Requiem for an Equinox

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We humans are a pretty resilient bunch. We can absorb a tremendous amount of setback or grief without giving in to the negativity. On a personal level and even within the collective consciousness, we can take a punch. We don’t give up easily, because it just leaves a bad aftertaste in our throat.

We humans also have a pronounced capacity to disregard things which violate our sense of dignity and justice. Whether it is pedophile priests, genocide in Darfur or environmental crisis; humans can block it out to the point of madness. We simply put all such subjects into a mental folder labeled “Things not affecting me which I can do nothing about” and go on about our participation in the rat race.

With the 9-11 false flag event the matrix launched humanity into a whole new level of cognitive dissonance. It was the first shot of the matrix endgame, which launched humanity into the time the Hopi people call Naqoyqatsi, which translates into “Life as War.” The chorus line of wars which followed 9-11 are a thinly veiled campaign of conquest for resources and treasure; home invasion on a global scale.

We’ve passed the point at which we can just brush this all off as the new normal and continue on our own little lives. It no longer fits the category of the folder we filed it away in because it is affecting all of us, and will continue to do so. The trouble is after all this time if we start pulling issues out of that folder of things to be ignored, maintaining any level of sanity gets real sketchy. So we leave them in there. It’s just easier that way.

  • The matrix provides us with constant stimulation and circuses to distract us from connecting too many dots; because they fear us if we ever were to become united against them. They constantly keep their illusion reality pumped up nowadays because they know if they hit us with overwhelming negativity it will crush our will to resist. The matrix minders know how we avoid the unpleasant realities, and they’ve been counting on it all along.

    This conditioning began generations ago and the programming is updated on the fly to construct the consensus reality of the matrix we accept as daily life. Once we are plugged into the system and dependent upon the grid it becomes very difficult to free ourselves; so we just go with the flow. It’s easier that way.

    All the while, that mental folder gets fatter and fuller, it’s overflowing, cluttering up the subconscious landscape. On every level our inherent goodness is attacked by the matrix as they trot out one massive deception after another; boiling us down to the lowest common denominator in the process. They are overloading our capacity to process and integrate information with a tsunami of root chakra stimulations designed to keep us focused upon our vices rather than our virtues.

    What a crock of shit.

    The industrial giants have polluted this planet on an industrial scale for well over a hundred years and yet we must use approved light bulbs and monitor our carbon footprint because we are a threat to the ecosystem and a blight upon the environment. What utter dystopian doublespeak. They’ve been spraying the skies above earth with chemtrails since 1995 and yet that cigarette butt you tossed on the sidewalk is some kind of environmental disaster? One huge crock of shit.

    As a manufactured debate over global warming makes millions for those causing it, everyone everywhere is totally ignoring the long term consequences of Fukushima, as if it never happened! The mental folder of all unpleasant things to be ignored has expanded to an entire file cabinet with Fukushima related issues, and there are many.

    The first and most obvious issue is that nobody anywhere knows what to do about it. The geography of Fukushima rules out encasing the site in cement as the Russians did at Chernobyl, so it has just continued to spew nuclear radiation into the ecosystem these last four years. The governments of the world are unable to help, they are clueless how to stop this thing. Angela Jolie likes to travel and collect orphans to bring public attention to important issues; yet we don’t see her flying to Japan. Right now Leonardo Dicaprio is busy financing a search of the worlds oceans for the worlds loneliest whale…WTF buddy, what the hell are you smoking? He has the inside connections, he knows the score…one massive deception.

    It’s all rather reminiscent of something Kurt Vonnegut said in Breakfast of Champions, “Kilgore Trout once wrote a short story which was a dialogue between two pieces of yeast. They were discussing the possible purposes of life as they ate sugar and suffocated in their own excrement. Because of their limited intelligence, they never came close to guessing that they were making champagne.

    Perhaps the late Stuart Wilde said it best:

    Earth, what a beautiful planet, shame about the people.”

    We’re well beyond the point where some righteous spiritual anger is called for. The planet wide cone of silence over all things Fukushima pretty much meets the criteria for mass insanity, wouldn’t you say? Remember not so long ago people flooded the streets by the thousands in protest of an unjust and illegal war in Vietnam; but nowadays they only turn out like that for a new iphone.

    What will it take for humanity to snap out of it and acknowledge Fukushima’s impact? Let’s see here, first put some boobs on it and then figure out a way to tax it, how’s that? If world governments could figure out how to turn a profit from Fukushima they’d be fighting each other over who got the contract.

    How do we handle all of this on a spiritual level? This is a major planetary disaster; and new age jingoistic rhetoric simply won’t suffice any longer. We’ve never needed transparency and someone to take action more than now, but instead everyone’s making plans for the coming Olympics in Tokyo. Are you fucking joking? Seriously, holding the Olympics in Japan is the absolute height of absurdity. It is like saying we should hold a health care seminar in the Ebola ward.

    Is this moratorium on discussing Fukushima’s future legacy some kind of collective emotional survival mechanism hidden somewhere in our DNA? Is it simply too much, too scary and overwhelming for us to cope with? Whatever the reason one thing is crystal clear; we don’t want to hear about it and don’t wish to discuss it.

    Whatever else it is, it just isn’t healthy, and that should worry us as well but it doesn’t.

    We love end of the world movies like Mad Max because if we didn’t Hollywood would quit making so many of them. Let that scenario manifest in real everyday life where your kids go to school and it’s a whole different thing. Just try bringing up Fukushima in any gathering of people, then observe the looks on the faces of those within earshot. It’s a taboo subject by group consensus. It is almost as if the true and certain end of life as we’ve come to know it is just beyond human ability to deal with.

    Here’s the thing. Even if we don’t think, or speak about the aftermath of Fukushima and what the future holds for our loved ones; we still know. That knowledge is within us and cannot be deleted, it’s permanent. The very fact that we refuse to acknowledge this even to ourselves causes much harmonic discord within the spirit, it is a dichotomy that cannot persist; at some point something has to give. Care to guess what that will be? How about a wager!

    The Drake Equation is a famous formula for extrapolating the probable number of planets bearing intelligent life in our galaxy. The part of the equation that speaks to our current reality is the one where the number of probable planets is further reduced by those civilizations who do not survive their technological childhood. That is us, right now; failing that crucial test. The only thing gained by our ignoring the problem is assured extinction.

    There are several signs and portents currently which increasingly indicate the matrix will likely instigate the long awaited crowd pleaser known as WW3, perhaps as soon as six months. One such portent is certainly the cover of the Jan. 2015 issue of the Economist magazine. In a dystopian parody of a famous Beatles album cover, the clearly matrix inspired artwork contains images of missiles and a mushroom cloud, and two distinct dates: 11.3 and 11.5 each printed on an arrow! Is that in your face enough?

    I couldn’t help wondering if that was what God put me on earth for: to find out how much a man could take without breaking.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

    So is all of this dystopian nightmare the archon endgame? Did they see us coming? Did they succeed – yes they did. They have robbed us of our dignity and robbed Gaia of her pristine oceans. They have killed, pillaged and destroyed with cold callousness; they got what they wanted and are ready to move on soon. Were we nothing more than a minor mosquito caught in the net of planets they control? Did the matrix take itself out with Fukushima? We know they have plans for massive depopulation, yet some doubt remains whether that earthquake four years ago had some help or not from the strumming of the H.A.A.R.P. array? Or, is what we are seeing some kind of scorched earth campaign, a going away present from the archons?

    Were we called here to bear witness to Gaia’s murder?

    There are no secret technologies for rendering radiation harmless.

    There is nobody coming from anywhere to bail us out.

    No get out of extinction free card.

    What can we do?

    First of all we need to just step outside of ourselves and get past it all. We can adjust our expectations; from the physical mundane to the spiritual; and focus upon the needs of our basic soul. No thought which begins with the words “what if” or “if only” is worth finishing. Nothing positive can follow those words, so never use them in that order.

    We can become emotional healers in the dystopian wasteland. We can also clean and update our emotional software, because we can’t let this take us down.

    We can avoid pessimism, in fact we must avoid it because every negative or pessimistic thought strengthens the neural pathway established for it. If we never complete a negative thought, those neural pathways degrade. We can focus on the positive, and build up those neural pathways instead.

    We can forsake the materialistic in favor of the spiritual connection between all humans. We all laugh and cry the same way, we all love our children and we all bleed red. The same things make all of us sad, and we all rejoice at the same things. We can focus on this, we can do that for starters!

    We can help one another keep spirits up, to help each other battle depression and find some point of grace. We can help heal each other emotionally. Humans have the ability to rise above many difficult things individually, yet collectively we lack experience in actually using that ability.

    We could explore who we really are thru the use of DMT, Iboga, or Ayahuasca; because the “laws” against them are absurd. How can you make a plant illegal? The whole entire point of making these natural plants illegal is to prevent people from connecting with their soul on the most intimate of levels, to disempower us. The only reason.

    We need to begin doing these things now, because there will be life after Fukushima. There are places on the planet which will afford some natural protection from the accumulation of radiation. Here and there small groups of humans will survive. It has always been that way before and shall be again. Hide and watch.

    We may or may not become enlightened but soon enough we’ll become fluorescent.

    Instead of the Aquarian evolution we were expecting, we get this dystopian evolution of a small and insignificant species on a backwater little world. Bait and switch. We’re all now the passengers in Hitchcock’s Lifeboat and if you don’t understand the reference watching the movie may give valuable insight of the kind of future ahead of us.  If we cannot find our way to honor people over possessions, pretty soon we’ll just be so much flotsam & jetsam floating upon a dead ocean on a dead planet.

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