Why Should We Choose Organic over GMO Foods

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Infographic – Consumers select organic and whole foods over genetically modified organisms (GMO) for a variety of reasons, however besides the long list of potential health implications from consuming GMO, the one thing that impacts decision-making more than anything else is nutrition. There are convincing differences between organic and GMO foods when it comes to nutrient content and health benefits.

Higher antioxidant levels, lower pesticide loads, and better farming practices all lead to a more nutritious end product and are the main reasons why many people are choosing organic over GMO foods.

Take for example the information about tomatoes provided below. Tomatoes grown by organic methods contain more phenolic compounds than those grown using commercial standards. A study — published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry — analysed the phenolic profiles of Daniela tomatoes grown using ‘conventional’ and organic methods, finding that those grown under organic conditions contained significantly higher levels of phenolic compounds than those grown conventionally.

See below for more information why you should buy organic foods.

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