Nuclear Experimentation Year 70 – Playing With Madness

nuclear bombEthan Indigo Smith, Contributor
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The recent “news” on the nuclear situation in Iran brings to light the madhouse of cards on which the postmodern world is built. Or rather, it would bring the madness to light if the major media outlets of the world were not bought up and sold out to the military industrial complex, and therefore completely misinformed on the actions and dangers of the nuclear experimentation industry.

The story is not just about how Iran wants to join the club of failed nuclear experimentation states, though that is certainly worthy of raising an eyebrow. This story is not just about the threat to nearby states, or the implications to global relations. The story is not just about how they could be so ill minded, and short sighted as to look for solutions in a dirty technology…

The real story is that playing with nuclear fire – the Pandora’s Box of nuclear experimentation – is a threat to all life on Earth, and yet today, blinded by an invisible threat, the rise of the nuclear state has become just another part of our collective ‘energy’ and ‘war’ narratives. The real story is that, in our collective madness, we fail to recognize that Iran’s engagement in nuclear experimentation is no different than our own — and that the sum total of all this nuclear madness is mutually assured destruction.

Total M.A.D.ness

Used to describe the inevitable outcome of any military nuclear action, the acronym M.A.D. stands for mutual assured destruction. The M.A.D. theory is that a balance of apocalyptic armament puts opposing nuclear nations in a stalemate, where it would be impossible for one to annihilate the other with nukes without facing annihilation themselves. If the accepted narrative is to be believed, the understanding of ‘mutually assured destruction’ on both sides is why the Cold War never went Hot.

Is it any coincidence that the industry acronym for the inevitable outcome of any military nuclear action is M.A.D.? By their own reckoning, mutual destruction is assured on all sides of the nuclear war machine in the event of a nuclear strike – yet nations continue to arm themselves, writing conventions to mitigate their liability while provoking other nations that arm themselves. In their ‘fight for peace’, they are scrambling down the rabbit hole to mutually assured M.A.D.ness.

If this M.A.D. balance was at all sustainable, one might even wish to see Iran armed, and believe that arming Iran would bring M.A.D. balance — because after all it is well known, but not officially recognized that Israel already has nuclear weapons. But therein is the opening into the madness of the situation; the reality is already so twisted that one might see it as a “solution” that an individual or institution to possesses a mechanism that instantly kills, maims and deforms en masse, and poisons ecosystems for countless generations to come, just because the institutions that threaten them have those same mechanisms, which kill and maim and deform and poison.

Make no mistake, this is a contrived polarity. The only way to end the M.A.D.ness is to disarm, not arm the opposition.

  • Critical Thinking

    When we investigate the reality of M.A.D., and the propaganda that accompanies nuclear experimentation (both military and power generation) we soon realize it IS absolute madness.

    Firstly, the notion that nuclear experimentation is regulated is a fallacy. While eight States have detonated nuclear weapons, only the five member nations of the United Nations Security Council (the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and China) are considered to be “nuclear-weapon states” under by the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. [1] However three other States that were not parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty have conducted nuclear tests since the NPT was enacted in 1970 (India, Pakistan, and North Korea).

    Meanwhile Israel remains the nuclear white elephant in the room. Widely believed to have nuclear weapons, Israel continues to deny its nuclear status, casting further unknowns into the nuclear mix.

    According to the Federation of American Scientists’ report Status of World Nuclear Forces:

    More than two decades after the Cold War ended, the world’s combined inventory of nuclear warheads remains at a very high level: approximately 15,700. Of these, around 4,100 warheads are considered operational, of which about 1,800 US and Russian warheads are on high alert, ready for use on short notice.

    Despite significant reductions in US, Russian, French and British nuclear forces compared with Cold War levels, all the nuclear weapon states continue to modernize their remaining nuclear forces and appear committed to retaining nuclear weapons for the indefinite future. For an overview of global modernization programs, see this 2014 article: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Slowing nuclear weapon reductions and endless nuclear weapon modernizations: A challenge to the NPT.

    The exact number of nuclear weapons in each country’s possession is a closely held national secret.

    When it comes to nuclear weapons experimentation, transparency and accountability are non-existent — conditions in which corruption thrives.

    While Israel defends its “strategic ambiguity”, its policy of denial has served not only as a misinformation tactic, it has inflamed tensions in the Middle East by highlighting obvious double standards in US policy in the region. While Israel denies itself to be a “nuclear-weapon state”, and the US continues to turn a blind eye, the governments of the both states are actively colluding to bypass a US ban on funding nations that proliferate weapons of mass destruction, ensuring Israel enjoys more than US$2 billion in aid from US taxpayers each year.

    Israel, however, is not the only financial beneficiary of this nuclear deceit; the Price Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act and the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damageare designed to protect US nuclear interests from liability in the event of an accident, allowing them to make uncapped fortunes through nuclear energy generation without liability for their (inevitable) failures.

    Despite all the public non-proliferation rhetoric of the nuclear experimentation industry, the nuclear-weapon States are clearly committed to retaining and continuing nuclear weapons programs. The illusion of non-proliferation serves only to delay genuine non-proliferation action. Not surprisingly, when it comes to the true nuclear agenda, even those scientists working ‘behind the security fence’ are subjected to this deception.

    According to former government scientist turned environmental activist Dr. Andreas Toupadakis:

    “[In 2000], I resigned from a permanent, highly paid, classified position in the Stockpile Stewardship Program at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California. I went to LLNL believing that I would be helping to dismantle nuclear weapons and disposing of their deadly byproducts. That was my desire. Instead, very soon, I found myself expected to work on the maintenance of nuclear weapons. When I realized that within the Lab, environmental or nonproliferation work was but an illusion, I decided to resign. My conscience simply does not allow me to work for the development or maintenance of nuclear weapons.

    “.. Purely academic projects are sustained in order to lure young scientists into the national labs. I heard this in plain language one Thanksgiving afternoon, sitting around the table with senior weapons scientists: “We need new blood to carry on our weapons research; we need new post-docs in purely basic research.” It was not a surprise that at that time a post-doc in academia was making around $18,000/year, but at Los Alamos National Lab I started with $35,000, certainly good bait to attract young scientists.”

    Enshrined in secrecy even behind the security fence, the nuclear weapons and energy experiments are both conducted in the shadows, without transparency or accountability, at the expense of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

    Nuclear Energy Experimentation

    Ongoing events at Fukushima have highlighted the uncontainable dangers of nuclear energy experimentation. There are now over four hundred nuclear power generation experiments in operation worldwide, and more being built, each one representing another potential disaster.

    In the 70 years since the first nuclear power generation experiment began at Oak Ridge in 1948, there have been countless (known) meltdowns at nuclear facilities around the world. The history of nuclear energy generation has proven itself to be equally as destructive (if not more) as nuclear arms programs. If one examines trends and contributing factors, there are bound to be more accidents, spills and ‘unprecedented events’ within the nuclear industry.

    Now over 4 years on from the first meltdown, the ailing Fukushima Daiichi facility in Japan is still spewing radioactive waste into our ocean’s and air, with no end in sight. In fact, reports of a fresh leak in February 2015 indicate a 70-fold increase in radiation levels. And while this disaster continues into its fifth year, the realities and failures of this and other nuclear experiments have become shrouded in propaganda and censorship, in an indefensible bid to protect the interests of the oligarchy – nuclear’s sole beneficiaries.

    The Fukushima disaster has led to a practical elimination of free speech and free reporting of information from within Japan, with little to no opposition or indignation from global governments. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Designated Secrets Bill was written specifically to contain information about the Fukushima disaster; since authorities could not contain the radioactive leaks, the Japanese government instead enacted laws that subjected to punishment any individual who reports information about this undeniable disaster.

    Again, the problem here is transparency and accountability. Like nuclear weaponry, nuclear energy experimentation cannot co-exist alongside freedom of speech or transparent access to information. It can only exist in a fascist state, which suppresses information and opposition.

    But the ultimate truth of the nuclear energy experiment – the reason for the suppression and opposition – is that there the nuclear experiment is operated without a complete plan. Although it is touted as a ‘clean’ technology, the nuclear industry has no mechanism for disposing of the radioactive waste it generates, only mechanisms for containing it, storing it for the million years it takes to break down, and accumulating more each day. And that’s when all goes well…

    When it all goes wrong, as history has shown, the destruction is permanent. Radiation kills, maims and deforms. That is why nuclear is the oligarchy’s weapon of choice, and exactly why it should not be used for energy generation. Radioactivity creates so vast and deep of an alteration of our ecology that now, as we reflect on ‘year 70′ of a million year waste cycle, it is obvious the causal implications of continuing the nuclear experiment have not been considered by the scientific community entirely, if at all.

    And yet, the world’s “nuclear weapon states” insist on marching toward M.A.D.ness, relying on faulty logic, one-eyed scientism and good old fashioned fear-mongering to justify it.

    Their motive becomes clearer when we take into account the increasing amount of radiation, and the cumulative effect of radiation, electromagnetic pollution and geoengineering (chemtrails and HAARP) operations simultaneously contaminating our atmosphere. Interacting with radioactive and heavy metals in our atmosphere, electromagnetic energy has been shown to interfere with the human body and brain, which itself is electrical — in particular it disrupts cell growth, neural activity, cardiac function, hormone production and fertility [source] This toxic atmospheric cocktail creates the conditions for a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions. Enter the pharmacological industry to treat the symptoms but never the cause.

    The effects of nuclear, chemical and electromagnetic programs amount to an assault on our health, our consciousness, and our very existence.

    The Way Out

    On considering the entirety of the nuclear experiment, one can’t help but to acknowledge the distorted modes of thinking, hidden agendas and damaging outcomes inherent in its operation.

    It is time to get real. Power-brokers are playing political games with our planet and our health. As history continues to prove, the nuclear experiment cannot continue without dire physical and spiritual consequences, and we cannot consider ourselves the peak of evolution or enlightenment on Earth while also being responsible for its ongoing devastation.

    It’s time we start thinking outside the narrow confines of the political convention and formality that led us here. What we need is a revolution.

    We are not the 99% among the 1%, we are in fact the 99.99999999999999% — but we have been bullied into quietly observing the will of the bourgeois 0.0000000000000001% and accepting our biological and spiritual degradation as an unavoidable part of “postmodern living.”

    It turns out that in order to solve the nuclear problem and stake a claim for our environmental future, we have to face the biggest bully on the block.

    Nuclear experimentation is the biggest issue of our time, and of all time. Just as every piece of plastic we create will be with us for the next 10,000 years, every bit of radioactive waste we have ever produced and will ever produce (leak or no leak) will be with us for the next million years — that’s 40,000 human generations — poisoning everything it touches in perpetuity. That is a fact.

    It is our collective ego that allows such a devastating program to continue unopposed; our unwillingness to examine the complex and confronting detail in front of us, our inability to see beyond our own lives and our own lifetime, and our ultimate decision to submit to the will of nuclear/military industrial complex.

    The greatest trick ‘the devil’ ever played was not tricking the world into thinking he doesn’t exist but tricking the world into thinking he was not dangerous. Like all oligarchical power structures, this is also true of the nuclear war/energy oligarchy.

    In his 1961 farewell address to the nation, President Eisenhower, the last military President of the U.S.A., warned us of the coming military industrial complex and, specifically, of the dangers of increased military spending with government contracts being given to private military manufacturers. His warning went unheeded.

    Unless we confront the complex reality of the military industrial complex, we will forever be stuck in a permanent state of war – a war on individuals, individuality, and consciousness itself. The “leaders” of nuclear nations have shown they have no intention to make peace but to make power plays and deals that profit their masters.

    Nuclear arms cannot bring peace, and nuclear energy cannot bring sustainability. With the M.A.D.ness of nuclear experimentation constantly looming, there can be no peace.

    The only way to stop the madness is to organize ourselves, and confront the institutions that run these programs. Until we begin to dismantle the nuclear arms and energy industries, nothing will change. Nothing will change, but the radiation levels in our air and water which will continue to go up. Nothing will change but the increased toxicity and degradation of our ecology. Nothing will change but the increased threat of Mutual Assured Destruction.

    Radiation knows no bounds or borders. Until we all come together in a true brotherhood of humanity, where all colors and cultures, all hues of humanity, come together in clarity to save ourselves and our planet from the grim future we’re currently creating. We must demand that the institutions responsible for our energy, environment and security, that our policy, in word and deed, reflects our true role as custodians of the planet humanity calls home. It’s up to all of us.

    Peace on Earth, only for real.


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