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Can You Fathom A World Without Money And Without Disease?

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease Waking Times In many ways we’ve already selected monetary systems for termination. Money itself is not the root of all evil, however humans have bound money so tightly to contracts that it can no longer be used to benefit us in its current form and with the mindset to transcend all

5 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness

Pao L. Chang, Guest Waking Times Many of us seem to think that being spiritual means we have to be religious. Just because you aren’t directly affiliated with a specific religion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be more spiritual. The whole concept of spiritual awareness isn’t all about connecting with a higher divine power,

The Physical, Energetic & Spiritual Lessons of Plants

Jefferey Jaxen, Contributor Waking Times Many of the plants we pass in the background of our day are hard at work. They are employed by the planet as construction workers, teachers, security guards, and doctors. Arguably the top performers in each profession and certainly the hardest workers, never wanting or taking a day off in

10 Questions About the Pineal Gland That Add to the Mystery of Spirituality

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times The  pine cone shaped, pea-sized pineal gland, located in the center of the human brain, is an organ of tremendous interest these days. To many spiritual seekers it is the ‘seat of the soul‘ and the ‘third eye,’ the anatomical part of the human body that acts as our

25 Spiritual Lessons

Sofo, Guest Waking Times There are many lessons we can learn during the course of our lives that can help us overcome our problems and live in contentment. In this post I would like to share some of the greatest such lessons I have learned. For this reason I have compiled a list of 25

Top 10 Spiritual Truths We Weren’t Taught in School

Michelle Walling, In5D Guest Waking Times What would our world be like today of these top 10 spiritual truths were taught in our schools, in the mainstream media, and in our history books? How can we change the system to introduce these topics to our future generations? What will the world be like after successfully

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