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Rebecca Solnit wrote a book entitled A Paradise Built in Hell, and her work could not be more timely than in this age of the Kali Yuga.  A New York Times review said of this work, “it is an investigation not of a thought but of an emotion: the fleeting, purposeful joy that fills human beings in the face of disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks.” We could add to that list, corporate monopolies, cabal lies, eugenicist plans, trumped-up Syrian conflict that could lead to WW III, etc., etc., etc. Solnit brings up an enticing piece of intellectual grist, however, in these dramatic times the overarching reflections of an egoic mind gone mad can serve a higher purpose.

There is no arguing that the 1% is completely mad. No one would poison the planet, plan to eradicate more than half its occupants and excuse my blunt vocabulary – shit in its own stew – if they weren’t completely off their rockers. So, what exactly can all this madness and mayhem inspire? If you look around, it is already doing its job quite nicely. It is bringing people out of their individualized bubble and forcing them to realize that without taking action – and drastic action – that considers the planet and its people as whole – then we are all going down with the ship.

  • A society can only decay to a certain point – and history has borne this out repeatedly – before massive, grassroots change throws the old regime over to create space for a newer, better system. Many times this happens in abbreviated cycles – but more often in cycles that extend well beyond our lifetimes. The Indian scriptures called these yugas – and we are easily in the ‘age of the demon’ or the ‘age of vice’, as the current times are described by ancient Vedic writings. We have gotten as far away from God as we possibly could – and all this means – to Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jains, Agnostics, Shaman, etc. is that this age removed our ability to see that the ego – or evil – was ruling all of us. The good news, is that through this painful process a Golden Age is about to dawn. We are in the excruciating end-times of the global game to control our minds, and the 1% who have kept us chained to egoic desires – material, excessive wealth, disregard for our neighbor (both in foreign policy and domestic), the systematic poisoning of all things natural on this planet, and the degradation of the human being, to keep it from remembering it is first and foremost a spiritual being – are hanging on tooth and nail. They know it’s a losing game.

    Many ancient books, not just the Vedas, tell us of an ‘age of hell.’ In this time we have suffered through:

    • Rulers becoming despotic idiots who care for themselves only and not for anyone, perhaps save their immediate families. The have taxed the masses to wage war, enslave people, and create strife among nations as a way to stay in power. Soon the World Bank and Federal Reserve will be exposed for exactly what they are, and we can eradicate unfair taxation and indebtedness created by the ‘age of evil.’
    • The separation of church and state may have been created to promote freedom of religion, but we have taken spirituality out of all that we do and segregated it into a tiny compartment of our lives – to a once weekly, or perhaps once yearly endeavor. A spiritual life is imbued with kindness and compassion in all its aspects – work, family, societal duties, etc. this can go on no longer. An example of this changing can be seen in politicians who meditate and doctors who have turned from allopathic medicine to natural health to serve their patients – also listening to their hearts, instead of just their bodies in order to heal them.
    • In this age, humans have openly hated each other. We have hated others because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their national heritage, their family history, their height, their gender, their sexual preference, their political preference, their place in society, and on, and on, ad infinitum. This can go on no longer to create a Golden Age. We are of the same fabric, and war and force can no longer solve problems without creating an endless cycle of karmic retribution. As we start to love more people on a regular basis in smaller ways, this will extend to larger and larger parts of society until entire nations are respectful of one another. Love will replace hate in the coming age.
    • Lust and objectification have replaced true connection and lasting intimate relationships. Our media promotes this. Lust is when you want to take whatever you can from someone and love is when you would sacrifice anything for someone. If you aren’t sure which you are practicing, ask yourself that simple question. Lust is greedy, love is giving. Lust is based on an illusion, love is the full picture – warts and all, as they say. In order to love completely we have to forgive ourselves and others completely. As long as men and women are warring amongst themselves, we will not see the Golden Age. All men have feminine qualities and all women have masculine qualities, but the subtle differences between the sexes are divinely inspired. When we realize this, we will have escaped from the ‘age of evil’ and arrived in paradise.
    • The word Brahman in ancient Indian texts used to refer to learned and spiritual men or women. This is not the case in the age of evil. There are gurus and pandits, preachers, and priests who have made themselves God – instead of teaching us that we all have God within us – all of us. There is no intermediary needed, in the Golden Age. We will eat, breathe, and sleep, walk and talk God in all we do. Divinity will be absolutely palpable.
    • In the ‘age of evil’, we are addicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, because the pain of these times can be absolutely debilitating. The term-mind-numbing comes to mind – because that is exactly what people need to do sometimes to get through this horrible escapade. In the Golden Age, there will be no reason to zone out, dumb-down or go numb. We will experience a blade of grass like the most monumental creation, and the air we breathe, or the smile on someone’s face as stupefyingly beautiful. Who would want to shut down that experience?

    As Solnit inquires, “What is this feeling that crops up during so many disasters?” It is “an emotion graver than happiness but deeply positive,” worth studying because it provides “an extraordinary window into social desire and possibility.” Our response to disaster gives us nothing less than “a glimpse of who else we ourselves may be and what else our society could become.” Her overarching thesis can probably be boiled down to this sentence: “The recovery of this purpose and closeness without crisis or pressure” — without disaster, that is — “is the great contemporary task of being human.”

    We are divine creatures, and that is why we will make it through this. We will recover, and become greater, in more ways than we can imagine currently. From Fukushima disasters, Hurricane Katrina, the aftermath of countless wars, to 9/11, Monsanto monopolies, Rockefeller and Rothschild robberies, we will bond together and look for new and better ways to be human beings on this planet. Top-down responses to keep us in our places will only spur more discomfort and awaken more of the masses. This will lead to one of the biggest uprisings of consciousness and social activism the world has ever seen. We may teeter on the precipice of absolute destruction before we get there, but the Golden Age is written into our ancient scripts, just as this age was. The spiral of time will reveal a new age where people love, honor, and respect one another. Just on hold on a little longer.

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