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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

Judith Orloff, MD, Guest Waking Times Emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility are energies. And you can potentially ‘catch’ these energies from people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual’s negative emotions, or even how to deflect the

Reptiles Gathering?

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times It’s no secret that when writers write, we are often working things through… exploring. Today’s thoughts are on complete acceptance of self… nothing hidden, nothing denied, and not a single aspect unloved. We can get tangled up in the deep stuff, and this subject has been rolling around in my

Sacred White Sage: A Way to Clear Negativity

Eileen Nauman, Guest Waking Times Every Nation has its sage for ceremonial purposes. I was shown specific white, ‘female’ patches of sage a long time ago by my medicine man teacher, who was western Cherokee. Sage is used for clearing negativity inside and outside ourselves, from our dwellings, a room, an office, an attic or

Psychic Protection: Immunise Yourself Against Negative Energy

John Fitzsimons, New Dawn Waking Times  Have you ever entered an empty room, or office, and felt “uncomfortable”? Feeling perhaps quite happy to get out of that room, or office, as soon as possible? Maybe you have found somewhere that feels “bad” at one time yet feels “okay” at another time? This could be where we

How Many Emotional Toxins Are You Allowing Into Your Life Right Now

The Buddha said, “Life is a journey and you don’t always choose the people with whom you travel that journey”. You are a pilgrim on a trip called life. Whilst on your path, you will meet people who send you plummeting over an emotional cliff. These people come in various shapes, sizes and forms and are called emotional vampires.

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