Into the Breach

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What happened recently in response to the Syrian gambit of the globalist elite is profound. Besides the geopolitical upheaval it caused and subsequent dizzying effects, even more intriguing is the ensuing rise of conscious connecting of issues it seems to have spawned. It’s as if a layer of the false holographic onion peeled off and exposed not just the next layer, but the more fundamental and profound realization that this phony thing we’ve been witnessing truly is an illusion and that it has layers to be peeled.

That’s called awakening.

And it’s a big deal. Especially when it cuts into the support base of hypocritical, hypnotic puppets like America’s Obama and sycophantic cronies like the laughable robotic John Kerry and bumbling idiot John McCain types. Who’s kidding who for goodness’ sake.

And the good thing? Everyone can see it. That’s a major statement in itself.

Where Are We?

In the grand scheme of things this is a very interesting time. I think the contriving controllers are regrouping. They knew we were waking up but this acceleration that’s manifesting has taken them, or some of them, by surprise. They have plans in place to cut our communication lifeline but until then they are being forced to scramble.

  • It’s obvious and they are humiliated. But don’t let your guard down.

    Besides the ongoing engineered onslaught on our minds and health, these maniacs have many weapons they can unleash at any time. What’s remarkable is to note how they treat us with a certain amount of literal fear and respect. We outnumber them by vast proportions and they know it. Posturing is their game, a culmination of centuries of social engineering and mind control. If we get too smart they get draconian, as we see they are in the process of doing in the US and other western countries.

    But right now the awakening is blowing their minds. It’s accelerating at a rate they did not and could not anticipate. They are of another weaker dimension. We must remember that. While they operate well in the dullard-like long term control aspect, we can overwhelm them in the present.

    That’s our domain, the now in which we live.

    The Smell of Freedom

    When the oppressed smell freedom you’d better look out. That’s what’s happening here – a spiritual revolution. We will jump the wall given the opportunity, and it is now.

    Remember the historical lessons of famous battles. When a breach in the wall of a city or castle being attacked opened up, it was all in. That was the chance, the opportunity–everything they treasured, committed to, and decided to fight and die for lay before them to perform for their freedom. In that moment the golden opportunity presented itself.

    Passionate, reckless abandon overwhelmed their spirits. It was time to charge.

    We are there. We’ve always been there, but our troops have swelled and the signal is being heard. Enormously. And this is an extremely prescient time with all that is being exposed to a massive swathe of humanity, giving credence to the mounting undercurrent of alternative forces that have been affirming these realities for some time.

    We can now attack with more conviction than ever. It’s time to aggressively expose their phony corrupt politics and baseless warmongering; their ecological, medical and corporate fascism; the banking control, scientific fraudulence, media propaganda and on and on….more than ever.

    Take Action Yourself

    Act. Approach your skeptical relatives again. Talk to strangers. Participate in blogs and marches and campaigns. Write local papers and mainstream outlets. Make a mark. This is a real opening that we cannot ignore or bypass.

    Activate. Please.

    Serious media clampdown attempts are in the works. Time is of the essence. These freaks have been preparing and using anti-humanity devices for ages, from debilitating disinformation to chemical poisoning to killing our food and environment. They’re sick. And will resort to anything they can get their hands on to control, subdue and vampirize humanity.

    Our job is to respond accordingly. With resolve.

    Will you stand by and watch your children and/or grandchildren be poisoned to death? Do you want them altered genetically so that their offspring are some sort of transhuman modification for use by abusive global usurpers?

    If you don’t stand up, who will stand up for you? Or them?

    Take action.

    Love, Zen

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