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In my previous article Plant Medicine vs. COVID Anxiety, I shared a few thoughts on how to gain control over your mind in the midst of the COVID insanity. I can hardly imagine a subject more important and relevant. It is relatable to anyone, anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the pandemic has become the focus of the world. And as I have previously suggested, it is certainly a time to defocus from it and focus back on your life.

Taking your life back from the global chaos is the single, most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. Losing your mind to anything in life is pretty bad, but losing yourself into the COVID drama is much worse because it brings the fear of death into your daily life.

Fear of death is an innate fear in all of us. I had my own journey through it which I detail in my first book PATH published in 2013. My shamanic initiation in Mexico with the Huichol Indians during a peyote ceremony took me to the edge of life from which I could stare at the abyss. I was stung by deadly scorpions at the peak of a Peyote ceremony and spent 3 days between life and death. You can read it in the book if you would like to hear more. Here I only mention it because I see that what drives people crazy is not the COVID itself but the fear of death that is usually suppressed in us by all means through our lives.

  • Now during the pandemic, these fear has been triggered and brought to the surface. People are scared to die. This innate, primal fear is now being used to destroy our world. For those who have drunk Ayahuasca, this fear is known from the experience. It is something you might experience during a ceremony. But even that is just an ego death, your physical body is safe. In my case, being full of deadly scorpion venom during that night, my physical life was threatened. I won’t share here about what all I learned from this deadly experience, as some of it I have already shared in the book. But I do want to talk about the reality we live in today which is now permeated by the fear of death. The point of this article is to help you see it from a higher perspective and thus harness your fear to a manageable size.

    I would recommend you read up on death statistics in your country. Have you ever actually done it before? Do you realize that people are literally dying around you all the time?

    Medical errors alone cause an estimated 250,000 deaths in the United States annually. Cancer claimed hundreds of thousands of lives during the time you were locked up in your home fearing COVID – 606,520 deaths in 2020 in the US alone, to be exact.

    Tuberculosis kills 4000 people per day around the world. Not to mention all of the deaths from car accidents, drug overdose, violence, and many other causes – none of which have shut down the world.

    It is actually mind blowing to learn about these facts. COVID, which has a 99.7% survival rate, is as bad as a bad flu, which we have annually all over the world. People die from the flu as well, but we never heard about shutting down human civilization because of it.

    When you actually open your mind to facts, things start looking differently and you begin to feel much more relaxed. Did you know that your chance of dying from COVID is less than being killed by a terrorist or eaten by a shark? Just think about it. It’s actually ridiculous! Now, this is not an article about COVID or the intent behind the scenes. I only lightly mention it to make a further point that fear is a ruling factor in your life.

    Your fear, which is a built in alarm system to warn you of danger, has been abused by mainstream media, a sustained brainwashing machine used to benefit those in power. A properly working alarm gets turned off when you wake up in the morning. But the COVID alarm just keeps on going. Imagine an alarm in your head that cannot be turned off? Pretty scary, isn’t it? Well, this is what actually happening in your head if you are watching TV. An alarm that drives you mad. And that is the whole point of setting it off. Those who did it, want you to be scared. It’s good for business, as they say. And of course it is, I can’t agree with them more.

    When you are scared, you will do anything they want you to do. You will take any chemicals into your body in the form of a vaccine, you will obey any orders regardless of how destructive and harmful they might be to your life and livelihood. Fear is the ultimate tool for mind control which has been used by organized religion for thousands of years. Fear is what makes you pay and pray. Those in power know this simple fact.

    So instead of wondering who is the enemy of humanity, a question that certainly needs to be addressed, I suggest you instead focus on the fear that is the enemy within you. The enemy that you actually can defeat. This is is an immediate battle which you can begin right now as you read my words. It has a name, a face and an a physical address. You can arrest it it as we speak. It is simply a matter of choice. You can decide to stop being afraid. This is freedom. And while your external freedom to move around the globe is being somewhat restricted, no one can stop you from free thinking in your own head. Only you.

    The power over your mind is only that which you give away. Stop giving it away and see what happens. This is what reclaiming your mind means to me. My mind is my business; only I mind it. And this is what sacred plants can help you do. They help you to reclaim your mind. What is more important anyway? If you don’t control your mind, someone else will – and up until now, probably has been. Draw attention for a moment inwards, and look at actually who is in the seat of your mind as we speak?

    This seems to be a human pattern through the ages, and we are no different than people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. We just have gadgets we employ in our lives. There has always been a power structure at the top of every cultural pyramid. We are as equally gullible, and susceptible to domination and control as people have been throughout history. Although we live in an age of information, the information that we usually exchange with one another does not particularly enlighten us.

    How much trash is coming into our minds through mainstream and social media? Most of us understand the concept of healthy eating, but how many people understand healthy thinking? How many people have filters in their minds to protect their consciousness from an intake of harmful and false information designed to decide and control their lives?

    Plant medicine can do that for you, installing such a filter in your consciousness. Huachuma, for example, a filter that I cherish dearly, is an antivirus that constantly runs in my system, detecting and destroying lies. It’s a spirit ware, similarly to how software protects your computer from viruses. And it’s the best one that I have found in my life after looking in many places. It’s the one that actually works. How it works is a a whole another subject, but the fact that it works is undeniable.

    I can help you to install it in your mind as well. From my experience working with Huachuma for 15 years, I can tell you that it works for 99.9% of people. It seems to be a universal cure for spiritual and mental malfunctions. With 100% compatibility with human physiology and psychology, its efficacy is undisputed. Of course, it takes a knowledgeable and experienced guide to get to good results, but the potential is limitless when you actually tap into it.

    In Peru, we use this sacred medicine for healing. Personally, my focus is spiritual healing. The rest I consider to be a bonus. If you also get physically healed as the result of our work, so much better it is for you. Personally, I believe that most of our physical problems are rooted in our mind, as sick mind makes the body sick as well. Thus, dealing with symptoms without addressing the root cause never leads to healing.

    Suppressing pain does not let the pain go away. In the mind is where most of it happens. Our mind is a powerful tool that can be turned, and often is turned, against us. It’s a tool that we can use either in constructive or destructive ways. Without self awareness, we identify with our thoughts as though our thoughts are actually us. When in fact, our thoughts are just thoughts, separated from our true identity.

    This is why it is crucial to experience yourself as a spiritual being who has a mind along with thoughts, emotions and feelings. Being unconscious means identifying with thoughts and emotions with can lead to all kinds of harmful consequences. We can actually make ourselves sick or even kill ourselves by simply not being aware of ourselves. And by that, I don’t mean drunk driving, which is an obvious stupidity. Our thoughts lead to action but also to processes inside our bodies that can be self destructive.

    Our survival instinct is built for external threats but it is rather a weak defense against internal mental attacks that often are self-inflicted. For example, an unawareness of one’s need to self express can lead to a heavy build-up of negative emotions that at certain points burst either externally or internally. Externally the consequences can be easily seen but the internal conflicts often get swept under the rug. These unresolved emotional issues disrupt our central nervous system, throwing it off balance which leads to insomnia and other problems.

    Huachuma can cure insomnia in a matter of weeks. It recalibrates your central nervous system and brings the body back into its natural rhythm and balance. Our mind, when properly tuned, can be our best friend and loyal ally, and in the same way it can be our greatest enemy in our lives.

    I never felt resonance with the Buddhist approach to mind, which sees the mind as an enemy within ourselves, as the root cause for attachments and human problems. To me, this approach feels like it’s lacking a perspective. The mind is not the enemy, it’s the lack of self-awareness and self-control that actually is. Even Buddha himself used his mind to understand himself.

    The problem is the state of consciousness, or rather unconsciousness, that we are in, not the mind itself. It’s the pilot in the cabin that makes the flight safe. An airplane is built to function but it is the pilot who controls and directs the flight. Learning to navigate your life through your mind is one of the most important skills you can ever learn. While not taught in schools, this is a skill which can actually define your life and the course it takes.

    Huachuma is an amazing tool that can be used to calibrate your mind, heal your body and learn about yourself as a human being. It is a mirror in which you can see a true image of yourself, an unconditional image without cultural bias. It can show you the real you and makes you fall in love with life again, or for the first time ever. The beauty and the sacredness of life is what one begins to worship, not an idol or a God. You can believe in whatever you want to believe if your beliefs withstand the clarity of understanding. But at the end, you will find yourself being in Love with life and the whole of creation. This leads to a moral and healthy lifestyle, something that we can be so fortunate to hold as a foundation for our lives.

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