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“Why Can’t We?” – A Dialogue on Effecting Change

Julian Rose and Zen Gardner, Guests Waking Times Editor’s Note: This is a recent exchange between two activists, Julian Rose and Zen Gardener, regarding a mutual desire to find more effective ways to precipitate more active participation in bringing about the much needed changes we all wish to see manifested. Julian: Well  Zen,  it seems we

Transforming the Mind: De-Programming Mental Conditioning

Ryan Brown, Contributor Waking Times There are times in our day-to-day life when we experience ourselves acting or thinking in ways we wish could be different. Sometimes, it can seem like our thoughts are running on auto-pilot, and whoever is doing the driving is not the most qualified person for the job. These thoughts then

The Programming of Our Consciousness

Ryan Brown, Contributor Waking Times A helpful analogy for understanding consciousness is to consider a human being as a highly advanced computer. In order for a computer to know what to do, software needs to be installed on the hard drive. The computer faithfully listens to and performs the functions the software tells it to

Escaping the Imprisonment of Cultural Programming

Paul Lenda, Guest Waking Times There is one truth that nobody can debate, and that is that we physically die at some point within the near future, relative to the life spans of everything else in the universe. However, it seems that many forget this fact of life and dedicate great amounts of time and

Time for Action on Marketing to Kids

Anna Lappe, Small Planet Institute Waking Times On September 18th, the First Lady brought together 100 parent leaders, government agency representatives, researchers, and food and media industry executives–from McDonalds to PepsiCo to Coca-Cola–in the first ever White House Convening on Food Marketing to Children. It was a big deal. Since President Reagan stripped the power

Beware the Candyman – Don’t Get Willy Wonked

Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times This has mostly to do with the conscious community but can be applied at any level. Wherever there is spiritual juice you’ll find the givers, the takers, and the very clever manipulators. It’s just a fact of life. Some people just can’t help themselves, they see an “opportunity” wherever they look,

A Spiritual Approach to Deprogramming Racism

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Someone asked a question on a Facebook page as to the spiritual response to race issues: when you see people as spirit, with the body being the carrier of the spirit, you take note of the energy of the person and not their skin pigmentation or culture. This is true

The Currency Of Kindness

Soren Dreier, Contributing Writer Waking Times A most powerful force is kindness. It seems to have a life of its own. It´s like a manifested organism multiplying on the inside and the outside. Highly contagious. There are levels to the value of it of course. Some manifested kindness is not kindness. It´s selfish. It comes

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

S. Ali Myers, Guest Writer Waking Times What is the subconscious mind?  What does the subconscious mind do?  Your subconscious mind is your ultimate video, voice, and thought recorder.  From this lifetime and before, your subconscious mind has recorded everything that you’ve seen, heard, thought or experienced. So why haven’t you heard more about the subconscious

The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth

Zen Gardner It’s pretty obvious, yet it eludes the majority of humanity. We’ve lost our compass, our roots, our contact with true civilization. I was blessed with another gorgeous granddaughter this week, a precious gift from who knows where to the human family. She’s adorable, amazing and in for a real challenge. And no doubt

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