A Cure For Wellbeing

Iam Saums, Contributor
Waking Times

Tattered and Torn:

The parade of events over the last year have rendered us wounded upon society’s battlefield. For all of us, it is merely the measure to which we have allowed its impression to influence us. Our adrenals, instincts and nerves have been frayed under the gravity of all that has happened. Though we justifiably can claim victim to most of what has, is and may occur, it exists only in the way we choose to perceive. Understanding no generation of humanity has ever experienced such a degree of anarchy, delusion, mania and upheaval is just the tip of the iceberg. Our willingness to heal is most vital during these times to see who we have all become amid these great adversities and challenges.

“Illness is the opportunity to heal.”

  • For Better or Worse:

    Our commitment to ourselves and each other has been well-defined. Unless of course it is not observed and honored. As human beings, we are all related. Not just by blood, also by instinct, intellect, emotion and soul. These qualities run much deeper than lineage and are infinite and eternal. However, we are desensitized to the vulnerabilities of our nature, thought, feeling and intuition to appease our fears, insecurities and self-righteousness. Our virtues become our weaknesses and our iniquities are weaponized as our strengths. More often than we acknowledge, our ego disrupts our relationships with ourselves and each other.  Our personal oblivion is the destroyer of possibility.

    Social Venom:

    Human society and social reality are a virus. There is no easy or polite way around this stark truth we have enabled with our arrogant agendas, insatiable desires, unconscious fears and selfish intentions. Disease has become our common nature. Its toxicity is within and around us.  t festers in the air we breathe, the food and water we consume, the thoughts we entertain and the feelings we harbor. We are both the virus and the cure, though our focus is often on the former. Therefore, we enable our ego to highjack all facets of our being, projecting darkness into our lives and society. We have been deceived into believing this is our true power. When we seek to know why there is so much disease, the answer is glaring back at us in the mirror.

    For What it’s Worth:

    Most of us are more focused on our finances than our health. This is the primary reason why this virus has had such a widespread impact. Where we place value illustrates what we embody. Our way of life is apparent when we are eagerly willing to wager its quality for fleeting prominence and wealth. It is the dangling carrot leading us away from universal being. Our health is at the heart and soul of our existence. Our experience of it is the essential distinction between surviving and thriving.  Social negligence toward well-being is an epidemic few choose to acknowledge let alone transform. Empowering and nurturing our health creates the opportunity to observe the nature of our dis-ease to discover and manifest its cure.

    “Healing is an everyday need that must be as aggressive as our greed.”

    The First Medicine:

    The moment we are born, our breath is our first declaration. It is the cornerstone of our survival and environment. We are mostly oblivious to our breath. Our focus is always drifting from its conscious expression. When we breathe, we inhale the essence of existence and exhale all the impurities our lungs filter. How present we are to our breath is as present we are to our life. This may seem rudimentary, yet in the moment-to-moment experience, it is the most challenging practice to achieve. Conscious breathing is instant transformation. It is available to us anytime we choose. The deeper our breath the greater our relationship with our heart, soul, the universe and each other.

    The Second Medicine:

    More than 90% of our body and 70% of the earth is water. 60% of the water in our body is contained in our cells. It is the most powerful and destructive natural force sustaining all life on the planet. Water is the manifestation of spirit, essential to our existence. Every time we drink, it cleanses the toxins from our body. There is no element as entirely purifying. It is a transmitter and receiver, adapting to any foreign elements introduced and responsive to the nature of their toxic intention. Drinking two to three liters of water everyday provides a physiological regeneration of our cells, organs, muscles and blood. It is transformation in action, conducting electromagnetic energy to empower our being.

    The Third Medicine:

    Soulfire is a term commonly associated with the metaphysical. A force of energy transposed by our spirit to resonate through the seven centers of our being. When these are in alignment, infinite and eternal energy flows through us. A multidimensional torus of life force empowers and sustains our existence. However, our soul is not its origin. The universe is a vast, teaming stellar ocean of energy ever present and ever expressive. Its destined nature is to source life. All we are, become and need is provided to us at any moment of our experience. When we focus and nurture our intent on synergizing energetically with the universe, any condition or illness can be transformed into health.

    The Fourth Medicine:

    The earth is laden with an abundance of elemental, herbal remedies to promote heath and heal all human ailments. Trees offer a stable supply of oxygen. Plants and roots treat diseases, infections and viruses. The earth produces a powerful geomagnetic energy radiating from its interior. Its terrestrial life force interacts with the electromagnetic energy emanating from our heart center. Our soul conducts universal energy through our intuition into the seven centers of our being. When we align and attune our chakras to the universe and the earth’s field, its energy sources us with creativity, insight, healing and vitality. Our most essential life practice is grounding ourselves with the earth to receive the greatest benefit of this energy.

    Being of Balance:

    Our equilibrium is the balance and synergy of our multidimensionality. This symmetry is as important as our relationship with the universe, ourselves and the earth. It is our opportunity to observe, empower, enrich and establish our ever-shifting balance at any moment in any experience. We are beings of nature, akin to its environmental design. Our innate expression is to fulfill an optimal existence.  Society is contrarian, conditioned to be self-centric. The earth is an expression of altruism, existing in sacred alchemy for this sole purpose. We all have a natural ability to identify our dis-eases, modify our lifestyle and transform our being. Balancing our being is the universal expression of our cure.

    “Being is the medicine of the universe.”

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