The Physical, Energetic & Spiritual Lessons of Plants

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Many of the plants we pass in the background of our day are hard at work. They are employed by the planet as construction workers, teachers, security guards, and doctors. Arguably the top performers in each profession and certainly the hardest workers, never wanting or taking a day off in their life. Yet it is humanity that fails to understand much of their vital importance in each area. It is said that you don’t miss a good thing till it is gone. This seems to be the case with our plant kingdom. Radiation, heavy metal contamination, genetic tinkering (GMO), and pesticides appear to be muting the lessons of perhaps our greatest teachers and doctors throughout time, plants. As “science” continues to discover and validate what was already known by our ancestors, it is clear we have a lot to discover regarding the assistance plants can give in all areas of human health and consciousness. Perhaps that is why they call it ‘re’ search.

It is said that the greatest inventors, scientists, and overall creators throughout all time were the ones that excelled in unbiased observation. The people of China, Africa, and India represent the cultures with the longest history in true experience with the relationship of plants and the betterment of humanity. It is only in the last few centuries that we have all but abandoned the ancient wisdom in an arrogant search of high-tech solutions. This has yielded soaring cancer rates along with other chronic disease states in “developed” nations. In addition, it has distanced and blocked humanity from their intimate relationship with the earth they live on.

  • Rebuilding The Physical Body

    As Hippocrates famously states, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. I would go a step further and say let it be thy medicine, thy doctor, and thy friend. The Hippocrates Institute has been proving that raw, plant-based food is superior in balancing the body and eliminating most non-mechanical ill-health states faced by humanity for over six decades. Much like many other areas of ‘alternative’ health, it seems that allopathic/Western/Rockefeller medicine has seen the need to join forces and admit their shortcomings.

    The raw plant-based diets once considered a fad appear now to be set in stone and here to stay. The wisdom of the raw plant and enzyme rich sprout to re-balance the physical body time and time again are still king. It appears last century’s experiment of reliance on processed food along with heavy propaganda from the dairy and meat industries was a nice footnote on its way to the dustbin of history. Of the 1.8 million species identified on this planet, all eat a raw food diet except one. We are slowly rejoining our lineage as the last stubborn holdouts and receiving a warm welcome with the gifts of superior health from our old teachers.

    Raising Our Consciousness

    In a time in which humanity has lost its way in a fog of lower consciousness, plants have once again emerged to teach us. Plant combinations yielding ayahuasca and mushroom derived psilocybin are gaining rapid popularity not for their recreational effects but for evolutionary changes on the individual involved. Many studies are underway about the effects of such exotic substances. Yet the true value may forever lie beyond laboratory measuring devices and lab coats. As Alanna Ketler, contributor for Collective Evolution put it, “Ayahuasca is an amazing tool that can assist you with clearing your innermost demons, bringing clarity and joy to your everyday life, helping you to let go of any fear, showing you what unconditional love feels like, showing you your soul purpose and many”.

    The gift taught by these powerful teachers may rest solely on the elevated consciousness and intimate personal experience each walks away with after an experience with the above mentioned teachers/plants.

    Dr. Bach’s Energetic Flower Therapy:

    An often overlooked lesson from our plant teachers is their assistance and effects on our energetic systems. Dr. Edward Bach believed that there is no true healing unless there is “a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.” His Flower Therapy utilizes the essence or Soul of specific, higher order flowers that have been prepared through a harmonious process of natural alchemy. A process similar to one that Native American healers were reported to have used. These essences don’t work on the physical body. They work on the human energy system.

    The beauty lies in the simplicity. However simplicity, in this case, should not be confused with a primitive, lesser form of healing. It’s quite the contrary. So the teaching goes, disease is a disharmony or the distortion of frequencies within or between different levels of the aura. The information pattern of the distortion shows itself at the etheric level for weeks, months, or even years before it is manifested in the physical body. If these disharmonies are corrected at the etheric level by using subtle methods of healing, they will not manifest in the physical body. In fact, physical illness serves as a last corrective factor. It’s a warning light, forcefully indicating that something has to be changed immediately to prevent dysfunction from setting in. Throughout the 1920’s and early 1930’s, Dr. Bach discovered thirty-eight separate flower essences that address different dysfunction patterns in human beings. Each has a specific task to balance out those distortions and hence the individual’s energy body and physical body.

    To quote Dr. Bach, “These plants are there to extend a helping hand to man in those dark hours of forgetfulness, when he loses sight of his divinity, and allows the cloud of fear or pain to obscure his vision.” If that sounds like your life, learn about Dr. Bach and his Bach Flower methods now with his short book titled Heal Thyself.

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