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GMO Music

Kit Walker – Let’s consider music as a kind of food, because we all agree, right? Music is food for the soul. Imagine a world with no music. Horrible. We would starve spiritually without music.

Why Should We Choose Organic over GMO Foods

Infographic – Higher antioxidant levels, lower pesticide loads, better farming practices all lead to a more nutritious end product and are the main reasons why many choose organic over GMO foods.

Why People Are Protesting GMOs

Video – People at a Monsanto protest in New York City speak why they are there, one fact about Monsanto, and what they hope happens.

12 Ways to Rid the Planet of GMOs and Monsanto’s Roundup

Ronnie Cummins – It is now blatantly obvious that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are nothing more than patented Pesticide Delivery Systems (PDS) designed to increase sales of poisonous agrochemicals such as Roundup, glufosinate…

GMO-Free Food Sales Explode Amid Public Awareness

Christina Sarich – Americans are speaking with their wallets like never before in order to voice our true collective opinion of how corporations and Big Food are working with our food.

Is Europe About to Lose the Fight Against GMO’s?

Julian Rose – A determined effort by all of us, who care about real food and real farming, will be needed to stop one of the most insidious attempts yet to end Europe’s widespread resistance to genetically modified organisms…

7 GMO Myths Debunked

Video – In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth debunks 7 claims made by the food authorities…

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