Purple Nation – The Best of Red and Blue

Patrick James Hennesey, Contributor
Waking Times

Red balanced with Blue creates Purple. Imagine a nation not divided into opposing camps of either red and blue but rather a purple blend of the best of red and blue.

Such common ground would embrace individual liberty, while respecting the collective good. We can find such a balance of tolerance and respect if we listen deeply and understand each other rather than condemn and demonize each other.

We the people of the USA are at the cross road between descending into deeper conflict and breakdown or taking the high road of cooperation and consensus as a nation. Which road we take will be determined by each one of us. This is the vote that really counts.

United we stand. Divided we fall. Will we allow ourselves to be divided and conquered? How we answer the following questions will determine the road we take.

Are WE willing to stop blaming and shaming those who see things differently than us?

Are WE willing to let others speak and be heard even when we don’t agree?

Do we respect the truth enough to not lie to win?

Will we stand up for peace, tolerance, understanding, freedom, sharing and unity? Where is this demonstration happening?

I don’t expect such a demonstration to amass in anyone place such as the Washington DC or in any of the political capitols. Rather this stand for peace, tolerance, understanding, freedom, sharing and unity needs to happen in each of us where ever we are.

We must “be the change we want to see in the world.” This revolution will most likely not be televised because peace doesn’t make the headlines. In fact, this revolution most likely won’t happen until people turn off their Tell a Vision, with its fomented drama and manipulation.

Can we turn off the divisive drama show and tune into the deeper connections and values we all share? Can we create a silent LovEvolution?

Can we all agree on cultivating clean healthy food for ourselves and our children? Can we agree to keep the air and water pure? Can we agree on non violence – verbal, physical and spiritual? Can we agree to respect and tolerate our differences as long as they are not imposed on others? Can we embrace cooperation rather than winning at all costs?

Can we keep an open mind and deeply listen to everyone’s concerns to find the deeper truth rather than reflexively defending our views or censoring others? Can we express our views without attacking others?

Can we cultivate healthy Interdependence based on each of us as sovereign individuals voluntarily entering into mutually beneficial agreements – without coercion or deception?

With liberty and freedom come the responsibility to not violate others. Free speech does not mean the right to incite hate and violence, regardless of your politics or beliefs – left or right.

If we succumb to angry rhetoric, hate, self righteousness, vengeance and violence then peaceful coexistence will be lost. Hate will only blind us to the truth and our common humanity.

WE know there is corruption, lies and manipulation in both the blue and red camps. Are we willing to come together in good faith to seek the truth beyond dogma, cultivate consensus and solutions that work for all?

WE are on the brink. It’s up to each one of us to decide whether we will succumb to suspicion, fear, anger and self-righteousness or rise up and stand up for liberty, love and respect for others.

WE need a true rebirth in the United States and the entire world. Births can be messy and painful. But ultimately what can be born has the potential to be incredible.

Imagine the abundant lives we could all lead if we applied our knowledge and technology to creating a truly healthy and sustainable society in harmony with nature. Imagine our resources and knowledge cultivating wellness rather than profiting from the treatment of disease. Imagine a world where resources and opportunities were shared fairly.

An amazing world awaits us if we choose cooperation, tolerance, respect for all beings, truth and justice. It’s our choice to make. Are you ready to vote Purple?

About the Author

Patrick James Hennessey is a LovEvolutionary and the Chief Orchestrator at the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Asheville, NC.

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