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Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now

An age of free energy is rapidly approaching. As we speak, multiple companies are preparing the technologies that will make energy abundant, cheap, and extremely low cost. The most exotic of these technologies are poised to bring an end to the age of fossil fuels, by allowing energy to be produced in radically novel ways. All of this is taking place with very little, or even no coverage by the mainstream media.

The Truth Behind the Free Energy Lie (Video)

Another volley in the campaign to inform the public that free energy is a possibility right now in today’s world. Moving into the era of free, clean energy is a must for the advancement of the human race, and ending our dependence on resource extraction is a must to reverse the damage being done to our natural environment. But in the world of money, politics religion and power, some ideas may be just too revolutionary to entertain. A must watch!

The Future of Free Energy is Here Now (Video)

How can we get control of the essence of electricity, the electron? Clean, safe and cheap energy is available to us already, and the technologies for accessing it are becoming available. Using newly developed nano-materials can perhaps be the breakthrough needed to convert ambient energy into useable energy, allowing us to bypass the electric grid. The power plant of tomorrow is no power plant.

Were the Great Egyptian Pyramids Free Energy Towers? (Video)

Is the idea of evolution a fallacy? Did the Earth’s most technologically advanced peoples walk the Earth long ago. This video describes how it is possible that the Great Pyramids were built as massive electric generators that use physio-electricity generated from a design and process similar to that developed by Nikola Tesla in his famous designs.

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