Robin Williams and the Call to Awaken

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I have been deeply moved over the tragic passing of Robin Williams and the outpouring of love that has ensued. The beauty of this wonderful man and how profoundly he affected so many is almost overwhelming and has brought many to tears, including myself. What his life represented is being mirrored in the souls of others and is so very heartening to witness, even in these tragic circumstances.

I read through yesterday’s tabloid Daily Mail article with its moving tributes, pictures and video clips and it’s wonderful to see how his loving and generous spirit surpassed even his genius. Seeing these “star” strewn reactions that are so sincere and loving coming out of the cesspit of the entertainment industry is heartening. Moreover, with the vibrational change coming on so strongly I can’t help but feel this again is an opportunity for the awakening of the human spirit to manifest in yet another way.

There is hardly any field more polluted and nefarious than the “entrainment” industry. That honest artists have to operate in such a milieu is tragic in itself and a clear manifestation of the matrix of control that’s seated itself on top of humanity. That this very community is being smacked with such a startling event as Robin Williams’ apparent self inflicted death is very significant.

  • My question is, will they respond consciously in the face of such a stark contrast to the world they support, or will it only be a flush of pity and self catharsis?

    Death – For Whom Do We Really Weep?

    I don’t think there’s a person who at times like these doesn’t ponder the question of why they haven’t shown more love and appreciation for others while they’re still amongst us. Instead, tragedy and loss seem to be what bring these profoundly deep realities to the surface, and we lament that “too little, too late” sensation. The contrast to our busy, distracted and wrongly focused lives becomes almost too much to bear. And that’s a good thing. It’s time to rethink our priorities when our worlds are jolted. Who are we not appreciating and loving enough? How can I represent this reality being peeled and revealed in front of me, rather than wait for life to pass me and others as we idle by in society’s march to oblivion?

    So much of grief is a very personal, spiritual catharsis. We regret, we lament, we long for the presence that was once felt. Realizing someone has passed on should be a joyous occasion when lives are well lived, as well as appreciated. Of course seemingly untimely deaths are harder to handle for many reasons, yet our grieving takes on the same basic characteristics. Unexpressed fears, longings and regrets surface. Sharp contrasts are made between a world with or without that particular person. Effects and feelings rise to the surface and are evaluated as we face our own frailty and inevitable earthly demise.

    These are serious issues which touch on every part of our being. And wonderful times to connect with conscious awareness of our true eternal nature and the overlaying deceit about us known as “the world”.

    Good Guys, Bad Guys and Waking Up to Reality

    alonerobinfRobin Williams greatly influenced my life, as he did millions of people. From barely missing an episode of Mork and Mindy in my youth to his dramatic inspiring masterpieces such as Dead Poets SocietyGood Will Hunting, Awakenings and Patch Adams, I was always moved by his incredible genius and how he brilliantly inserted himself into these profound statements. Whether rattling off impromptu streams of consciousness strings that would inspire awe as well as split my sides with laughter, or diving deep into extremely penetrating dramatic roles, he was always “out there” – my favorite hang out. The edge of Now, where the real action is.

    And he could take me there at the drop of a hat.

    Knowing his personal example was so extremely kind and generous was always a huge boost to my spirit.  Truly inspired genius coming from a place of kindness and love authenticated him in my mind and heart, despite my disdain for the Hollywood crowd. Even Joan Rivers, the crass comedienne who makes a living at the expense of others, said rather revealingly, “He was one of the good guys.”

    Yes, good guys. They’re out there. So are the bad guys. And thankfully, at times like these when the light of love shines so brightly, the bad guys shrink back into their appropriate shadowy corners. Ironically, when we hear these qualities praised and eulogized we can’t help but wonder why this kind of love, kindness and deep respect and honor isn’t the predominant theme amongst these Tinseltown puppets. Why do they participate in promoting hard core gratuitous violence, sexual exploitation and outright disinformation? What do they think is quenching this spirit of kindness and love that has been suppressed in humanity that they’re now extolling, only to erupt at the tragic passing of a wonderful human being?

    Will They Put Feet to their Feelings?

    As big names speak of the tentative, fragile nature of life, will they allow themselves to be touched by the barbaric slaughters their own corporate overlords and nation are right now perpetrating, financing and promoting on literally the most fragile of all, humanity’s very mothers and children? Will they have the courage to stand up to their Zionist, anti-human bosses for once, or bold enough to be “politically incorrect” and dare to speak the plain truth?

    This remains to be seen. I do know that love cannot be quenched, and when it moves so dramatically center stage as it is at the loss of Robin Williams, I expect there will be some personal priority checking and change of direction for many. That, or it will be “too little, and too late” for those who refuse this opportunity to wake up, as well as to make their stand known for the sake of their fellow humans.

    That to me is what distinguishes this passing from others Hollywood has fawned upon. There’s something very significant about this event and the subsequent reactions. It’s a wake up call. To all of us, but a huge one to the willing puppets of the big screen. What will you do to change the paradigm that is crushing humanity’s spirit and that of their fellow creative “good guys”? This time the focus is on you.

    You’ve expressed your inner feelings, big names. Now live up to them. You have a microphone any of us awakened would love to shout from. The onus is now on you. Live up to your sentiments, or else. Universe awaits your decision.

    The time for conscious responding is now. Always now. For all of us.

    Reach out to those in need, express your love every opportunity you get, and expose and stand up to the bad guys. They’re having a heyday while humanity sleeps.

    It’s time to awaken and rise, in the spirit of Love and Truth. Boldly and without fear, no matter who or where we are.

    The time is now.

    Love always, Zen

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