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“What is my life if I am no longer useful to others?” ~ Goethe

The reason technological advances should matter to us is because they can help to unleash a soul that has been caged in the modern matrix for millennia. This isn’t hocus pocus, or new age jargon. It’s also not even poetic. Look at my face. It’s not covered in fairy dust, nor do I have purple hair streaks or wear a jeweled bindi on my forehead without knowing its reference to the pineal gland. I’m sporting Charlie Chaplin’s stone-cold serious face in The Great Dictator.

I’m not referring to the technology that has poisoned us, sickened us, and kept us as illiterate and incoherent, soulless ghosts even, floating through a toxic wasteland and war state that is currently earth. There is a reason that all the pandits from the East came to our Universities in the West, even though these very institutions have helped to create the soulless technologies that have polluted our water, our air, our land, and ultimately, us, but the technology that can free us and our planet shouldn’t be thrown out like a baby with the bathwater. Without new technologies we won’t be able to cleanse our bodies fast enough from the toxic elements floating through our blood, brains, and cells.

There is also a reason the UFO watching ‘freaks’ scream so loudly. What once is called blasphemy is later accepted as truth, like the Iraq war. CNBC once told us to buy in, with our wallets and our politics, and only now do they say we were duped. Duh. It doesn’t matter if our current technologies came from really smart MIT graduates or benevolent alien race invasions trying to save the sentient beings on this planet. We need technology because we are technology. Let me explain.

Old School Biofuels

Let’s start with the basic biofuels: most biofuels are the result of chemical processes that happen naturally, without any interference from renown scientists or pimply teenagers playing with chemistry sets in their basements while listening to Rock Plaza Central’s Anthem for the Already Defeated. Other biofuels require a little manipulation. Bioethanol is derived from corn and sugar cane, primarily, namely through the interaction of enzymes and tiny microorganisms. It was seen as a great substitute for our gluttonous consumption of gasoline because it could be put straight into a tank meant to run a car on gasoline. In fact, ethanol fuel powers many cars throughout the world today.

  • Ethanol fuels were an o.k. start. The problem with this biofuel, was that the US used primarily corn crops to produce the fuel, which was then used to run farm equipment, but also to make fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. We know how that ended up. Welcome to the world of Frankenfoods thanks to GMO and Monsanto. When you added in the cost of transporting this fuel, along with fermenting the corn, processing it, etc. you ended up with a net benefit that wasn’t equaling out with net cost.

    In short, ethanol based fuels, at least in the US, were almost more costly to produce than the benefit they might give, especially when you factor in the number of chemicals used to grow so much corn. (Corn is one of the biggest GMO crops). While reducing imported oil and the use of fossil-based fuels is admirable, this model didn’t quite pass the sniff test. I mean, have you smelled 70% ethanol. You might as well put some finger nail polish up your nose.

    New School Developments in Biofuels

    Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dr. R. Malcom Brown Jr., bacteria is being used to produce nanocellulose and biofuel in the form of blue green algae.  This blue green algae will be able to produce fuel cheaply and efficiently. It can absorb carbon dioxide to reduce global warming, instead of add to it. US cars produce more than half the total greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide emissions) that cause global warming to date.

    So what exactly does reducing carbon dioxide emissions have to do with reorganizing your soul? If we pollute our planet so badly that we can’t even take a walk outside for fear of radiation damage, we deplete our bodies of one of the most natural (and free) anti-depressants available to humankind – sunlight, and specifically Vitamin D. We also halt our own spiritual growth.

    Many people with the ability to see past their current physical incarnation talk about souls being too depleted to carry on with their life’s work. Depression and emotional pain is listed by many as a roadblock to spiritual development. Sunlight is so important to our overall wellbeing in fact, that Paramahansa Yogananda claims you can live on light once your organism is purified enough.

    Your eyes, in fact, have five billion different parts working in unison to help you soak up the light of the sun into your body. Even the simplest eyes in uni-celled organisms can detect light so that they can balance their circadian rhythms. Our ocular prisms are like lasers. Instead of an outgoing beam, they bring in the energy of the sun to govern all sorts of important hormonal changes, and cellular functions.

    Scientists have also found that bright light stimulates the hormonal secretions of the pineal gland, increasing both seratonin and melatonin, and these are the very neurochemicals that instigate ‘a-ha’ moments or great spiritual realizations. DMT, or dimethyltryptamine is also produced by the pineal gland, and you can’t instigate its production with an encrusted third-eye, as the gland is often called, that can’t process light, nor with the absence of full spectrum light altogether. If you want to know more about this, you can read Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception or any of Terrance McKenna’s work.

    The technologies which allow us to ditch petroleum based chemicals are not only convenient for our financial health as a nation, and the environment as a whole, but to the long-term support of our soul’s evolution. Funny how those things are inter-twined, yes? Biofuels are one of those important technologies.

    Solar, Wind & Biophotovoltaic Technology 

    Take for example, the largest array of wind power, now residing in the Blue Blood nation. London now makes more wind power than the Queen can shake her grey noggin at. In Germany, they are now producing a surplus of energy with solar technology.

    Furthermore, MIT grad students think they can power solar generators with grass clippings. Another MIT researcher says we can mix plant matter with nano-particles that are solar charged and paint them on rooftops to create a solar-grid, far outstripping the current .1% efficiency of solar cells.

    We are essentially figuring our how to develop electrical power with photosynthesis. This isn’t a sci-fi movie. This is happening now. And it isn’t that far from what the ancient yogis talked about – of running the whole planet, including ourselves on the energy of the sun, the wind, and the ocean. If we can fuel our devices, might we not fuel ourselves?

    Ocean Waves as a Source of Energy

    As long as this ball spins in the Universe there will be tides. Tidal energy can be created with large turbins placed in appropriate places near large waves. Alaska and Hawaii are great locations to utilize tidal technologies. In Hawaii, for instance, tides cause waves on the North Shore of Oahu to get to be as big as 20-30 feet tall. These waves produce enough kinetic energy to make a big impact on our total energy picture. Deep seawater air conditioning as already used to cool some downtown high rises in Hawaii, utilizing the deep, cold waters of the ocean as a way to naturally lower temperatures on land. Microalgae technologies from marine phytoplankton are also being researched.

    If our oceans aren’t clean, we could kill off one of the biggest producers of energy, not to mention the food chain that relies upon it – ocean algae, also called brown algae may be the most important organism. Without marine algae, not one of us, nor any other animal would even be here. This life giving brown and green slime produces more than 75% of the total oxygen on the planet. Algae is more important than the Redwood Forests, a million acres of hemp plants or a slew of bamboo groves. Without oxygen we’re all dead. Try spiritually evolving if you can’t breathe.

    Thankfully a 19-year-old student has figured out a way to clean up our oceans, removing more than 7000000 tons of plastic from the waters of the world. 

    More Technologies for Cleaning Up the Planet & Creating Clean Energy 

    From unearthing and reshaping Telsa’s work through scientists like Eric Dollard, to centrifuge technologies that will help clean up oil spills, to finding solutions for coal-powered plants that cause the haze in our skies, we are using what’s left of our convoluted brains to ascend. Despite all the ways the elite have tried to keep us down, the average IQ is rising; the Flynn effect is evident over the last 100 years. More importantly, our pinpoints of energy across this planet are creating our own grid, and it is much more vital than even a solar grid or nanotechnology. We are the human technology needed on this planet to shift its entire paradigm.

    Human Energy Technology

    So, you may still be asking, how does any of this technology relate to my soul?

    As Zen Gardner himself once said, “We’re each generators, nodes, transmitters, relays, conduits and vessels of light, truth and love. The ultimate power of positive transformation. . .”

    We have been reverse engineering mother nature’s products for ages. By following her simple instructions and examining things from new levels we can create our own compositions, including technologies that can save her from the harm we have done. Our collective souls are inextricably linked to hers. If she chokes, we do too.

    We are already so toxic, emotionally and physically, a direct product of poisoning the planet, that spiritual attainment can only get more difficult, unless we use our scientific advances for good. How do you practice yoga’s pranayama, for example, if the air you breathe is so polluted and oxygen-poor you feel like a sherpa carrying Mt. Everest on your back just taking a step outside to toss today’s trash? How do you open the pineal gland if the sun is blocked with chemtrails and only harmful ultra violet light can seep through due to greenhouse gases? How do you practice kindness toward your neighbor if you are so toxic from eating GMO foods that you hear voices in your head (and some of them are down right mean), or develop cancer and start to consume your own flesh. How do you listen to the still small voice in meditation when your liver and kidneys have gone into revolt because of the toxic overload in your body, and you start to feel fat, depressed and lonely?

    These are certainly the results of a world gone crazy, but we can pull ourselves up and out and reach freedom of consciousness through repairing the damage we’ve done. Our collective minds and hearts are indeed a radio transmitter, one of the technologies of the turn of the century. Like a ham-radio we can broadcast the alarm, and then support the technologies that help provide clean energy, reduce the use of toxic chemicals, and make us reliant on the petro-dollar, banking mobsters, and pharmaceutical companies who like to tell us that they will provide us with all the technology we need, thank you very much. Guess what, we’re on to you. We’re reverse engineering our souls, using a whole different type of technology.

    About the Author

    Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.


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