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Consciousness and Technology – 3 Mind Expanding Comparisons

Dylan Charles Waking Times Of all the pursuits of human kind, the understanding and exploration of consciousness offers the most likely opportunity for us to realize a civilization oriented towards cooperation, compassion, sustainability, and respect for life. Awakening to higher states of consciousness is the process by which a person, or a collective, can re-organize

5 Types of Medicinal Mushrooms and How They Boost Health

Andreea Nica, AlterNet Waking Times Different species of mushrooms have valuable benefits. Understanding how food interacts with our bodies and the role it plays in healing various health conditions can be helpful. Whether food is used as part of a medical treatment or a prevention-focused diet, knowledge is power. Though some may disregard medicinal food,

5 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Psychedelics Experts

April M. Short, AlterNet Waking Times A recent online course unraveled psychedelic science, medicine, art and spirituality. The problem with banning anything out of a fear of the unknown is that many unknowns will remain. Such is the story of many psychedelic drugs in the U.S. While the government has experimented with various psychedelic compounds

Further Proof Psychedelic Mushrooms Could Help Keep You Sane

Elizabeth Limbach, AlterNet Waking Times Researchers looked at psilocybin’s impact on anxiety and depression. Anxiety disorders top the list of America’s mental illnesses, affecting 18 percent of the U.S. population. Yet, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, only a third of its sufferers receive treatment for it. Meanwhile, the association reports that 3 to

Study: Magic Mushroom Compound Could Help with Depression

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times At least three different formal psychiatric studies on the effects of psilocybin, extracted from “magic mushrooms”, were performed on voluntary subjects who had never experienced psychedelics before. All had similar positive results. The motive for these studies was investigating the potential for treating depression and other psychiatric maladies with psilocybin. Two

Psychoactive Mushrooms – Mycologist Paul Stamets on Nature’s Little Teachers

Waking Times Will mushrooms have a pivotal impact on whether or not we survive into the next millennium? Is it possible that those of us who have been exposed to the cosmic properties of psychoactive mushrooms were chosen by nature to be vehicles for receiving communications between plants and humans? Mycologist and author Paul Stamets

Unraveling the Origins of Bioluminescent Fungi

Liz Kimbrough, Mongabay Waking Times Aristotle (384–322 BC) reported a mysterious light, distinct from fire, emanating from decaying wood. Pliny the Elder (23–79 AD) mentioned feasting on a glowing, sweet fungus found on trees in France and, in the late fifteenth century, a Dutch consul gave accounts of Indonesian peoples using fungal fruits to illuminate

Reishi: The Brilliant Mushroom

Pamela Duff, Green Med Info Waking Times  These varnished-looking mushrooms are gorgeous when fresh since the caps are liver-red to a reddish brown and distinctively glossy. Ganoderma is from the Latin gan, meaning “shiny”, derma meaning “skin”, and lucideum meaning “brilliant”. The surface is arranged in lumpy zones with colour progressing to white or yellow along the edge. Lucideum grows on hardwoods

Nootropics, Psychedelics & Expansion of Consciousness

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer Waking Times From ancient Vedic times in India, to the sanctuaries of Greece, including the Temple of Delphi, to the terraced Mayan hills in Central and South America, and spirit journeys of American Indians, to the DMT and mushroom induced trances of the aboriginal Australians, to the opium dens of China,

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