Godzilla – The Mutant Reptilian Release Valve

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This convoluted new movie “Godzilla” just wreaks of fear, confusion and social programming. It’s being regaled as some sort of anti global warming alarmism movie, but it’s really about allaying anyone’s concerns about geoengineering and the nuclear madness humanity is being bombarded with, along with everything else they’re perpetrating. According to this latest dose of pulp propaganda it doesn’t matter what we do, nature will aright itself. In fact, even the most ghastly horrors we unleash are fine and dandy.

Talk about seditious half truths.

As usual, it’s all surreptitiously layered in scene after horrific scene to keep the audience traumatized and in the alpha receptive mode to allow them to implant their (not so) subtle messages. That it appeals to the anti-global warming alarmism crowd is but playing on another concurrent theme to bring on more receptivity, as well as controversy. Even the reviews pack a wallop of disinfo, and it’s so very telling.

  • But first the trailer so you can taste the mixed-up madness:

    Social Engineering At Work

    I stumbled on this while checking out the news this morning and just had to say something. They’re more blatant all the time, yet those under the spell will dutifully imbibe this trash, have their minds screwed with, and walk away saying how cool the graphics were and have no idea how their viewpoints and lives were just altered. Amazing.

    Then I got to this review. How stunningly revealing:

    The film opens at a huge quarry, where humanity’s insatiable thirst for fossil fuels (or diamonds or platinum or something) has uncovered a terrifying secret: a pair of radioactive MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms). The point here, nominally, is that man brings about his own destruction by despoiling the planet. However, it’s worth noting that the one of the MUTOs immediately attacks a nuclear power plant, while the other, later, attacks a repository of nuclear waste. In this, the MUTOs feel like close cousins of the worst of the greens, those folks who demand action on climate change yet mindlessly attack nuclear power—the sole technology that could allow us to maintain our standard of living while reducing carbon emissions.

    Nothing going on here. Just some arrogant ultra nuclear power propaganda. It sets the stage for the next segment:

    As the film progresses, the intellectual center of the picture is revealed to be Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), who takes an almost zen-like approach to the MUTOs. He believes that Godzilla, who he has been searching for his entire adult life, is not a threat to humanity but a part of Earth’s natural biosphere. The giant lizard exists to “restore balance.”

    “Good reptilian! Here, boy!” Never mind the fact that nuclear insanity brought this mutant into being…

    Serizawa also laments the “arrogance of man” for thinking he can control nature; the good doctor believes that the only way to stop the rampaging MUTOs is to let Godzilla fight them and kill them, to let nature run its course.

    Well that’ll surely appeal to the semi-conscious new agers and polarized drones playing in the right/left paradigm. But see the subtle justification of all of their psychopathic earth altering programs? That’s the release valve technique – address the issue so people can let go of their angst by thinking the issue’s covered. “No worries, nature is just balancing itself.” Sure, there’s truth to that, but why deliberately create environmental (and otherwise) monsters that destroy and feed off of humanity?

    The leaders of men disagree, opting to try and gather all three of the giant creatures into the same area off America’s west coast, where they will be destroyed by a thermonuclear warhead. This plan backfires, leading to a nuke threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans.

    They always have a release valve for the anti-war sentiment as well. No matter how Dr. Strangelove they make the West’s fascist militarization out to be, the general populace keeps backing the very same actions that were just highlighted as being insane. This goes on worldwide on a daily basis. Again,  trauma based mind twisting, with a good dose of cognitive dissonance thrown in to further sink the mixed messages in.

    There’s a lot going on here, but think about it this way: Serizawa, the only man who seems to grasp the true nature of the issue facing humanity, believes that the ecosphere will heal itself, will restore its own balance. He denounces mankind’s belief that we are able to drastically impact the environment in such a way that would make it uninhabitable. In other words, the Earth is a massively complex system, one that we can’t really damage by pumping a little excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We can, however, make things radically worse for mankind by arrogantly believing in our own ability to ruin, then fix, the world.  (source)

    It ends up seemingly addressing what you’ve been led to wonder about, even rightly criticizing man’s arrogance to coat the message with credibility.

    Amazing, yet a very cunning and powerful technique.

    Warner Brothers “Mortal Kombat” logo
    Warner Brothers “Mortal Kombat” logo

    Warner Brothers, Warring Brothers, Whoring Brothers = Warning, Brothers!

    Movie propaganda is some of the most powerful programming out there. Emotionally charged anticipation, ear splitting sounds, mind blowing graphic displays, gratuitous violence and destruction, and always gobs of fear…and then the stroke of the ultimate message, usually some feel good salve after you’ve just taken a massive psychic beating. And that’s exactly how trauma based mind control works.

    While only a small sliver of audiences are even aware of the massive geoengineering programs under way, be it chemtrail aerosols, weather manipulation using massive electromagnetic and plasma generators that steer the metallic charged atmosphere and even split the earth’s crust, algae blooms to change water temperature and currents, and much more, most are aware of the GMO issue and other genetic and food manipulations well under way and sense something is seriously wrong.

    And they’re rightfully concerned.

    Now mix in the nuclear nightmare that sits at the edge of everyone’s conscience and there’s serious pressure building. And films like this are meant to release that pressure so that full conscious awareness doesn’t set in and thereby no action is taken. Now back to your couches and cubicles everyone.

    This movie gives them a distracting false hope to hold on to, and thus not take action. It’s the ultimate panacea – “no worries, the good Doctor is right – all will be well, even if there’s some craziness out there…” And people “flock” to productions such as these, never mind get bombarded at home with the same programming day in and day out.

    To be aware of these techniques is to stay free of them. Do your best to bring this awareness to others to help them break out of the spell.

    And don’t subject yourself to this stuff. There’s embedded symbolism and other messages throughout these productions with even more insidious intention. Everything is meticulously planned. Steer clear of their “dainties” lest they infect you. The trailer already told me more than I wanted to know. I just had to respond once I saw it.

    Be well, awake and aware, and activated.

    Much love, Zen


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