In Tearful Post, Frontline Nurse Explains How Covid-19 Patients are Being ‘Murdered’ in NYC Hospitals

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
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Here’s something you’re not going to see on the nightly news. With all of their pundits, experts, politicians, and feel good human interest stories, and all of their charts, graphs, predictions, models and projections, they won’t dare present testimony from front line hospital workers who don’t toe the official line.

  • In a recent social media post, 37-year-old Nicole Sirotek, a frontline ICU nurse in NYC, shares her story of working with Covid-19 patients, claiming that people in the hospitals are literally being murdered in order to inflate Covid-19 death numbers, and that no one really cares about the truth because it is happening in minority communities.

    “She told of one patient who died while waiting for an X-ray because her warning that the anesthesiologist had misplaced a ventilator tube was ignored. She said, ‘Literally only one side of his chest is inflating. He dies.’

    She described how a resident doctor defibrillated a patient with an already beating heart. She recalled, ‘The resident starts doing chest compressions which is not what you do. I run to stop him. He f***ing defibrillates him and kills him. I was literally saying, ”Can you stop him he’s going to kill that patient?” And the director of nursing just shook his head and I turned around and he killed the dude.’

    Among other horrific incidents she listed are a nurse who placed a feeding tube into a patient’s lungs, a nurse who administered a lethal dose of short acting insulin when she confused it for long acting and another who fell asleep at her station while a patient’s blood pressure dropped without notice causing permanent mental impairment.

    She told of one patient who choked to death on his own blood when the anesthesiologist ruptured his esophagus trying to intubate him and another whose lungs were ‘blown out’ by a wrongly set ventilator.

    Several medics working with COVID-19 patients have raised concerns over the efficacy and potential dangers of ventilators.” [Source]

    Her post is going viral, and the information she presents is not being refuted in any significant way. In fact, it echoes what other frontline workers are saying, that ventilators are actually harming patients.

    Here is Sirotek’s post:

    Is she right? Do people care? And are the Covid-19 numbers being inflated or tampered with? And why is NYC experiencing such an astronomically higher death count than any other place in America?

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