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Alone is a powerful feeling, a fiery crucible that defines and shapes many a being’s motivations and experiences within the universe of the now. It is this existential fear that catalyzes much of the change in our world, and the scars of its presence can be easily found by one who sees with the heart.

The implications of alone are more than enough to keep one up all night, wearily wrestling with one’s own concept of existence and what lies beyond. Shaking and shivering, unsated, we finally retire to a restless sleep with no real conclusion, and perhaps with an even greater fear that one may not be found, or may not exist.

Upon waking, startlingly we realize that the question still remains. A ghostly apparition, elusive, illusive, it haunts us. It begs for our attention, yet at the same time repels us with the force of its shadow, the weight of the omnipresent unknown. It screams, in agony, for resolution, for peace from its endless torment.

  • Yet, even more frightening, is the fear that peace may be beyond what we are able to give.

    We run from alone, we hide from alone; we try to crowd out, drown out, and deny the alone. We ignore the alone, we implore the alone; we insist, we resist, and we dismiss the alone. Perhaps we distract the self from its presence, and gain some respite from its clawing incessance.

    Perhaps. Temporarily.

    Yet always it returns, a siren’s call, and despite all our efforts, we are unable to escape its harrowing song.

    In alone, where is purpose? Where is meaning? With annihilation right around the corner, and seeming insignificance in the passenger seat next to us, where is it that we are driving this car? Furthermore, what is it that we are here to do? If we are all disconnected, insignificant specks of matter that ‘randomly’ take form, exist briefly, and then wink out of existence, what exists beyond the pursuit of the assuagement of the temporal illusion of self?

    This idea has much momentum in our world, and the symptoms of this infection can be readily observed. It is in this illusion that many have taken refuge to, for once, be free of the nagging question that defines our existence. It is apparent that this cannot continue to exist, and the satisfaction that we derive from this sort of being will slowly pale, and the world once more will be devoid of taste beside the constant, overpowering spice of alone.

    Yet the universe holds the answers, for the one that knows how to look. Nestled within itself, hidden in plain sight, is the antidote to the epidemic that plagues our people with a spiritual malaise. The solution? Alone becomes all one.

    When alone is present with the idea of all one, what is experienced is the largest, collective sigh of relief and release through the entire universe. It is a relaxation into the realization that alone exists as a part of all one.  Within infinity, everything and nothing live in peace and harmony.

    When placed next to the concept of infinity and given contrast, alone becomes clear. Some choose to define the experience as separation or disconnection, yet these perspectives arise from within the concept of alone and are limited by its conditions.

    More precisely, the feeling of alone is expressed through the concept of insulation. When we feel alone, we isolate and insulate ourselves from the rest of the universe, while still remaining an essential and integral part of it. Like putting one’s head in the sand, one may blind oneself to the rest of the universe, yet this does not blind the rest of the universe from us. What we can choose to perceive as outside still actually exists as a part of the inside.

    It is only when we wake up, when we finally choose pull our head out of the sand of alone and open the eyes of our heart to love do we see what has been present all along. Even in an impenetrable darkness that seems to swallow all hope and possibility, love always remains, and we are all one.

    No action is meaningless, no moment is insignificant. One cannot fathom the impact one has upon the rest of the universe; though we may not be able to see or understand all of the ripples, we know that they are there.

    As we embrace the idea that we matter, and that we are more than matter, we become aware that our ability to choose allows us to steer a path through the universe in the direction we see fit. Yet beyond this, a pattern exists, that which is the path of least resistance exists. Alone may seem like it isn’t part of the pattern, likewise fear, anger, darkness, and hate. Yet these feelings all have a place in the universe and play their roles in the perpetual, dynamic balancing of the pattern.

    In every moment, regardless of what we choose, we both are and are part of a boundless, infinite system of life and love that is growing in every moment in the direction of the highest harmony of All That Is Now. In every moment, alone is losing momentum and all one is gaining more.

    Upon the journey, may you travel with grace, love, and gratitude in your hearts.

    About the Author

    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.

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