Can You Fathom A World Without Money And Without Disease?

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In many ways we’ve already selected monetary systems for termination. Money itself is not the root of all evil, however humans have bound money so tightly to contracts that it can no longer be used to benefit us in its current form and with the mindset to transcend all that it represents. Humanity has realized this and it’s only a matter of time before our monetary structures evolve to something else. That something will benefit all the struggles we currently face on our planet, including poverty, disease, oppression, greed and so much more.

People have worked to satisfy their self-interest by using money as tool to be compensated for the amount of work completed. In this sense many have been able to sustain a prosperous lifestyle, not only for themselves but for society as a whole. When the main motive of labour is money, the people become merchants selling their labour to society, which in turn is supposed to benefit society as whole. If every person does this, then essentially they are meeting the many demands of society for their own self-interest.

Fear of the unknown propels the need to divide the planet and money is a powerful tool used to exploit. We have put put money and our economy on a pedestal above all else, even human necessities such as water, air and food. We’ve put money above what matters most — life and love.

When we move this model into a contemporary scale, we see that this does not benefit humanity. People die every day because of conglomerates whose only motive is money. Take pharmaceutical companies as an example. They make more money when people are in a state of sickness or dying than when they are living healthy. There is no money in prevention because when people learn to heal themselves or prevent disease, they don’t need a model based on treatment which relies on disease and sickness. Humanity 2.0 will experience a sense of unparalleled health when money is removed from the equation.

  • Think about how technology will change when money no longer drives the economy. Today, companies have to design technology and commodities to break down. If things are not made with an artificially limited useful life, how will companies make a profit, and thus sustain themselves or the services they provide. The new paradigm will see technology offer sustainability at another level due to the abolishment of planned obsolescence. A new consciousness will ensure things are created and built to last.

    So What Next?

    So how do you move from a society that depends on people’s self-interest to a society that is of global-interest? When you remove money out of this equation, the motivation to do work suddenly changes. Without money people are motivated to work for each other. It essentially means that the business mentality that has shaped most societies for thousands of years will cease to exist. Business will not survive because there is no competition, no money and no motive of self-interest.

    The Earth is moving to a place vibrationally where it will not support the current economic and monetary structure because it simply does not benefit everyone. It will fall apart. It has to. Any type of intermediary step involving a planetary currency will be short-lived and will only assist in further awakening populations. So what will replace it?

    The ability to create and manifest is moving very quickly now. The ‘service to life’ paradigm will involve doing things, not necessarily so that you give to immediately receive, but to give because you know you will eventually receive. You may receive what you need from an entirely different person and so will they. There will be no lack.

    It Will Not Be a Barter System 

    That is the difference between previous barter systems that humans have experienced and the system we are in the process of creating. Historical (and prehistorical) barter systems relied on an equal exchange of goods or services. This will not be the new model. We are now creating for the purpose of love and anything that we will need will be supported and received because everybody else will be creating as well, and they’ll always need an outlet for somebody to receive. It is impossible to experience lack when you create in this manner.

    ‘Service to life’ means you honor and provide for all life. You give unconditionally with love and you know you will receive based on this principle. Those of you who are parents know what it feels like to protect your children at all costs and can even imagine scenarios where you would be willing to give your life so that they could live. Others may imagine this with other family members. You will eventually feel like this about every human being. Can you imagine what it would be like to feel the same love you have for your children or family member projected to every other person at your workplace, at a restaurant, or just walking down the street and interacting with a stranger? That is where we are headed and it will all make sense in time.

    Are you ready for Humanity 2.0 where governing structures will be based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which we will be too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break?

    The ‘service to life’ principle is already a reality amongst many people who have awakened to the new Earth and billions more will rebuild the entire planet based on this new paradigm. It is one of the most beautiful things we will ever experience on this planet.

    About the Author

    Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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