Battered Souls #042 – Why Do You Do What You Do? with Joe DiBianca

In this episode of Battered Souls, I speak with addiction success coach, Joe DiBianca, who helps people strike the root of their addictions by helping them to deeply understand why they do what they do. This is a fascinating topic for me, as addiction has been a recurring theme in my life, and certainly one of the main ways in which I have sabotaged my own success and happiness.

Joe’s approach is unique in that he looks at how the mind and body create a connection over traumatic events, then guides people to separate their feelings from the events that shaped them. In my experience this is a powerful way to develop emotional awareness, and makes letting go of the stories about feelings much easier, crating space for major change to come in.

Joe has been a professional body builder, and shares his experience in this sport which could have killed him because it values looks over health, and causes athletes to engage in extremely dangerous dieting patterns and dehydration which wreaks havoc on the body.

Peace and Power,

_Dylan Charles

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