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Brave New Year

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times “We can, if we so desire, refuse to cooperate with the blind forces that are propelling us.” –Aldous Huxley So here we are, moving into 2014. And no doubt with that sense of expectancy and promise which comes with all ‘New Years’. But maybe also with that nagging sense which

Our Dual Nature – The Arrow Within the Circle

Ben Naga, Contributor Waking Times I invite you to perform a small experiment with me. Take a moment to become as aware as you can of yourself, your body, the words in front of you, your immediate surroundings. Now imagine that, instead of perceiving in the normal way a number of discrete objects – hands,

Mysticism and Ordinary Consciousness

Emmanuel Karavousanos, Contributor Waking Times In reading, hearing and watching the news of the day, we learn of the horrors that go on in our world. Though much of the news is all too troubling, there is also some that is good and often, promising. Perhaps the good can be greatly expanded if we, individually,