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Ok, somebody has to say it. I keep waiting for someone to say this, but i’m not finding it.

If i see another internet meme that says music is healing, and good for you, i’m gonna scream. Yes, it can be, but not all music is. I know this is a sacrilege to say, but i can’t help myself.

Let’s consider music as a kind of food, because we all agree, right? Music is food for the soul. Imagine a world with no music. Horrible. We would starve spiritually without music.

But food has changed lately. And at this point it’s safe to say, not all food is good for you. In fact, it is becoming harder and harder to find nourishing food. So to say music is healing and good for you, is like saying food is healing and good for you. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Yes, we’d die without it, but that doesn’t mean it’s all good for you. It’s the same with music.

And we have to take a stand for organic food, or it will disappear. Same with organic music. It needs support.

For me, i choose very carefully what i listen to. I want to make sure it has all the good nutrients, and that it doesn’t contain poisonous elements. And i also fast from music. Much as i love it, i love silence even more. And i definitely prefer silence to music that doesn’t contain silence. Music that contains silence has the essential nutrient, in the real sense of the word “essential”. Of the essence. The essence, is the Being. The pure existence. Essence has its root in the Latin word “esse”, which means to BE.

  • This is pure existence, the being, which is also bliss. SatChitAnanda, from the sanskrit, means truth, consciousness, bliss. This is the quality of being, and for me, it is the primary component of all good music, art, and, of course, of life itself. Life without consciousness is a nightmare. And to me, music without consciousness sounds like a nightmare.

    So let’s be more discriminating about what we accept in our body and soul. There is a kind of GMO music proliferating now that carries a toxic kind of vibration. There is also some amazingly nourishing organic music. To put all music in the same category is misleading. Of course we all have our tastes, just like with food. But let’s use organic ingredients. Let’s support the organic, whole, and healthy, and put the toxin business out of business. This is a moment to moment choice, in every area of life. Let’s not be lazy any more. Let’s not be lousy. Let’s be our best. Why not??

    OK, so if that’s the case, then how can we tell if any particular music is GMO or not? Well, that may be as tricky as trying to determine if food is genetically modified. But we might start with some extreme examples now,  just to clarify my point.

    It’s getting pretty blatant now how the music from the “big music biz” in LA/Hollywood, has gone over the top, into WTF territory, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, what the hell are they pushing anyway? (with “hell” being the operative word there.)  To my ears, the music that comes from that quarter is contaminated with radioactive waste. The “radio-activity” metaphor seems to apply there, too. For the most part, the more radio play it gets in the big business channels, the more toxic it is. And in case you’re still not up to speed on Hollywood, the name of the game of the movie and music industry is to keep the minds of the masses distracted (i.e. “entertained”) while the “owners” do whatever they please with your energy and your planet.

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    And in no way do i mean to infer that everyone in Hollywood is like that. There are well-intentioned humans everywhere, more than we even know. But…..!

    The truth is coming out now like a tidal wave, and we are finding out that the Hollywood entertainment industry is fraught with mind control programming, pedophilia, and all kinds of other perversions, in order to push the narrative of the planet into an ever darker and more distorted place. And if you listen to the music coming from this quarter, with open ears, and a silent heart, you will immediately hear the toxic element. And “toxic” is even becoming a value somehow, like it is cool, something to be admired, to be toxic. The Britney Spears song “Toxic” is a perfect example. This kind of “music” is put there to distort your values, make no mistake about it.

    But there is SO much other music too, that is not catering to big business, how can we tell about that?

    Well, to me, it’s the kind of thing no one can tell you, any more than people can tell you what to eat. At a certain point, if you eat enough crap, you realize you have to clean up your diet, or die. Perhaps it is like that with music too. We shouldn’t underestimate the effect of what we take in vibrationally on a daily basis, on all levels. And there is plenty of music out there that emulates unconsciously the music biz fantasy, made by those who are still mesmerized by the glitter of it all, even if they are not directly involved with the big business. It takes a particular kind of dedication and insight as a musical artist to develop your own voice and expression in the midst of all this.

    We could also apply the analogy of taste. Just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Perhaps with music it is the same. You may like the sound of something, but it might help to notice how it makes you (and your body) feel, during and after listening. I am not going to single out any particular music here, but i am just suggesting to listen in a different way. Listen as a conscious being, aware of many levels at once. Be silent, be still, and really pay attention. Sit with music, and hear it. Stop using it as background, wallpaper,  just to fill up space. Why is this culture so afraid of silence? Be silent, and listen. “Silent” and “listen” both have the same letters, in a different order. Silence is the expression of listening. When you really listen, your silence expands and becomes a palpable force field around you.

    We have forgotten how to listen. Or, maybe we never knew how. Listening is a skill, as difficult to master as meditation. Just because sound is coming in your ears doesn’t mean you know how to listen. To be an active listener, one who is present, open, receptive, and absolutely still, is a skill that could easily take a lifetime to master. But if you allow yourself to listen from this space, without the mind and all its value judgments, you will begin to notice many things about music in a different way. And you will begin to realize, that the listener is as important in the process of music as the musician.

    One quote from Osho Rajneesh has stuck with me forever: “Once you hear the sound of silence, all music just sounds like noise.” That may seem a bit extreme, but perhaps it could be true, that music that doesn’t contain silence IS nothing but noise. If not played with conscious presence, music falls flat, seems one-dimensional, no matter how technically amazing. The problem is, there is SO much one-dimensional music around that it’s getting to the point where it seems normal to us. We are used to hearing it everywhere. We’re losing the capacity to tell the difference. But it is affecting how we are creating our moment to moment reality.

    Also, the energy field of the musician/composer is transmitted through the music, and is part of the vibrational “food” you are ingesting. I always notice that when i listen. Someone who is at peace in their spirit, and not trying to compete or prove anything, is so much more inviting to listen to, i don’t care what style of music it is. Sometimes you find an unknown street musician living in poverty, playing on a tin can, who has so much more to offer than the flashiest of virtuosos in an amazing concert hall.

    I have to say, I am always absolutely astonished to see how much Coca Cola and McDonald’s “food” gets ingested every day by millions of people who should know better. Why be like that with music? (or food, for that matter…?) The damage to your body and soul must not be underestimated. Notice how you feel. Do you feel more connected to Source, vitality, aliveness, beauty, love, value, bliss? …or is it just another cheap thrill that jacks up your nervous system for a while, into some kind of manic and synthetic version of “fun”, or “peace”, or “romance”?  before letting you down to a place where you require another fix, like the blood sugar crashes that accompany sugar addiction. Sugar tastes good, but it kills you.

    Friends don’t let friends listen to McDonna.

    Here are just two examples of music. The first is, in my opinion, organic.

    Compare that to this:

    Can you feel the difference?

    Of course there are thousands of other examples, but hopefully this will inspire you to listen in a new way.

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    Kit Walker, explorer in music and consciousness, is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the links between frequency and spiritual awakening. An accomplished musician, well-versed in many traditions, he has also devoted much of his time and attention to the alchemy of human participation in the planetary awakening. This has led him through many diverse spiritual traditions and meditation practices as well as an in-depth study of astrology. His teaching is based on how to bring the practice of music into a total life-art, a yoga which trains and transforms body, mind and spirit.

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