Silent Weapons for the Secret War on You

Marie Jones, New Dawn
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The world of non-lethal weaponry has opened the door to technologies that allow the control of one’s mind, thoughts, actions, and behaviours via the use of pulsed high-frequency microwave blasts, electrical transmissions, and directed heat and sound waves. These can bypass our regular inhibitors and enter the human body and brain unbeknownst to the targeted person until they suffer the consequences.

It’s been going on for decades and not just for war purposes, but to stop protests and riots, silence and incapacitate dissenters, and bring unruly crowds under control.


For years, law enforcement has been using non-lethal weapons, including LRAD – Long-Range Acoustic Device – which blasts sound waves to cease behaviour by temporarily disorienting the intended victims. But while these devices serve practical and easily identifiable purposes for both military and law enforcement, there exists a more insidious use for this kind of technology.

The massive crowd of people at Parliament House, Canberra, protesting vaccine mandates.

In February of 2022, alternative media reported on the use of LRAD during anti-vaccine mandate protests in Canberra. Australian Federal Police admitted using the device during a Canberra Convoy Freedom rally outside Parliament House. A number of videos and images hit social media showing people with various injuries, such as heat sores, rashes, and what looked like allergy-induced welts. There were also reports of sunburn and heatstroke symptoms, weakness, and temporary and permanent hearing damage.

In the Australian Federal Senate, Sen. Alex Antic raised the issue of police use of LRAD at the Canberra protest against vaccine mandates.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Liberal Senator Alex Antic brought the issue before the Senate after Roberts’ office was inundated with complaints from protestors who had been at the rally. Senator Antic showed photos of a LRAD deployed beside members of the police force. Protestors took photos of LRAD speakers on cars near the rally sites, but the response was typical. They were told that LRAD was only used to broadcast communications to the crowd.

Despite the onslaught of injuries, there was a mocking tone to many of the responses to claims LRAD was used to debilitate the crowd. The Conversation reported on 20 February 2022 that sonic weapons such as LRAD were used for “crowd control and communication” and that reports of injuries were “inconsistent with what an LRAD can really do.” LRAD was also employed at a Black Lives Matter protest in New South Wales. NSW Police responded to concerns by stating at a press conference that “it was a normal loud-hailer.”

The first official application of LRAD happened in the year 2000 on the American guided-missile destroyer, USS Cole, when it was bombed by a small boat in a terrorist attack. Naval personnel on the Cole used LRAD to hail the boat but were unsuccessful. Since then, LRAD has become a staple weapon of choice used to deal with riots and protests. Portable LRAD units were photographed with police during the Canadian Truck Convoy Freedom protests in Ottawa, Canada, in February 2022.

LRAD is often used in loudspeaker mode for crowd communications, but it can also be turned on in infrasound and ultrasound modes to cause different injuries and sicken and debilitate rioters or protestors. Because we cannot hear infrasound or ultrasound, we have no idea the weapon is being used on us until it’s too late. Using a Long-Range Acoustic Device to direct sound has raised concerns with human rights groups about volumes of sound over 90 dB, which can damage a person’s hearing. Because the LRAD beam doesn’t discriminate, anyone in its path will be injured, including innocent bystanders and children.

In an article, “Did Police Use Sonic Weapons Against Australians Peacefully Protesting Covid Tyranny?”, Reignite Democracy Australia warned that the use of LRAD was “another move towards militarised suppression of legal protests in Australia.” They said this was an outrageous attack by the government on its people. The media, as expected, churned out propaganda to suppress the story, but Canberra protesters used every social media outlet to show what was happening on the ground and, for them, how far democracy in Australia had fallen.

Bringing the Heat

In September 2020, Gizmodo reporter Matt Novak wrote an article titled “U.S. Troops Asked About Using ‘Heat Ray’ Weapon Against Protesters, According to Whistleblower.” According to sworn testimony by said whistleblower, federal troops in Washington, D.C. considered using high-tech sound cannons and heat rays against protestors outside the White House in June of that year.

Heat weapons were nothing new in 2020. Active Denial System (ADS) is the fancy name for using invisible microwave beams that cause incredible pain by burning the skin of people even at a distance. US troops first used ADS in Iraq after the invasion in 2003. Some speculate the US government uses them on their own soil.

The ADS produces scalding heat not designed to kill but to injure. Like sound weapons, heat weapons are considered non-lethal and meant to induce pain to disperse a riot or large crowd. Developed by the US Air Force and built by Raytheon Technologies, ADS can produce millimetre-wavelength bursts of energy, capable of penetrating 1/64 inch into human skin. That is enough to agitate water molecules in the dermis and produce a burning sensation strong enough to stop a person from whatever they are doing.

ADS has a range of hundreds of metres and can be aimed like a searchlight. Extensive testing has shown that no human can withstand the beam for more than just a few seconds.

Directed Energy Weapons

Directed energy weapons include any kind of directed energy, whether in the form of light, sound, heat, electrical or kinetic, at a specific target or person. These types of devices are not new.

The Russian LIDA Machine, which employs EM pulses to make a target exhausted or sleep-deprived, has been in use since before the 1980s. News network CNN broadcast a special report on the work of Dr Ross Adey, who studied the LIDA Machine and appeared with one on the show. LIDA can pulse sound, light, and radiant heat, but usually only towards a person in close proximity. At that time, Adey and his colleague, Dr Eldon Byrd, were studying LIDA as a potential weapon.

Some of the symptoms or indicators of a directed energy weapon attack allegedly include:

  • Sudden waking at exactly the same time at night, as if prompted by an external force
  • Hot stinging or needling sensations deep within the flesh, especially while attempting to sleep
  • Vibration of muscles and body parts or nearby immobile objects
  • Fast and pounding heartbeat and ringing in the ears
  • Very high body heat despite cool surroundings and lack of actual fever
  • Sudden and extreme fatigue

Directed-energy “beam weapons” harness light and radio waves as their form of ammunition. The US military has been exploring this pulse energy weaponry for decades. A 2005 article on the MSNBC website, “Despite Promise, Energy Beam Weapons Still Missing From Action,” states that these pulses, which behave much like the phasers in Star Trek, can provide a precise, instantaneous and inexhaustible form of firepower on future battlefields – if the technology is ever logistically realised.

US Air Force microwave weapon for killing drones by frying their electronics

It would appear that now is the time that potential can be realised. In early 2022, the US Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center established a new division that focuses on research and development of high-power microwave (HPM) directed-energy weapons.

Over the last five years, directed-energy weapons have been a high-level priority for the US Office of the Secretary of Defense, with funding for R&D roughly doubling over the period.

Other countries admit they are also developing microwave weapons and high energy lasers.

Both high energy lasers and HPM projects require significant development costs, but the cost per shot is extremely cheap compared to the multi-million-dollar cost of a missile.

According to defence news reports, HPM can jam devices and physically destroy electrical systems. These reports do not reveal what it does to a human body.

Another breaking news story on this front in 2022 was the announcement that directed energy microwave weapon systems could be placed on heavy-lift drones to shoot down drone swarms.

Havana Syndrome

Directed energy weapons may be the stuff of future battlefield strategies, but for many “targeted individuals,” who report having been on the receiving end of such invisible warfare, these technologies are already being used to control, manipulate, terrorise, and harass off the battlefield.

In December 2016, diplomats and CIA officials at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba, reported mysterious symptoms that came on without warning. These included headaches, fatigue, cognitive impairment, vision loss, hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, and loss of motor control. Over 200 other diplomats later reported experiencing some or all of these symptoms, as well as US officials in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Cover of the 2018 JASON report on Havana Syndrome. JASON is an independent group of elite scientists which advises the US government.

According to Nicholas Davis, writing in “What is Havana Syndrome?” for American University in Washington, D.C., in July of 2021, victims described waves of pressure inside their heads, walls of sound, immense noises that sounded like swarms of cicadas in their brains… Sounds a lot like Voice To Skull [see accompanying story in magazine].

In the years that followed, several theories and studies have ensued by intelligence agencies in the US, the White House, and medical experts working for or outside the government. The consensus was that these are likely pulsed microwave attacks which could account for the symptoms (another bizarre theory was pesticide exposure).

  • Even 60 Minutes and New York Magazine put forth reports, as did many international news agencies, but all suggested the critical problem was analysing the data to find the root cause. For example, 60 Minutes discussed a Stanford University report that looked at the nature of the brain injuries suffered by many victims. Dr David Relman, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, helped lead two government-sponsored panels investigating the injuries. “What we found was, we thought, clear evidence of an injury to the auditory and vestibular system of the brain,” Relman said. “Everything, starting with the inner ear where humans perceive sound and sense balance and then translate those perceptions into brain electrical signals.”

    One of the victims was former US Homeland Security Chief of Staff, Miles Taylor, who told 60 Minutes that he was targeted twice in his Washington home, which smacks of the stories of the many targeted individuals who experience debilitating symptoms in their own homes or workplaces.

    Regarding the over 1,000 reports of Havana Syndrome, the US Department of Defense and Intelligence communities ultimately admitted they could not identify a “foreign state actor or external device or mechanism to any of those cases.”

    Was it some terrorist group or state actor, or the work of the United States testing its own weapon technology? The frightening thing is this technology allows those who possess it to target anyone, from enemies of the state to individuals who speak out in protest against the government or its chosen narratives. Moreover, because these directed energy weapons can be activated via remote control at a source a distance away from the intended victim, it becomes a huge challenge to capture the perpetrators behind such attacks.

    Conspiracy theorists, who lately have been seeing their “theories” become “fact,” concur on the microwave pulse origin of Havana Syndrome, even going so far as to warn of new EMF/5G/Microwave Pulse Weapons coming down the pike.

    5G Towers

    During the first global lockdowns over COVID-19 in early 2020, numerous countries allowed 5G towers to be erected despite the restrictions, with towers first going up in Wuhan, China, near the lab now considered the birthplace of the virus, as well as towns in Italy that first reported COVID cases, and subsequently throughout the United States and other nations. It is up for debate whether this was the telecom industry taking advantage of the opportunity to put up towers near schools, hospitals, and homes without much community kickback, or a more sinister plan to erect a deadly grid of microwave energy that would one day be far more insidious than a virus.

    Author, researcher, and clinical scientist Dr. Robert O. Young states that “through-wall RADAR, ‘The Havana Method’ or ‘The Havana Effect’, is a bullying and intimidation electromagnetic frequency [EMF] device on steroids to modify human behaviour and to force compliance by terrorising a person with pain and injury with the intent to incite, provoke and aggravate, and designed to humiliate, shame and even kill.”

    Young further elaborates on the extent and power of such technology: “When pulsed at 2.4 GHz (microwaves) and higher frequencies, at embassies, offices, homes and even humans containing GO [graphite oxide], they can then specifically be used for ‘listening-in’ espionage devices. There is no need to do a ‘break and enter’ to place a hidden microphone; the eavesdropping can easily be accomplished by pulsing a microwave radio frequency (MWRF) signal into a building, through walls, directing to a GO inoculated human with or without direct line of sight. The device can pick up any conversations and locate anyone and everyone, anywhere in the world from any DEW [directed energy weapon] cell tower on land or over 20,000 DEW satellites from space.”

    Back in 1975, the United Nations General Assembly considered a draft proposed by the Soviet Union, “Prohibition of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction and New Systems of Such Weapons.” Among some of the latter weapons systems listed were:

    • Radiological weapons that could produce effects similar to those of a nuclear explosion
    • Particle beam weapons using charged or neutral particles to affect biological targets
    • Infrasonic acoustic radiation weapons
    • Electromagnetic weapons operating at certain radio-frequency radiations which would have injurious effects on human organs

    Unfortunately, the response from Western nations was no response.

    Other treaties, such as biological and chemical weapons bans (both on the battlefield and in civilian streets), have been created and modified, but apparently not one that stops the invasion of the human mind or the use of mediums such as DEWs for individual and group harassment and behaviour control. As these weapons use invisible forces of sound, heat, and frequency to create a new type of weapon for warfare utilised remotely, it is much easier for those with sinister intentions to not only get away with it but also defy treaties or laws.

    Judy Wall, editor and publisher of the 1990s newsletter Resonance, in an article titled “Military Use of Silent Sound: Mind Control Weapons,” claimed that psychological operations weaponry (psyops) was used in the Gulf War. It consisted of “subliminal, mind-altering technology… carried on standard radiofrequency broadcasts.”

    News briefs in March 1991 admitted that psyops had been deployed once Saddam Hussein’s military command-and-control system was destroyed. A piece titled “High-Tech Psychological Warfare Arrives in the Middle East” described a psyops against Iraqi troops during Operation Desert Storm in which US transmitters overpowered local Iraqi stations and broadcast patriotic and religious music along with “vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information.” Wall writes that this may have also included a more powerful, subliminal technology at work that used “a sophisticated electronic system to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain’s electroencephalograph, i.e. EEG patterns, and artificially implant negative emotional states-feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness.”

    Perhaps that is why, as Wall notes, Iraqi troops later surrendered en masse, including majors and brigade commanders who gave up their entire units. What messages might have been coursing through the brains of these soldiers, who at one point were fighting for their cause and then suddenly gave up?

    Author and independent researcher Elana Freeland, in her essay “This Covert Electromagnetic Era: Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) for Political Control,” writes of the long history and current concerns over this technology, and how it is used on us in secretive ways that have nothing to do with fighting terrorism.

    She warns:

    “It doesn’t take a rocket science degree to see that remote satellite tracking and over-the-horizon technologies are not just about ‘terrorists.’ Remote torture and interrogation, memories triggered by neurophone questioning, and brain wave analysers delivering ‘forced conversations’ and programming are about the establishment of electronic POW concentration camps in our homes and workplaces. They’re about mental rape and intellectual property stolen right out of our thoughts….

    “Broadcast preparatory sets encoded on microwave beams produce heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, etc. Illnesses like flu are fired at targets. Buildings where dissident groups meet are turned into instantaneous hot spots. Government abductions are disguised as alien abductions with paralysis beams followed by clearing short-term memories and implanting false memories….”

    We could all be potential guinea pigs.

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