Psychoactive Mushrooms – Mycologist Paul Stamets on Nature’s Little Teachers

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Will mushrooms have a pivotal impact on whether or not we survive into the next millennium? Is it possible that those of us who have been exposed to the cosmic properties of psychoactive mushrooms were chosen by nature to be vehicles for receiving communications between plants and humans?

Mycologist and author Paul Stamets is an outspoken champion for the use of mushrooms to remediate natural and manmade disasters, to achieve optimal health, and for their role as the natural neural network of planet Earth. In this eye-opening presentation given by Paul in 1999 in Amsterdam, he talks about psychoactive mushrooms, their history, role in personal transformation and their cultivation.

The story of the Psilocybin active mushrooms is fascinating. Beginning with the old growth forests, one of the few places on Earth where the fungal genome is largely undisturbed, Paul discusses the grand scheme of the mushroom world and how it might not be an accident that mushroom mycelium is found everywhere that life is found.

Examining the Mycelial network on the planet, Paul demonstrates how Mycelium is the Earth’s natural Internet allowing for communication between plant species. In fact, it acts as the neural network of the planet, as a sentient organism with the consciousness to respond to natural disasters and external events. Fungi is the foundation of our eco-system, excreting the enzymes that break down dead plant and animal material, and without it plants would all die.

  • Paul discusses how mushrooms use humans as vehicles for carrying and distributing spores leading to ironically located concentrations of psychoactive mushrooms outside courthouses and police stations in America. And due to the nature of spore propagation, it may be evident that psychoactive mushrooms intentionally grow in areas of deforestation as an ecological response to manmade destruction. In this way, mushrooms attempt to communicate with humans to remind us of our connection to nature.

    In heavy trips from psychoactive mushrooms, a common message is that the Earth is in trouble and that the mushrooms are sending we humans a call to arms to help out, to take responsibility for what is happening to our world and to try to repair the damage already done.

    From ancient cave art and the Guatemalan Mushroom stones, to paying off college tuition, to meteors that seem to have brought alien Mycelium from other worlds, this fascinating explanation of the psychoactive mushroom kingdom is a must see.

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