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What is Ascension and is the Human Race Ascending?

Pao. L. Chang – For millennia, many religions and spiritual teachers have been telling us that during 2012 and soon after, humanity will experience a special spiritual event called ascension.

How To Become a Lucid Dreamer

Gloria Eagle – The art and science of lucid dreaming was an important part of the culture of old civilizations and still is practiced in many tribal societies.

Youtube Safety Mode Censorship: Latest Battleground in the War on Consciousness

David Gardner, Guest Waking Times YouTube was once a bastion of free speech, an open venue where alternative information could circulate and wake up millions worldwide. Now it’s increasingly a place where truth is suppressed, as YouTube’s 6 billion+ hours of content is ‘soft censored’ on the sly by its mysterious ‘safety mode’. Keep reading

The Unseen Spiritual War Beneath the Veneer of Society

Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times The stable civilization many of us once believed we grew up in is revealing itself to be worse than an Orwellian nightmare. An evil is slowly extending itself throughout the world like the giant tentacles of a sociopathic octopus. Even the most unsuspecting citizen partaking in the daily ritual of sitting in front

Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us

Angela Pritchard, Guest Waking Times Spiritual symbols are powerful. Beneath the veneer of social norms they are being used in a hidden war. Not only have dark forces propagated the symbols of black magic into millions of unsuspecting homes, but additionally many of the world’s great spiritual symbols of light have been demonized. For thousands of

The Quest of the Authentic Self

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Be not of two minds! Now that’s sage advice, and one would think I’d know all about it, having been born a Pisces, but no… in my ‘impressionist’ mode of operation, I have battled myself in a dreamy ocean current. Today I do try to see more clearly. It seems

The Danger of Becoming the Darkness When Fighting the Dark Side

Angela Pritchard, Guest Waking Times Seeing dark global agendas stream rolling over goodness, truth, and freedom throughout the world is more than enough to make anyone feel angry, negative, and even enraged. We as a humanity, along with all our rights, are under siege and the most common response to being attacked is either through

Prescription for a New Day

Alex Vandenberg, Contributor Waking Times When scouring around in cyberspace I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of comments and discussion relative to who, what, when, where, how, and why. And this is all for the better. One must unlearn what one has learned to learn. However, I believe solutions, the

The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World

Angela Pritchard, Guest Waking Times Many feel that there is a multidimensional cause behind the sinister agendas afflicting the world (such as the New World Order). But it is possible not just to sense, but to actually know and uncover its root through firsthand experience. And, unless the root is uncovered, its octopus like tentacles

India’s Science of Light

Richard Smoley, New Dawn Waking Times While most people in the Western world are aware of astrology, comparatively few know that other cultures have other systems of astrology. There are Chinese and Tibetan horoscopes, with their cycles of twelve signs going through years rather than months, so that the key to your character is the year,

The Origins of Halloween and its Bizarre Traditions

Lewis Herridge, Contributor Waking Times Halloween is a festival in which children and adults alike dress up in costumes of monsters, witches, ghosts and other worldly creatures on the 31st of October each year. People will go door to door trick or treating in the hope of sweets, chocolate, money or perhaps to cause a bit

ET Invasion: Fissures in the Great Wall

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off our planet and did that time come to an end? This is a polarity universe and as a temporal illusory hologram, our universe exists only because both positive and negative forces

We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity

Belsebuub, Guest  Waking Times Observing the inner and outer worldWe should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring

Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment

Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and by

Why Enlightenment Takes Time

Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times Enlightenment means different things to different people; most of us have different versions of what it is and how it occurs. In some descriptions it happens in an instant, perhaps as a realization of something, or as a result of doing a certain practice, or by a divine intervention. What the term

Sacred Sites and Energy Fields

Julian Websdale, Guest Waking Times All of the sacred sites, wherever they exist in the world, are placed on vortex points called “conductivity discontinuities”. At these places the geomagnetic field of the earth interacts with the telluric currents (the magnetic flow across the face of the earth), and, when the two intersect, there is a

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