The Religious Mindset – Gateway to a New Dark Age

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There couldn’t be a more pertinent backdrop to this article than the soci0-religious marriage taking place on the world stage right now. The Jesuit Pope endorsing these global social engineering programs disguised as caring for an ailing planet is a perfect example of mass manipulation using religious mindsets and attachments is a clear demonstration of what is being perpetrated on mind-numbed humanity.

If only people woke up from this and similar programming we would have a different world overnight.

Sadly, most operate from preconceived, purposely placed paradigms and can’t see the forest through the trees, to put it lightly. Taking what they’re handed at face value is perhaps humanity’s biggest weakness, much like hungry, penned in animals heading to the feed trough for whatever is being offered.

There are very powerful dynamics behind religious belief systems. And they’re not nice. As is the case with all controlling influences, they’re designed to subserviate, subjugate and control, with the appearance of being oh so benign. All with very serious consequences; socially, psychologically and spiritually, cleverly designed to fulfill a hidden agenda.

So let’s look at some of these devious disempowering dynamics and where they’re taking us.

  • The New Dark Age – Retreat to an Archaic Revival

    Dark ages have repeated themselves throughout history. We’re in just such a potential collapse, as disturbing at it may seem, albeit an altogether avoidable one. The Greek dark age is little known but one such example.

    On a so-called modern geopolitical scale this excerpt aptly summarizes the current sociopolitical condition:

    Fear, exploited and unchecked, triggers a deep, “rational” insanity. We’re driving ourselves into a new Dark Age.

    The driving force is institutional: government, the mainstream media, the military-industrial economy. These entities are converging in a lockstep, armed obsession over various enemies of the status quo in which they hold enormous power; and this obsession is devolving public consciousness into a permanent fight-or-flight mentality. Instead of dealing with real, complex social issues with compassion and intelligence, our major institutions seem to be fortifying themselves – with ever-increasing futility – against their imagined demons. (Source)

    On a parallel plane of understanding, there is this perspective as stated by Terrence McKenna who often spoke about an archaic revival of a coming dark age:

    These things are all part of the New Age, but I have abandoned that term in favor of what I call the Archaic Revival—which places it all in a better historical perspective. When a culture loses its bearing, the traditional response is to go back in history to find the previous “anchoring model.” An example of this would be the breakup of the medieval world at the time of the Renaissance. They had lost their compass, so they went back to Greek and Roman models and created classicism—Roman law, Greek aesthetics, and so on.[5] [emphasis added] ~ Terence McKenna (Source)

    Both of the source links cited above are worth serious perusal.

    The Willing Subjects of the Penitent Mass Mind

    So let’s look at some of these devious disempowering dynamics that are attempting to take us to a new age of directed, reduced enlightenment.

    When the religious aspect is interjected or amplified upon the human mindscape we see very powerful dynamics at play. These very tools are used to manipulate humanity into the willing accomplice in such a retreat to this “archaic revival”. These are some of the mechanisms at play.

    “I am not worthy” cries the subservient religious practitioner, no matter what carefully contrived religion it is. The abdication of self, sovereignty and rationale, all for a pittance of acceptance and justification for even living at all is the basis for all abusive religions.

    How humanity has been decimated by looking outside for help via forms of external authority. A very “captivating” concept and great way to excuse oneself from responsibility in the bargain.

    “Please accept me, oh great Being from beyond” cries the abdicating pawn. I know, I’ve been there, as have so many in one form or another if they’re honest. Religious affinity befalls sadly abused, programmed and misdirected souls who are longing for meaning and acceptance. It’s the most susceptible of emotions, being very cleverly locked into the natural human hunger for spirituality, but so very cleverly manipulated by “smarter” entities of all sorts.

    This is an amazing topic as religion and belief systems are the most powerful of all control devices. Even the Gnostic teachings say that of all the Archontic devices leveled against humanity, religion is by far the most powerful. I heartily concur from all I’ve learned up to this point.


    The Guilt Trap – Just Another Form of Fear Subservience

    The guilt aspect is surreal, but basically the religiously blind-folded human wants to earn their way to forgiveness since that’s the playing field they’ve been presented with. It’s a “pull your self up by the bootstraps” kind of completely mindless, unsolvable conundrum that ensnares more than any other control device. And all according to whom? And what?

    Just think about the idea that we were “born into sin”. What greater defenseless, innate bondage can you have?

    This is very easy to use on less conscious humans. If you know anything about historical trends and the background of religion this is as obvious as rain. Sadly we put this type of dynamic and its many ramifications bringing dis-enlightenment into a carefully distanced “historical context”. As a result epochs like the dark ages are “way back when”, safely tucked away in the musty annals of times gone by, with people not realizing they themselves may indeed now be in the midst of a clever “darkening of the truth” while what they’re being directed into appearing to be the light of a brighter day.

    In fact we’ve been entering quickly into a new dark age for decades, and all by design. Despite any kind of information explosion or not, people just don’t see it for what it is in the socially engineered world closing in around them.

    Judging what you’re going through by what’s going on around you is akin to abject lunacy.

    It’s the mindset of dependency that’s killing the inhabitants of this planet. Looking to others, “powers that be”, “authorities”, “saviors”, “great forces from beyond”, “celebrity icons”, “politicians” and profoundly including “technology”, or better said “technocracy”, one of the very real driving forces of the new age of darkness.

    But even more so is the overarching religious aspect of the would be new order of world control, much as in ages past. We just lack the true historical perspective, which again has been blacked out by design. It seems unthinkable that another inquisition could ever happen on planet earth, yet we are in the throes of just such a draconian mind, soul and spirit crackdown and on a scale never before seen.

    The Sad State of Affairs

    People tend to succumb to the latest trend du jour.  Whatever it may be, historically as well as in the current social context, we can see that the majority of humanity is going along with whatever is thrown at them. Why? Because it’s sold to them without apparent recourse. It’s done very cleverly but with distinct determination, waging this campaign to accomplish a desired result. Not difficult in such a massively media controlled whirled, yet cleverly masked from the unawakened.

    This is why true information and being well informed and independently researching anything and everything is so, so important.

    Our current situation is uniquely unique. We’re at a very profound crossroads in history yet the majority of our world’s populace isn’t fully understanding it and are clearly on the defensive. Not a good place to be for anyone. My point here is that the underLIEing influence is largely religious, as well as occultly spiritual programming, and something to be astutely aware of and to be broken free from.

    The Globalist Mindset – Subdue At Any Cost

    We’re being maneuvered into a new religious paradigm. Ever so slowly, and ever so slyly. The spiritual aspirations of mankind must be harnessed and channeled to support their intended agenda. This is why the rope a dope Pope is integral to all of this. Without spiritual endorsement they cannot nearly have the sway they intend to have. And there will be other such spiritual “voices”, guaranteed.

    It’s all by design, and anyone could have seen this coming even without binoculars.

    We’re being taken back to another dark age, one of massive totalitarian control with subservient masses, but they know they have to sell it as well as enforce it to get to that stage. We’re seeing the obvious dumbing down of humanity and its weakening and subjugation, but the final stage is so draconian it needs a massive marketing ploy, such as this hyperactive Jesuit Pope and all the media hype and concurrent entertainment and UN propaganda support, while they press ever harder on the unwitting masses’ minds and  hearts.

    While espousing Luciferian “light” they bring darkness. While proclaiming unity and prosperity they bring subjugation. It’s about time people woke up to their agenda.

    In a chilling document well worth reading about the social engineering of the 60’s and the long term agenda to bring humanity into a stupefied state of darkness there is this ominous excerpt:

    The purpose [of the psychedelic movement] was to establish a neo-feudalism by the debasing of the intellectual abilities of young people to make them as easy to control as the serfs of the Dark Ages. One accurate term used for the individuals who were victims of this debasing was “Deadhead,” which is an equivocation for a “dead mind” or “a drugged, thoughtless person”.

    Aldous Huxley predicted that drugs would one day become a humane alternative to “flogging” for rulers wishing to control “recalcitrant subjects.” He wrote in a letter to his former student George Orwell in 1949:

    But now psycho-analysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, which induce a hypnoid and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.

    Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.

    ~ Aldous Huxley


    Take Charge

    Despite all we’re up against I’ll wrap this up with one final point. That any thinking being on this planet can put up with all of this and not be screaming from the rooftops about what is truly going on escapes me.

    I honestly wonder, who stole humanity’s guts? Where’s the courage to speak out and do everything they can to fight this insanity? Why don’t people make their lives a statement to the truth they’ve learned?

    It befuddles me. But I’m not giving up, nor are many others.

    Be it slickly sold religious claptrap, media insanity, geopolitical maneuvers or whatever, amongst the awakened our sails are set.

    I hope yours is too. Meet you at the sunset. Or is it sunrise? Or both!

    Fight on in love and truth… and beware the darkness disguised as light.

    Love always,


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