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The Fear of Individuality

Jon Rappoport – The fear of individuality comes from the apprehension that a human, unchained and alive, might create something that would expose the titanic hoax of the collective and the group.

Magic Never Dies

Jon Rappoport – Tired of the preaching designed to make humans into sophisticated mind-machines?

Free Thought vs. Social Conformity

Kingsley L. Dennis – People cannot be fully trusted to say and do what they think is right if others around them are all expressing an opposite opinion.

The Group Is All

Jon Rappoport – More and more, education is entraining children to think of themselves as part of a group.

Nonconformity and the Normalcy Bias

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that surrenders to a curious state called “normal.” Normal is a cultivated space, fashioned from how we see ourselves and how we’d like others to see us. It’s a weighted measure, balancing self-appraisal

Titles and Templates of Conformity

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that readily conforms to labels and titles. Titles come in all flavors, shapes and sizes, so everybody gets to have one. Some seem rather impressive, whereas others are a bit more diminutive indeed. But

Non-Conformity & Creativity Now Listed As A Mental Illness By Psychiatrists

Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution Waking Times It’s no secret that when society, as a whole starts thinking outside the box, or starts to question what’s really happening on the planet it faces a fierce opposition. It’s also no secret that authority figures throughout history have ridiculed ideas that simply did not fit the frame. In our

Deathbed Visions, DMT & Consciousness – Reflections on Life and the Beyond

Andy Dilks, Staff Writer Waking Times  In recent years in the West there have been a number of studies in which people on their deathbeds are asked what it is they most regret about their lives. An Australian palliative nurse, Bronnie Ware, conducted one such study of patients in her care – she spent several

The Synchronized Brains of Movie Viewers

Heather Callaghan, Guest Waking Times Why read the book when I can watch the movie version?  It’s been said before that the main difference between people reading a book and people watching a movie is this: Reading is very personal – the interpretation of words can be as different as the variety of people reading

Life at Three Degrees Out of Phase

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that resonates at the core level. It’s a doorway to a place colloquially referred to as “everyday life” where an array of vibrations loosely define the boundaries of right and wrong. It’s an illusory

It’s Okay To NOT ‘Fit In’ With Society

Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest Waking Times Do you feel like you sometimes don’t ‘fit in’ with society? Have you ever caught yourself looking at all of the unhealthy food in someone else’s shopping cart at the grocery store? When you see people blindly following others, does it make you feel a little uncomfortable? Are

The Hidden World of Faerie

Elva Thompson, Guest Waking Times “Come fairies! Take me out of this dull world,? For I would ride with you? Upon the wind and dance ? Upon the mountains like a flame.” – W.B. Yeats Time is speeding up, the sand in the hourglass of our lives is flowing, and our everyday existence is a challenge,

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