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Government Report Offers More Evidence Cannabis is a Wonder Drug for Cancer and Good Health

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times As the world’s most beloved herb, Cannabis, continues to be liberated from the persecution of the government and the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, research continues to validate the many health benefits of Cannabis. This time, The National Cancer Institute, a government-funded organization has released a report indicating that cannabis and cannabinoids

Former Police Detective Demolishes the War on Drugs

Waking Times The war on drugs is one of the greatest social catastrophes. Not only does it not decrease demand for drugs, but it fuels corruption, crime, gangsterism and terrorism across many continents, and waste a mind-boggling amount of money and societal resources. In this video, former police officer and LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

Hemp History

Waking Times Hemp Since The Beginning Of Time Cannabis, family Cannabaceae; species: Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalia, and Cannabis sativa L., has been found on every continent in this hemisphere, it was used long before its first recorded uses. It’s safe to believe, that no historian knows which peoples were first to experience her treasures. In every society

The Power of Hemp and Its Countless Uses

Waking Times Hemp is a powerful crop with the potential to provide energy, fabrics, health foods and so much more. Please watch and share this video about it’s many uses and visit some of the many articles about hemp that we have posted at Waking Times.  It is way past time to free this useful

Hemp – The Answer To Sustainable Living

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times “We are using up the resources of 1.5 planets. That is a long way from sustainability. Every product made takes something from the planet that we can’t give back. So think twice before you buy anything. Think about what went into making that product. Buy better quality, but buy

When LSD Was Legal (And Cary Grant Was Tripping)

So hey, if it was good enough for James Coburn and Cary Grant and Clare Booth Luce and Roger Sterling, isn’t it good enough for you? The criminalization of LSD is stupid and pointless, serving only to make acid more dangerous. Everybody should be free to use any tool possible to expand their mind and their understanding of themselves.

Legalize Marijuana? Benefits Ignored by Federal Government (Infographic)

The federal governments’ prohibition of cannabis costs them (and by proxy, us) 7.7 billion dollars a year. If it was legalized it would save us not only that large sum but also gain somewhere between 15 and 16 billion dollars in revenue (taxes/consumer products) alone – that is above a 20 billion dollar net gain ON TOP of the illegal industry’s current net worth.

Western Establishment Refuses to Admit Reality of Prohibition

The western establishment has successfully painted the legalization movement as a bunch of disgruntled hippies who just want to get high, however, like many political memes this statement offers a gross oversimplification of the real topic at hand. Now, with many of the countries close political allies suggesting legalization that myth is starting to hold less and less weight among the general public.

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