How to Stand Up for Yourself 

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

This should really be ‘How to stand up for your Self’. Your ‘Self’ is that which joins you directly to the ‘Self’ of the Universe.

And what is that?

It is the essence of cosmic equilibrium, balance and spirit power.

So what you are really ‘standing up for’ is not your ego, vanity or sense of self protection – but is the profound right to act as a dynamic expression of the Divine Source from whence you came.

Everyday we are faced by challenges to our sense of well being, purpose and integrity. ‘The System’ has little or no respect for these qualities – those that define us as ‘human’. Its architects want to use us as vehicles for gaining personal enrichment and to move another rung up the hierarchical ladder.

In these circumstances one can easily be badly bruised. That part of one which is subtle, sensitive and spirit oriented, can all too easily be deflated simply by an off-hand callous remark, let alone by a full frontal attack on one’s integrity.

How can one deal with such abuse?

It starts with building a solid base for one’s most precious gift and thereby laying the foundations for self respect. In order to do that – one must find-out what it is in life that excites one; what it is that makes one feel alive and in movement.

This is a critical factor which, when nourished and developed as a means of earning one’s way in life, provides the torch capable of penetrating such times of darkness, anger and pain as we find ourselves in today.

To ‘stand up for yourself’ is to stand up for what you believe in. What you believe in – deeply believe in – is your oneness with Divine Source. All true self confidence comes from here.

However, in this three dimensional materialistic world, one can ‘appear’ to be sure of one’s self, but find out, in a challenging moment, that there is no solidity to one’s surety – because it is based upon trying to be and behave like someone else. Maybe someone one admires for his/her prowess, dress code, wealth or eloquence.

This is the standard game played-out in the superficial matrix of everyday life by millions of lost individuals who try to compensate for feelings of insecurity and inadequateness by imitating those who they ‘wish they were’.

One cannot stand up for one’s self if that ‘self’ does not exist. If it is just a shadow of that which one really Is.

So we return, always, to the same question “who is this ‘me’ who needs to stand up for himself?”

The answer comes back once again “That blessed being whose life is a sacred adventure.” Someone who – when crudely challenged – responds with a pause – enough of one to be reminded of just ‘who it is’ that is being attacked.

For the crude challenger will not succeed in harming he or she who has no fear. No doubts about the nature of their Divine origins, of their real ‘I’.

What gets hurt in these exchanges is the ego. The ego feels very sore indeed – and can even crash completely. But this is all to the good, as how can one find one’s true self when the ego has successfully usurped that role?

We are not used to being bold. We appear to have lost the art of living which births the warrior.

Such images have been consigned to romantic historical myths – at enormous cost to the manhood of the male and the womanhood of the female.

  • There is nothing mythical about the existence of the warrior. The warrior is quite simply the impulse that arises in us to stand firm in defence of ‘life itself’ – to the death – if necessary.

    It is the one power capable of overturning the satanic cabal that leaches the life out of our planet and our veins. It is, in its evolutionary passage, taking form now as ‘the spiritual warrior’. A matrix busting force of directed – and often fierce – love.

    Forget the pseudo-spiritual, passive, self protecting escape into ‘Nirvana’ which has circumvented the ability and willingness of so many to stand up and face the dark enemies of life ‘head-on’. The despotic anti-life, less than human, political and corporate so called ‘leaders’ of today. Those who gleefully find themselves pushing at an open door due to the paucity of resistance to their insatiable power-grabs.

    No, we have moved on from escapist ‘New Age’ delusions and are now embracing the brave, committed and passionate pursuit of clearing the path of all obstacles that stand in the way of Truth.

    Do you doubt that we will win this battle?

    If you do, then it is not your true self that harbours such doubts, but your too well schooled intellect interfering with the call of your soul.

    Yes, let us drop-off our worn old skins and useless delusions. We are in a battle with those who wish to take possession of our souls; nothing less. It is our very souls that are threatened by the Covid needle and silent weapons of our oppressors.

    So we know what we must ‘stand up for’ today. We newly realised spiritual warriors on this divine adventure called Life.

    This life, which – as beings created ‘in the image of God’ – we are bound to fully embrace and expand into all the arteries of our planet and on into the infinite Universe.

    Do not delay. Our course is clear – our sights set on victory!

  • About the Author

    Julian Rose is an early pioneer and practitioner of UK organic farming; an entrepreneur and leader of projects to create self sufficient communities based on local supply and demand; a teacher of holistic life approaches and the author of four books – one of which ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ lays-out detailed guide-lines for the transformation of society into caring communities built upon ecological and spiritual awareness, justice and cooperation. See Julian’s website for more information

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