The Magic Key to Change The World

Fred på Jorden, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

These groups all care about peace and our earth and are contributing music and dance to help spread the word.

Playing for ChangeSacred FireDance ExchangeDance of Universal PeaceGive Peace a DanceOklahoma Hoop DanceBelly Dancer for PeaceHip Hop for Peace

But they haven’t realized that by just doing what they usually do, how easy it would be for immense numbers of people to be involved and what those people have the capacity to do.  Rather than compartmentalizing activities into “regular performances” versus “peace” activities or “peace” concerts, if performers understood the significance of the coherence their audiences can generate when dancing or singing, and the impact on the electromagnetic field of the earth itself when many people in close proximity share intent, they could turn every performance or activity into huge force field for peace.

Not a bad thing, to be a musician or dancer and suddenly find out they aren’t limited to just making people happy, but that they can actually help their audiences affect the electromagnetic field for the good of mankind and impact the well-being of the earth itself.

Musicians and dancers can use what they love to powerfully help the world.  They may be key to coherence.

  • And everyone could write “love” and “gratitude” and “hope” and other words that affect coherence, everywhere.  Children could be involved in all parts of this.  And marches for peace could be musical wonders using favorite songs, attracting huge numbers of people all moving in sync with the musical rhythm and feeling in heart sync as well.  All that is needed is loving shared intent to transform the musical energy people already love, into the astounding force of love itself.

    Sharing loving intent creates coherence in water, which makes up most of all living things on earth.  That coherence is visible now.

    This music conveys joy and gives an indication of just how hugely affecting, as well as loving and unifying, things can be once people add music and dance.

    Here’s another example in Russia.  And one in the US. Even with teachers.

    Any of those could have focused people’s intent on life for the earth and peace for everyone.  Imagine soldiers dancing and singing (and some were, in the first video) and how people would be drawn to that.  How might this march have been different if music were added?  How many people watching might have joined in?

    Musicians and peace groups (and it could as easily be cheerleaders, nurses, children’s dance groups, flash dancers, etc.) haven”t realized yet what they could potentially do with music and dance, if they ask people to align their hearts, given what loving unified hearts can do for the world. Indigenous people have understand those effects and have been organizing ceremonies to protect the electromagnetic field of the earth.

    But most Westerners don’t know their hearts have power, yet they feel love and wish deeply that love were more powerful than hate.  They don’t know that it is.  They don’t know that when their loving consciousness is unified, it is a million times more powerful, even, than a nuclear explosion.

    Did “Joshua fit de battle of Jericho” and “the walls came tumbling down,” because they shared intent and hit the right harmonics?

    To bring peace and well-being to the world, is all that is missing the connection between joy of music/dance and the astronomical power they generate when loving intent is added?  Do musicians and dancers only need to know that when their audiences add harmonized (shared) loving intent to the music, the audience’s feelings of love of the world becomes an exponentially magnified force, and can simply bypass all politics and divisions?

    Does humanity actually only need that one fact to “come together” for peace for everyone and for an abundant earth?  And a fact provided by, of all people, “backward” indigenous tribes and the most advanced scientists in the world, quantum physicists.

    If we only have needed that one fact, we all have reason to be dancing for joy.  Because we have found the magic key.  It is tucked in everyone’s heart.  The trick is, we can only insert the key by means of music and dance.  And, then, it will only click in the lock and open the invisible door to a wonderful world, by means of shared love.

    Seems we do need each other.  The key’s magic doesn’t work otherwise.

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