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It’s no secret that when writers write, we are often working things through… exploring. Today’s thoughts are on complete acceptance of self… nothing hidden, nothing denied, and not a single aspect unloved. We can get tangled up in the deep stuff, and this subject has been rolling around in my head for a while, so I hope you’ll journey with me while I attempt to untangle some knots.

Truth is love. And if we accept that, we can bow to the pure information that we ultimately are – the energetic ‘written record’ of ourselves. That is the truth of us. That is also the ‘us’ that we come to love with no eye toward good/evil, right/wrong, beautiful/ugly… and not one drop of guilt or shame. I’m not talking about narcissism here, but an entirely different psychology wherein we come to terms with our energetic record and accept the beauty and divinity of our true selves.

I came to these thoughts after reading an article by a teacher and friend, Jona Bryndis. In the article, Jona said, “True Love means loving everything we are, do, feel or think.” In other words, if we seek to BE unconditional love, then we must begin with self.

We are our energetic body, which records everything, so obviously we have access to the truth of ourselves. We attempt to know ourselves through honest observation, self-examination, meditation, and perhaps through medicines like ayahuasca as well. None of us is perfect, and there are probably things we’d like to hide from others and even hide from ourselves. But we can evolve out of that deceptive urge and it’s very worthwhile work.

The barriers to self love are constructed of those times when we have not served our higher self, but have dropped into reactive, judgmental, conditioned or programmed behavior. Our goal is to grant unto self the same understanding, acceptance and love that we would wish to offer others.

  • We’ll get back to this, but for now let’s move on to a series of experiences that started my questioning.

    A few weeks ago I was meditating, using imagery, and entering a beautiful space that I visit often. After I had prepared myself, I walked to the door and there, between the door and the seat where I sit, was a fat reptile. Damn… a reptile. Is that something within my energy or the energy of someone/something else? I pondered the question and came to no answer.

    Then a couple of weeks later I saw the reptile again. It was during a global group healing meditation. I was sitting quietly, observing images that came in to my inner sight. All of a sudden a floor opened up and I saw a reptile looking up at me. Wow, I thought… hidden aspect or something else?

    A few days ago the third viewing came, and it was interesting. I was talking to my son and his TV was on. I glanced at it and the scene on the screen was of a family dangling from rafters in a building. Beneath them was a huge reptile on the attack. They were scrambling to escape. It was intended to evoke fear of course… “There’s a huge devouring force in our building… we’re going to die!”

    I figured it was time to understand what the reptile energy is representing, and getting to it didn’t seem to be too difficult: the lower brain – instinctual processes for survival including the body’s automatic vital functions as well as aggression, dominance, territoriality – all part of nature. We recognize that human beings have evolved beyond the old brain – the reptilian brain – but we certainly can’t leave it. We can, however, observe our instinctive and reactive responses to triggers, detach from the reaction, and utilize our reasoning and creative powers.

    Since I started out talking about unconditional love for self being the prerequisite for true love, why am I wandering about in reptile brain? I’m thinking we can benefit in our true love quest by looking at what has hidden ‘under the floor’. We have to accept that too, and deal with it. Otherwise we can do damage to our spiritual journey and to our physical selves as well.

    If we allow external fear messages and the power of suggestion to operate without observation, we’re very vulnerable to being infected by the feeling of it… the energy. To ward it off we need to neutralize our emotional reactions and thoughts… and deprogram it. So let’s try to untangle this one.

    Now you might be saying… “I’ve dealt with fear and I’m no longer influenced in my thinking by the survival instinct.” If you have, that is wonderful. It can be done. If we haven’t done it ourselves, we may know some who are living life within a faster and lighter energy, harboring few if any fears of survival. But judging by the enormous number of ‘we’re all going to die’ messages everywhere, all over the place, giving energy to the reptile and taking in the reptile’s powers of suggestion, I’d say we have a way to go, collectively.

    And truly, desire for physical life to continue is natural: I do want to survive for as long as it takes to complete my evolution here. I want my children to have the chance to complete theirs, and my friends, and everyone, actually… that we all can do the journey without interference from ‘them’… the big reptiles. May we all survive long enough to embody the light of truth and love and to serve the divine flow of grace.

    So it’s not that the survival instinct is bad for us – it’s that we’re unable to differentiate what is externally programmed fear food and power of suggestion, and what is natural life unfolding… be it destructive occurrences in 3-D or not, we need to differentiate.

    On the up-side, quite a few of the fear messages have been missing the mark within the spiritual community. We’re not so much into aggression and territory and dominance. We don’t really care if our country survives, or our religious beliefs, or our youthful appearance, or our career, or our opinion, or our race, or our fame, or our consuming way of life.

    Yet many of the fear messages do hit the target and we react. And sometimes we even seek them out. Why would we do that? For some the intent is to be informed, and for others there is an attraction… we’re conditioned and programmed to the reptilian response and we feel energized there… weird… such dense, cold energy.

    So what is the meaning of my reptile sightings… I haven’t reached a conclusion other than to recognize, detach and distance myself from survival fear. I’m thinking maybe I can coax that reptile into being a gecko… “Little one, you just can’t get an emotional reaction from me, and I won’t give you my mental energy. Scurry along. You may be under the floor, but you’re not in charge.”

    Could it be… someday we’ll find out that evolving beyond the survival instinct has been the big task of our journey in 3-D? If that is the case, certainly we are at a mega testing point right now…. come to love… come to truth.

    Now let’s attempt to untie another knot, reptile related. We need to know more about self-protection as we move into the warmer and more trusting feelings. It is not only wise to protect our energy from the invasion of powerful negative suggestions… it is a necessity.

    I asked a friend, “Why would people want to possess more than they need for their own survival… even the reptile doesn’t do that. It takes what it needs. It doesn’t take everything in the river; if it did that it would die.” He answered that people plan ahead… they anticipate needs. I can see that. Nature does it, the squirrel does it, the hibernating bears do it… but nothing in nature would take hoarding beyond a winter season.

    Yet here we are, living in a world where small numbers of people take it all, and hoard it, and use it to imprison and terrorize. Their aim is to control all resources, constrict energy, dominate it and bring about submission, and we see this as outside of the forces of nature. So to look at it as dragon-like is correct in my view… something outside of 3-D, incoming from a dimension that is even more dense and cold.

    People can become possessed by their negative, restrictive mentality, their emotions and fears and reactions, and this becomes predominant in their energetic ‘written record’. It is possible to see developed and coagulated energy as a trans-dimensional overlay… I know this because I have seen it in 3-D. It’s a perception. For some this perception happens at will and for others, like myself, it happens rarely… perhaps only when it’s vital to know. Stuart Wilde identified these collected mental/emotional entities as ghouls and I get it… they are, and it is.

    So how do we deal with survival instincts when the threat seems to be trans-dimensional, overwhelming, completely in control and terrifying? The times we live in are forcing evolution: we must come to recognize our own trans-dimensional existence by stepping outside of instinctive reaction, susceptibility to suggestion and programming.

    Our energy can vibrate at the level of universal love, if we make it so. I do believe this, even though I can’t claim to have achieved it as yet.

    We want to be in a position where negative programming finds nothing in our energy to attach to: if we are able to detach emotionally and mentally, create a protective staying power, and envision the demise of the dragon without fear of the consequences, we will have found a place of safety.

    I hope I’ve untied the tangles a bit.

    To end, let’s return to the beginning: unconditional love of self with nothing hidden, nothing denied, and not a single aspect unloved… doesn’t it seem like it’s time to go there? Time to believe in our gorgeous imperfect selves, time to claim the power and trust that unconditional love gives us, time to shine it forth and use it to create?

    We are immensely powerful, but our power doesn’t lie in instinctive reactions to fear triggers. It lies in our refined energy and the cultivation of perception. The destructive force is cold, restrictive and fear-filled. The creative force is warm, liberating and love filled.

    Throughout the journey it is the intention that matters. Let’s forgive our errors, repair our flaws, and believe in our divinity. There is a force evolving out of this ‘tipping into hell’ world, and our love is it.

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