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Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances

Sayer Ji Waking Times  According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.” The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of human experience to mitigate,

Ending the Drug War Should Be a “Left, Right, and Center” Concern

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times It doesn’t take a genius, a criminal justice scholar or an activist to realize that something is wrong with the fact that the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. This is true despite not having the highest crime rates in the world and labeling itself as a “leader” in

Uruguay Government To Legalize And Sell Marijuana?

TJ Green, Weed Blog Waking Times A Government Finally Embraces Reality The local media in Uruguay, citing unnamed lawmakers, is reporting a plan to legalize and sell marijuana to registered users to combat crime, and cut off the flow of money to dangerous cartels. Hmm, seems like I’ve heard this idea before. Oh yeah, it’s what

Western Establishment Refuses to Admit Reality of Prohibition

The western establishment has successfully painted the legalization movement as a bunch of disgruntled hippies who just want to get high, however, like many political memes this statement offers a gross oversimplification of the real topic at hand. Now, with many of the countries close political allies suggesting legalization that myth is starting to hold less and less weight among the general public.

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