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20 Lies Everyone Should Know

Media – There is a wealth of truth hidden from us. Here’s a list of 20 lies used to gain political or financial power that everyone should know.

Smashing Atoms… for God

Julian Rose – For most people it remains the case: we were given free will and we chose to be slaves.

Geoengineered Climate Disasters in Latin America

Zen Gardner – There’s nothing natural about the recent climate disasters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Seven years’ worth of rain just fell in Chile in 12 hours…

The Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth

Zen Gardner – Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

Requiem for an Equinox

Soren Dreier & Chautauqua – We humans are a pretty resilient bunch. We can absorb a tremendous amount of setback or grief without giving in to the negativity.

Chemtrails Exposed

Peter A. Kirby – After so many years of watching airplanes produce the lines in the sky, largely without knowing of what this Project consists or why, we have recently gained an understanding.

The Tesla Mystique

George B. Trinkaus – Tesla was a humanitarian idealist consumed by a passion to save the world from poverty and war, and a superhumun inventor who had the uncanny to visualize the operation of machines in his head.

An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers

Catherine J. Frompovich – With all the documentation, which represents not even one-tenth of what’s probably out there, who do you think are the conspiracy theorists?

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