How to Transmute Wetiko & Unveil Your Luminosity for Greater Authenticity & Inner Freedom with Paul Levy

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Friends, you are invited to a very special event hosted by Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko: Healing the Mind Virus that Plagues Our World. It’s coming up next week, and called How to Transmute Wetiko & Unveil Your Luminosity for Greater Authenticity & Inner Freedom, and it’s on Feb. 1st.

Paul’s articles have been a regular and welcome addition to our message here at Waking Times, and he and had a deep and fascinating conversation last July on the Battered Souls Podcast. He’s a genuine guardian of knowledge, and his message is more timely and crucial than ever.

Here’s the event description:

World circumstances are inviting us to undergo an inner alchemical transformation.

We are collectively making a shamanic descent into the darkness of the unconscious, believes spiritual emergence pioneer Paul Levy, and undergoing an archetypal death and rebirth experience.

Yet, the collective madness that appears to have overtaken our world can potentially help us see that there is something within us preventing our full evolutionary potential… something that can also potentially catalyze us to awaken to the dreamlike nature of reality and remember the essence of who we are.

Early Native Americans called this catalyst wetiko, and it’s a concept recognized in all spiritual traditions — a psychospiritual disease of the soul — a mind-virus or mental blindness that works through the blind spots of the unconscious. 

It is what feeds our shadow sides, those parts of ourselves we can’t or don’t want to see. It causes us to form a dualistic perspective — an us-versus-them mentality — and suffer the painful consequences of accepting this perceived sense of separateness.

On Tuesday, February 1, in a profoundly eye-opening and surprisingly inspiring hour with Paul, you’ll discover how, paradoxically, on the flip side of wetiko’s darkness dwells our light, as well as the creative passion and energies we hold — and need — to awaken from its dreamlike nature and see it for the revelation and catalyst for positive change that it is.

You can register here for How to Transmute Wetiko & Unveil Your Luminosity for Greater Authenticity & Inner Freedom: HERE!

During this illusion-shattering 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Discover wetiko — the psychic mind-virus within each of us and the collective — and the soul-empowering benefits of learning how to alchemize it in order to wake up to the dreamlike nature of reality.
  • Experience a profound guided meditation to glimpse behind the veil of your own inner wetiko, and notice your resistance to living authentically, what’s blocking you, and what’s drawing you forward
  • Learn the remedies for wetiko and how they strengthen your innate nature as a creator, cultivate compassion and healthy connection to others, and illuminate the synchronistic nature of life
  • Learn how to differentiate between our neurotic monkey mind, a symptom of wetiko, and the actual downloads from your higher soul-self
  • Discover the counterfeiting spirit within that impersonates us and that we identify with, and how to recognize and dispel it

You’ll learn how wetiko can cause us to fall under the spell of what in the Apocryphal texts of the Bible is called the counterfeiting spirit, where we are hijacked by societal norms that steal our true nature, unique creative gifts, and our ability to perceive and experience the loving nature of Universal Oneness.

And, you’ll come away with powerful remedies for transforming this personal and collective dis-ease.

You can RSVP for free HERE!

P.S. In How to Transmute Wetiko & Unveil Your Luminosity for Greater Authenticity & Inner Freedom

… you’ll experience a profound guided meditation to discover the psychic mind-virus, wetiko, within you and how it may be suppressing the true you — AND how learning to transmute it can ignite your creative powers and set you free.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available: HERE!

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