What is Candida?

Pat Robinson
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Candida (Yeast) is a late sign of impaired gut health.

Candida is associated with craving simple carbs (white foods–pasta, bread, rice, and all sugars) which feed the yeast. Candida develops for many reasons. Basically, it is a ‘helper’ attempting to create balance in the gut, generally due to antibiotics, preservatives, heavy metal toxins and sterile foods.

We can make candida obsolete and unnecessary by rebalancing gut microbials. Antibiotics for mother or baby during pregnancy and birth (intrapartum antibiotics) are the most common sources of microbial imbalance leading to candida in children (and mother). The mother’s exposures to mercury through (silver) amalgam fillings and vaccinations herself, and HER mother’s mercury toxin exposures are other variables leading to candida overgrowth.

Our foods have “preservatives”, which means chemicals that retard microbial and bacterial growth in the food product. Live foods have enzymes and microbials and spoil. If a food doesn’t spoil at room temperature within a week, it has preservatives, essentially.

Our gut, which is 70-80% of our immune system has 500-1000 different types of microbials.Preservatives and sterile “pasteurized” foods provide anti-microbials and offer no microbials to recolonize the gut’s supply. Without balanced gut microbials the immune system is impaired.

  • So, that all sounds scary. But, there are many easy and delicious ways to rebalance the gut microbials and add beneficial bacteria and yeasts in our foods. We’ll talk a lot about whole food probiotics and various ways to offer them to our family. The absolute easiest and most beneficial is water kefir, in my experience.

    Water kefir is a colony of beneficial microbials which help to resupply and recolonize the gut microbials.Water kefir is as easy to make as lemonade, and tastes similar. Sorta like lemon cider. You only need 1 teaspoon to receive HUGE microbial benefits. I just add it to juice of any type and it is not noticeable in flavor. It can be added to any smoothie or other drink, or salad dressings also. Heat kills the probiotics.

    Kefir grains reproduce easily and we just share them with friends all the time. There are many people willing to share probiotic starters. If you live near someone with kefir grains, you could get the starter locally. That was how I originally received my kefir grains.

    Preservatives in foods, pasteurized foods and antimicrobial products are three other huge issues!

    Oh, and antibiotics…

    The more Candida you ‘kill off’ the more ‘die-off’ toxins which must be excreted. The skin (mucus membranes) are a detox pathway.

    Basically, our detox system is like a funnel. You can dump a lot of toxins into the blood stream with cleanses/detox, but there is a maximum bandwidth with which it can exit. Nutrient deficiencies can make detoxification less effective.

    So, the yeast just returns. Often yeast exists to sequester excess heavy metals, such as mercury out of blood circulation. Do you have/had any mercury (silver amalgams) in your mouth?

    I’d focus on gut healing. I believe we can excrete the toxins safely and gradually by supporting our natural detoxification pathways with whole food nutrients and rebalancing the gut microbials. Avoiding toxins and immune assaults help to make candida obsolete naturally so it doesn’t keep returning again and again and again…

    ~for topical relief, consider coconut oilkefiryogurt, ACV, baking soda, Epsom salt baths, lavenderessential oil. (each separately) These are not curative, just suppressive of the symptoms (manifestation of gut imbalance).

    For systemic healing, add bone broths, Vit A, Vit D, Vit C; stop any “cleanses” currently. Increase Omega 3 fatty acids, decrease Omega 6 fatty acids significantly. Avoid alcohol. Decrease stress.

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    Pat Robinson was in the medical industry for decades. She has invested over 10,000 hours learning about natural alternatives, reading hundreds and hundreds of medical research studies, and assisting thousands of people about holistic health issues.

    Pat is passionate about sharing the amazing power of the body to heal itself.

    Pat’s Farmacy focuses on wellness promotion through whole food nutrition, so that you can Heal Thyself!

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