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When scouring around in cyberspace I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of comments and discussion relative to who, what, when, where, how, and why. And this is all for the better. One must unlearn what one has learned to learn. However, I believe solutions, the specifics of which appear to be in shorter supply, are equally important and should also be allowed to have their time in the limelight. And so, in the interest of variety and balance I would like to provide some potential solutions to the horrors we are all facing.

1.  The Future Is Not Fixed 

We are the builders of our Destiny. Like a spider weaving a web, we weave possibilities into the mix through our thoughts. Imagination is an energetic force that collaborates with the world. And so let us remember and keep in mind what Doc said to Marty at the end of the third and final Back To The Future. “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!”

2.  The Need For “Belief”

Two villagers once came to a shaman at different times on the same day and asked him where the best spot was to find a herd of wild burros. One was told he would find six, the other eighteen. Thinking the shaman’s memory was potentially shoddy a woman asked “Are you describing the same herd?” The shaman replied with “Yes, same burros, same place, not same is how many find.”  What the shaman was alluding to was the fact that one villager could not imagine owning more than six. When the woman asked what would happen if this individual went to the spot where there were eighteen, the shaman answered “Man will find only six; it is what he see.”

  • I use this story as a segue to introduce the Greek axiom “Fate is character”. We find the same theme in the desert scene of Macbeth where we are introduced to the three weird sisters. There, over a cauldron, we see what’s possible within manifesting outside in the form of events. In other words, we find in the world without as actual what is in our world within as possible. Translation: the only limiting factor in life is our self. And so, do you even believe that a better future is possible?

    3.  The Need For Enthusiasm

    Poetry, drama, music, painting, dance, all stir up our emotions. All of the arts move people powerfully. They can strongly influence our behavior, and even our character. Plato knew of this and spoke about it at length. But this force of Art is even more powerful than most know. Today for example, it is being employed to make authoritarianism, sexual perversion, egoism, materialism, conformity, and the like “sexy”. In short, as Vigilant Citizen has so astutely noted, it is being used to homogenize, to standardize the whole of range of human thought.

    Given this, let’s take the Elite’s occult knowledge and apply it to rectifying our current conundrum. Let’s understand that the power of enthusiasm and positivity actually works to shape the holographic projection that we call the world. On the subject of Magick Albertus Magnus writes:

    “I discovered an instructive account (of Magick) in Avicenna’s Liber Sextus Naturalium, which says that a certain power to alter things indwells in the human soul and subordinates the other things to her, particularly when she is swept into a great excess of love or hate or the like. When therefore the soul of man falls into a great excess of any passion, it can be proved by experiment that it (the excess) binds things and alters them in the way it wants.”

    4.  The Need To Visualize/Imagine

    We need to be able to “see” how our future can come about, not just believe that it can. This means we need to be able to visualize exactly how this Evil will be washed away.

    Confucius once said, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do and I understand.” In that vein, let’s look at how we can all do it ourselves.

    The best example of this, I feel, is found at the end of Ghostbusters 2. Notice how the ghostbuster’s weapons are useless against the blob that has covered the building (war). Then notice how the power of people remembering themselves, coming together, and exuding positive energy (Enthusiasm, Cheer, Love) works to dissolve the spell. In the final analysis, what good does it do to declare war on the “enemy” when that foe lurks within? No; declare war on yourself! Make the change within that you seek without.

    Also, remember this line from the movie They Live:

    “Maybe they’ve always been with us.  Those things out there.  Maybe they love it.  Seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other off, feeding on our own cold (expletive) hearts.”

    5.  The Need To “Let Go”

    To be successful, we need to set a goal and be as specific as we can in describing it. Paradoxically, we then need to let go completely of our vision about both the specifics and how that goal is to be achieved. We need to state the goal, but then surrender to the Will of the Universe, to our Spirit Self.

    Ask yourself this: What happens when you are vigorously trying to remember something? And then what happens when you stop? That’s right – the answer suddenly bubbles up from the bottom. Why? Because the intensity of concentration acts as an energetic block in the Chakra System. When that block is removed, the free flow of energy can continue unfettered.

    About the Author

    Alex Vandenberg is a writer and researcher of a myriad of different topics spanning everything from economics to the occult.  He is currently in the process of completing two books on transcendental truths.  His guiding light has been a singular focus on shedding light on what lurks beneath; on the roots of humanity’s current conundrum as seen through the prism of spirituality.

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