5G and the China epidemic

Jon Rappoport – One person says, ‘X is the cause.’ Another says, ‘No, Y is the cause.’ Is it possible that X and Y are both causing the event? Of course.

A Practical Guide to EMF Mitigation

Dr. Mercola – Focus on lowering EMF exposure in your bedroom first, as many rejuvenating processes take place during sleep.

The Hidden Military Uses of 5G Technology

Manlio Dinucci – At the London Summit, the 29 member countries of NATO agreed to “guarantee the security of our communications, including 5G”.

The 5G Roll Out of 20,000 Telecom Satellites

Gary Null – United Nation’s staff member Claire Edwards warned of the 5G efforts to dramatically colonize the lower orbital space with a minimum of 20,000 5G satellites by 2022.

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