See With Light Blinding Your Vision: A Rainbow Body to Heal Cancer

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

Imagine the unseen electromagnetic spectrum of light, which we currently don’t see. William Herschel once broke up the full spectrum of white light with a quartz crystal prism in order to divide the spectrum into viewable and measurable colors. He even used a thermometer to measure each colors’ temperature – red having the lowest temperature and violet, the highest.

Infrared burned even hotter than ‘viewable’ red, in Herschel’s experiments, and scientists like Wilhelm Ritter discovered, in answer to Herschel’s work, that ultraviolet light is at the other extreme of the spectrum – at least to the degree we can observe with modern instruments. There are wavelengths of light that are not viewable by most human eyes; however. This range (for most people) is currently at about 380 to 750 nanometers. Although every color of the rainbow has a gradation, and thus varying nanometer rating, they usually fall in the below categories:

Angstroms 10 to the -10th M (Wavelength Measurement of Color)


This chart becomes apropos when discussing alternative healing modalities as well as expanded states of consciousness. Beyond the viewable spectrum is a whole range of additional colors. Perhaps these colors are what are referenced in the ancient teachings of the Rainbow Body, from traditions as diverse as Vajrayana to Dzogchen. The rainbow body is also called the ‘body of enjoyment’ or Sambhogakāya in Sanskrit. It is not the dense body – made of only the seven colors on the viewable spectrum, but a veritable cornucopia of the electromagnetic light spectrum, which can be best described as a subtle body of limitless form. While the rainbow body is demonstrated abundantly in Mahayana art, scientists have begun to measure its existence, indirectly, through sensitive equipment. In 1923, Alexander Gurwitsch first detected non-thermal, electromagnetic energy (biophotons) and named it ‘mitogenetic radiation.’ Other laboratories throughout the US and Europe deduced similarly, that the human body gave off varying spectrums of light.

  • In fact, every single living cell communicates through the language of light. The transmittal of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum is what allows an intricate web of communication between every single living system. This web of energy – or rainbow existence is what directs life. The frequency at which each living system must communicate with other systems must be faster than the speed of light in order to keep us all ‘connected’.

    These photons have also been recorded in remote viewing experiments, where highly sensitive equipment can detect when ‘consciousness’ is entering a sealed, dark room, to view an object there. It seems that a burst of photonic energy lights up the equipment at the exact moment that the object is being ‘viewed’ by a psychic, sometimes on the other side of the planet. F.A. Popp and his colleague, W. Klimek also found a profound significance in photonic light for use in healing modalities and wrote a book describing its possible applications:

    Biophoton emission now belongs to a topical field of modern science: It concerns a weak light emission from biological systems. Such molecular events are clearly compatible with collective phenomena as shown by recent developments in the life sciences such as the chaos theory. This book is concerned with the “optical window” of biological interactions and in view of their correlations to many biological functions they provide a powerful, non-invasive tool of analyzing biological systems. Topics include food science, pollution, efficacy of drugs including the treatment of cancer and immune diseases, and communication phenomena such as consciousness.

    It is possible according to numerous biophysicist’s assumptions, that you could cure cancer with light, so why not communicate entire spiritual doctrines, as realized Buddhists monks and Tibetan lamas and yogis have been known to do for eons? Since Sambhogakaya refers to the luminous form of clear light that one attains when they have cleansed their denser physical vessel, it would make sense that it could hold within it, the full spectrum – that is seen and unseen gradations of light, and thus the information of the entire Universe. Some might call that Infinite Wisdom.

    The embodied state of en-light-enment is called the Tao or the Buddha, or Nirvikalpa, the Sanskrit word that describes a form of samadhi that can be depicted as absorption without self-consciousness. It is the merging of citta vritti or mental activity with the grander Self, so that the knower and the act of knowing are fused. Often the metaphor of waves vanishing like foam back into the ocean is used to describe the complete freedom from lower states of awareness, or we could say, a less all-encompassing gradation of light frequencies. Nirvikalpa is called the rainbow body for this reason.

    “If you wish to see my display
    look at a grove of various trees and plants.”

    — Tantra of The Great Self-liberated Vidyā

    Our cells absorb light in order to transmit it. We are a walking rainbow. While we can argue over semantics (the actual name from the Dzogchen tantras is “body of light” — the term rainbow body is a Tibetan popular term that is sometimes thought of as imprecise), that is unproductive. It is only our level of consciousness – our awareness of the full spectrum that either shines forth from our full realized Self or dampens down the dye to a muddy water-color wash. While modern science plays catch up to the true properties of light and vibration, the rest of us can blush in a silent knowing of how vibrant we truly are.


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    Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.

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