It’ll All Come Out in the Wash

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Do ‘young people with rough journeys’ just walk in my door because it’s open, or are they requesting an invitation because I have something to learn… about them, myself, and what is? In other words, did my need of them bring them here?

That’s a question I asked myself years ago, and I always thought I knew the answer… yeah, this is for me, and for them too. My own ‘young person’ story is smooth, and even heavenly compared to what I’m seeing today. So I reasoned that maybe life wants to show me what this ‘reality’ is like for others – and if I’m astute enough, perhaps we can get to the spiritual core and we’ll all evolve.

Today’s unprotected young are bound to suffer damage during this crucial time. We’re all under assault and they are especially impacted. But if they can see and repair the damage, utilize the information they gain, find a direction, and proceed with wisdom, they’ll become the new healers and builders of the heavenly world we yearn for.

Perhaps their rough experience is for a ‘soul building’ reason, and my experience of them is the same. Thinking back, how naive and easily led I would be if I had stayed in the smooth waters.

Long ago I asked to know ‘why’. And I asked to be strong, and to serve. But I never thought to ask how much darkness do we need to peer into, how much encouragement do we need to offer, how many skills do we need to teach, how much pointing the way do we need to do, how much awareness of ‘why’ do human beings need before they can step into ‘how’? How do we make heaven?

  • In a previous article I included a quote that said, “Any request from another, heard by you, should not be ignored… for it is coming from yourself.”

    I think the ‘heard by you’ part of the quote is the key. A request that is heard is akin to prayer that is heard – heard prayer is granted. If we recognize the divinity within, then communication from the heart is prayer. ‘Heard’ is also key in that not everything should be heard. There are tons of requests and we need to differentiate: which one comes from the courage to express true need, i.e. the heart’s prayer; and which one comes from emotional manipulation.

    Emotional manipulation aside, there is true need of help and true need of protection.

    Over the past couple of decades we’ve seen more and more people going ‘off the deep end’: no thought, no introspection, no common sense, no humanity… just opinion, reaction, wanting, taking, and the strangest thing of all… glee at discovering the power and control that comes from willingness to destroy.

    The breakdowns and exposures are intensifying because the Light is threading its way into the matrix. Those dense, separated, unexplored, denied parts of the individual get ‘stirred up’ by it, and sure enough… the ugly comes forth. It’s the pressure that does it. They can’t hold their secrets in anymore and the personality cracks.

    Rather than say, “This awfulness is a part of me and I need to take responsibility, understand it, and heal myself,” they justify their behavior or project their pain and go to ‘blame’. For some, there will be no humble, contrite heart until the truth has laid everything bare, and even then they may prefer to exit the earth plane rather than be exposed. ‘No hiding place’ is a painful journey if you’re fighting to hide.

    When the darkness comes out, young people often take the brunt of it, simply because they are dependent, and if they’re young enough, defenseless. In the past, the teenagers who showed up at our door with ‘rough stories’ and requests were, more often than not, abused and/or abandoned by the adults upon whom they had been dependent.

    Nowadays it’s young adults. The most recent example: a young woman asked if she could stay in our home for a little while. She had been thrown out of her home for no reason, or I should say no logical reason: ‘psycho’ stuff. “Who cares what we agreed to, we don’t want you here, we don’t care what happens to you, go sleep in your car.”

    I know her stay is temporary, and the advice is… hang in there, take a deep breath, understand there are things you can’t control or change, be patient and control yourself, it’ll all come out in the wash. And that’s the thing, when the Light weaves its way in, it all does eventually come out in the wash.

    By now there are quite a few people bringing the light in; some simply by being, others by teaching, others by doing. The injured young are quick to catch on when they are exposed to it, especially if they have an inborn inclination. I’ve been amazed sometimes at their minds. They don’t believe the system’s propaganda, they’re not fooled by personalities, they’re wise beyond their years, not racist or materialistic, and they are kind and generous with each other.

    As the Light of consciousness expands, and the God Force can be experienced in the form of love, truth and justice, the effect that it has is up to each individual. We can align ourselves with it, humble up, surrender in gratitude, and each day is a great day for evolving. Or we can hide, justify, blame, and defend a faulty position, and it’s one dreadful day after another.

    Not to bombard you with religious terms, but just to offer concise words – if it fits, it fits. This is the great and dreadful day, and we have a role to play on this stage.

    To close, I’ll offer a quote from Stuart Wilde: “The light can be instigated in anyone. You just have to call upon it and pray for it and sit still and breathe it in. And people that are soft and pure that have processed themselves and their shadow traits can express that extra light outwards to others who may also start to see the light.”

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