothers…” (

To further emphasise the importance of this, are the words of Credo Mutwa, a South African wisdom-keeper and shaman, who states that it is imperative we ‘Awaken the Mother Mind’ and begin to ‘feel what is going on in the world’. In the words of Carl Jung, awakening the Mother Mind is equated to awakening the Indigenous Soul. Carl Jung expands on this as the ‘unforgotten wisdom that resides at the heart of our psyche’.

I have found this interesting in that there have been many energy prompts since we entered 2014, to connect with and begin to understand the real power of the divine mother energy, the ultimate goddess and the deeper wisdom of the original matriarchal cultures. Our connections with these cultures has been kept alive by what we perceive as the indigenous cultures, however the ‘Indigenous Soul’ referred to by Carl Jung makes clear that this is an aspect of our collective memory, and an inherent aspect of each and every one of us. In the western cultures, we have largely been deprogrammed from our connection to the indigenous soul to the point that we don’t even recognize ourselves as actually being ‘indigenous’ peoples. What separates us from the recognized indigenous groups is simply their continuity of wisdom teachings and traditions that have upheld the original Spirit and Mind of the ‘Mother’. Our attraction to the teachings of the Aboriginals, Native Americans and Africans is a resonance from deep within our own soul to recall and remember our very own wisdom roots that have been traumatized out of conscious memory.

  • The alternative research of Michael Tsarion has been very revealing in helping to re-establish our understanding and links with the primal ‘Mother’ and our own ‘western’ indigenous roots. To connect with this within ourselves helps to bring us back into harmony with the natural ways of living on our planet and in breaking free from the artificially imposed matrix we have become programmed to accept.

    In brief, Michael’s research in The Irish Origins of Civilisation, as well as Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, shows that our indigenous ancestors were advanced civilisations that were druidic in nature. They emerged from Lemuria after having escaped from slavery in Atlantis. These humans had an in-depth understanding of ‘natural laws’ that included both the relationship with the earth, the cosmos and the natural cycles of life,and they were schooled in natural ‘magic’. They were in harmony with the natural flows and forces of life itself and this was expressed through symbolically encoded mythologies that have persisted in the human psyche. There was a deep understanding that the mother or feminine principle is the primary force that gives rise to life, and that our healing is to be found here.

    These people not only gave rise to what we currently understand as the indigenous cultures, they also migrated from west to ‘east’ and became the seeds for the dynasties of Egypt, India, Sumeria and Babylon. Their mythologies became the roots of some of the civilisations that appear to have spontaneously arisen in the east, for example Egypt and Sumeria. The infiltration and distortion of these communities eventually by more masculine dominated ideas from the original Atlantean warlords, gave rise eventually to the monotheistic religions which took the original mythologies and distorted them by subverting the goddess or feminine source to become subservient to the masculine. A prime example of this is the mythological story of Eve being born from Adam’s rib.

    These maniacal dynasties then proceeded to wipe out as many of the original cultural groups as possible as they then re-seeded their belief systems from east back into the west giving rise to monarchies and the ‘ruling classes’, and effectively waging war on the original druidic priests and wisdom keepers. This has continued right into the modern age where we see the onslaught against the indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as the aboriginals and many others. All have been attempts to subvert the original wisdoms, practices, historical knowledge and to create serfdoms around the world.

    This history of onslaught, along with natural cataclysms both cosmic and terrestrial, caused great trauma within the collective soul and psyche of humanity, effectively fragmenting the psyche. The results of this remain held within the electromagnetic grids of the planet. Our empathy with the sufferings and injurious practices against more modern indigenous groups resonates within our own soul and cellular memory, because this was perpetrated against our own long forgotten ancestors. It calls forth a deeply held grief calling out to be healed.

    The various calls to awaken the Mother Mind are nothing less than a call to our own deeper acknowledgment of our origins, the traumas still to be repaired and a call back to our deeper and original power. It is acall for healing of our own and the collective human wounds and ultimate release from the enslavement we have been bound within for the past 5-10 thousand years.

    Our healing of these wounds depends on our ability to allow ourselves to experience our personal and planetary grief, and in the words of Francis Weller:

    “Grief is necessary to the health of the soul. Grief is suffused with Life Force. Allowing ourselves to experience our personal and planetary grief not only facilitates the healing of both, but enhances our capacity to experience joy. Grief helps to keep the heart soft and in touch with what is happening in the world. We have to be able to hold one eye on the beauty of the planet in order to be able to confront the horrors of the world.”

    The empaths and healers among us often find this a challenging task as we often either turn away from the more painful realisations of what is happening or else we get stuck in them. True healing is in the ability to hold and allow the flow of the both.

    We awaken the voice of the ‘Mother’ in order to restore the soul of the world, and recover our own indigenous soul wherein lies the wisdom of the ages and our ultimate power and redemption. WE are also descendants of the original indigenous peoples, the keepers of the indigenous soul and the key to deeper healing.

    Our time is now, and from 2014 onwards we will see a strengthening of this call from our depths and origins. The natural cosmic and terrestrial cycles bring with them an energy of awakening and deeper alignment with the inherent flow of life itself. This is an inextricable natural law, and our harmonization with it, requires our participation and alignment. It is not going to happen this year or next, but is an ongoing process of deepening recalibration as we come into the realization not only of who we really are, but also how we got here and how much of our ‘Self’ has been fragmented along the way.

    As we awaken to deeper truths, healing and understanding we will eventually restore beauty, joy and wholeness to our home. This requires a balance between passive inner connection and active right action. The Divine Mother holds the scales that finely tune the polarities so that action is directed by inner guidance and in harmony with the natural flows.

    My own ‘work’ for the past 11 years has been to understand the importance of one of the sacred geometric forms in supporting us to achieve integrity with the universal ‘mind’. This shape is often referred to in ancient texts as ‘The sacred octahedron’. It is the ‘diamond’, often used metaphorically to describe the level of purity of the soul. It is, however, an actual energetic structure that serves to connect us with the inherent flow of universal information and the fabric of the ether itself, effectively reconnecting us with the harmonics of the Mother Mind. I will explore more of the specific diamond links in future articles.

    The time of the Sacred and Divine Mother is once again rising within the hearts and souls of those ready to hear the call. Awakening the Mother Mind to access the gifts and heal the scars of millennia is our key to restoring the integrity of the personal and planetary soul.

    About the Author

    Julie Umpleby is the founder of Diamond Light World, the home of the Diamond matrix of Light that is the vehicle or container for your Highest Self. This shape is found at every level of the human body in its structure, as well as at the macro level of the Universe, and has been scientifically shown to be a perfect receiver and transmitter of energy. As such, the octahedron or diamond also serves as an amplifier and ‘boosts’ the subtle energy signals of your Higher Guidance through the lens of the heart – it is an amazing energy tool we have been given for these times.

    She designs and creates processes that support the alignment of your very own crystalline matrix to support transformation and embody more of your Divine Essence. Find out more at

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