Kindness, Free Will and Universal Consciousness

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Our free will is the key to freedom. We must choose to do right, and then exert our will in that direction. We and we alone are responsible for what we are, as well as our conditions here on Earth, we attracted all of it. Our free will makes the choice between our separateness and our Universal Consciousness. Our free will choices shape our individuality, and dictate our level of consciousness. Free will and freedom is not doing whatever you want, or being an anarchist. It is taking responsibility for your own life and the life of others and accepting the universal laws and principles gladly.

There is no power in the world that can resist the power of our free will. Drug addiction, karma, ironclad circumstances, bureaucracy, even the laws of nature – none of these is stronger than our will. Changes in your life and in other life’s are allowed, as long as there are no looser. Higher Consciousness is the accumulated right use of free will. Free will is the most important legacy we have from the Universal Spirit. Free will lets us choose. Every soul on Earth is an individual entity when they choose to make free will choices. You have the freedom of choice to do anything you want to do, as long as you do not harm others or interfere with their free choice.

Actually, we have no problems; we have opportunities to grow, by using our free will, for which we really should give thanks. The most difficult thing for the conscious mind and intellect to understand and experience is that the activities of the soul are for self-development, yet must be selfless and humble for the soul to develop.

Attempting to expand the intellect in search for cosmic truth has regrettably led many people to falsely believe that they have become more Conscious, when in reality they have only become more intellectual. For instance, someone who intellectually has mostly chosen selfishness will, over time, have a lower consciousness than someone who has mostly chosen unselfishness and love. But you can choose to break the mould at any time, and make different choices and change your consciousness one step at a time. Build a new life. There is no standing still; either one progresses or regresses. If you don’t use every means you have for development and for gaining a better understanding of how to use what is at hand, then you are regressing. That ability to use our free will to choose and attract, gives us the power to take our life in any direction we want and, thus, do virtually anything we want with our life, and create our own future.

  • But remember that it was our free choices that got us into trouble in the first place, in separating us from the Universal Consciousness. Most importantly now, if used properly, our free will is what gives us the ability to get out of the hole we have dug for ourselves, and get back to oneness with the creator.

    With our individual free will, we can choose to be in harmony with and part of the oneness, the universal laws and principles, and the Universal Consciousness, loving all other souls un-selfishly. Or we can choose to use our free will to satisfy our selfishness and separateness, which many of us have done and some still do. Golgotha is waiting for all of us. It will crucify our “selfishness” in the end, and give us the well-deserved pain of losing it. If we are kind, loving, helpful, selfless and harmless, then we have made more good choices with our free will than if we were selfish.

    Remember that by doing good to others, your consciousness expands. That includes becoming sensitive, compassionate, humble and supportive of freedom, and caring about all people, all creatures, all of the creation, as much as you do about yourselves. All beings, all things are one. Suffering is the result of humans forgetting that, and not acting as one. Thus all the problems on Earth would cease with the achievement of Universal Consciousness.

    So, breaking the illusion of separateness, and returning to conscious awareness of our oneness, is why we are here, and this should be our goal. It is not because a person has read something that he has become that way, or that he has studied or trained to be that way. No, such things were only stepping stones on the path towards attainment of that Universal Consciousness. But once there, the fact is that being any other way simply makes no sense to someone with Universal Consciousness. It is his reality; it is just natural. Given the right situation people can and will, regrettably, tend toward greater selfishness. Sadly, many individuals can still be bought for 30 pieces of silver. What is right and good is the last thing on many people’s mind. And what is best is not always good and right.

    Until you are Universally Conscious you are less conscious, to a degree. Unless you want to be conscious, you will not become so.

    The lack of consciousness of some creates suffering and disharmonious vibrations within the one. Everybody manifests the level of their consciousness. For most it moves in a certain range, wavering between selfishness and un-selfishness, and shifts at different times in their lives. It is also dependent on the circumstances they are subjected to. There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behoves no one to feel superior. Therefore, always try to magnify the virtues of man, and minimise his faults and shortcomings. All so-called sins and evil are forms of selfishness. There are sins of commissions, that is, things that you have done, and should not have had. And there are sins of omission, that is, things that you have not done when you should have had. Sins of commission were forgiven, while sins of omission (karma) were called to mind, even by the Master. Accountability and karma is that, which has been created in the past, as indifference to that which is known to be right, also understood as sins of omission.

    This is the universal law the powers that be, have attempted to negate by removing it from peoples physical consciousness/intellect. Destiny and fate do exist, and they exist side by side with free will. Destiny is your place at the Creators right hand, if you choose; free will is the wide and winding road full of pain and frustrations, or the straight and narrow one that gets you there easily. You can make it easy for yourself by embracing the universal laws, or make it difficult by breaking the laws and principles of the universe. Your free choices, whatever they are, will eventually get you to your destiny, unless you don’t want it…. The road is your karma. We all came down the mountain of our highest consciousness to the bottom where we now are. And we guarantee, that you will have to ascend that mountain again, stepping in your own excrement all the way to the top. Alternately, you can walk in the footsteps of one who knows “the way”, a universal conscious person.

    Do not promise yourself, your Creator or your neighbour, that which you are unable to fulfil. Even worse, that which you do not intend to fulfill. Those who refuse to remember or take corrective actions concerning past blunders, are not only condemned to repeat them, but will also be held accountable, which takes even more lives of pain to overcome. Your level of selfishness and unselfishness makes up the substance of your individuality; everyone becomes more one or the other. Which are you gradually becoming?

    From the other side in love and,

    on behalf of Leinep Noj, I am Rene’ Descartes

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    Rene’ Descartes is a frustrated desert veggie farmer in South Africa who ponders and wonders much about truth. Having sailed around the world on a small yacht over a 4 year period, Rene’ is now interested in healing the terminally ill and in being of assistance to the all the souls entering earth right now. Email Rene’ at

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