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Listen Up Truth-Seekers: We’re on the Same Team

team-matrixPhillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

The justice-seeking community are a funny bunch. We’ve all got our differences, including the various ‘beliefs’ we have, but ultimately we’re on the same team. You’d think we would be acting like it too, but unfortunately we’re not.

It’s clear that the divide and conquer strategy is in full swing, even among the truth and freedom movements. What’s the D&C strategy I can hear some of you ask? It’s when the powers-that-think-they’re-the-overlords use informational tactics to divide the people so they fight one another, instead of collectively facing the real issues.

And god dammit they’ve been successful.

There’s covert powers who are in control? I would suggest we engage some simple logic with this one. To start, money rules the world. So, who owns the money? The banksters of course. Their scam is so brilliant that they can create money out of thin air, or better put, they can digitally punch numbers into a computer and POOF, currency is created.

Now these banksters control the central banks and therefore control the governments. Enter the two-party tyranny system we call democracy. Both sides work for the same financial interests, which are not just limited to the banking industry, but the energy, pharmaceutical and media corporations too, among many others.

Essentially, we are ruled via a highly integrated corporatocracy, regardless if you understand it, or believe it to be true.

This control-system is a sick beast. It’s out of alignment with natural law, which essentially means that it disrespects the golden rule. In layman’s terms, this universal law is to do no harm, respect each others shit, honor your contracts; that sort of thing.

Because the matrix of control aims to impose their centralized global dictatorship on all of us, including the disgraceful methods they’re choosing to achieve it, they’ve broken this divine contract. Therefore, their so-called ‘power’ is undermined by their own actions.

They essentially make themselves obsolete.

But we cannot keep our heads in the sand and do nothing; we still have to deal with this layer of truth in one way or another. After all, no great organizational change occurred by riding unicorns and staring at pretty fucking rainbows.

Simply, we have both a material and energetic responsibility to face this cancer of an order and replace it with something truly made out of justice and honor.

What then, should we replace it with? Well, this is one of the million dollar questions.

Some people are fundamentalist anarchists who want zero government. Now I might be off target, but at least hear me out and then disagree with me if you wish. Personally I find that proposition unrealistic, especially until every person in every country is at some stage of enlightenment where they won’t try to monopolize, tyrannize, subjugate or apply an array of other tactics of suppression, coercion and control.

In other words my view is that we need to utilize the current operational system, at least in the transitional phase, because groups of people still exist who will fuck others over given the chance. So it makes more sense for ‘the people’ to ethically take control of the governmental system and transform it into one that honors the golden rule, at least initially.

Now I might be wrong about this, and I’m perfectly okay with that. And that’s my point; we can disagree about exactly where we go from here, but we still need to mobilize a voluntary team otherwise we’re all likely to be royally fucked.

I also see the inherent value of a money-less society because money itself is an evidence-based tool of scarcity, and therefore enslavement. It also naturally breeds excessive competition, inequality and greed. This approach could be achieved via some form of abundance-based economy, but I do realize this futurist design is unrealistic, at least in the short term.

But once again, I don’t have all the answers. No one does. I would suggest that most of us don’t want to be ruled, and therefore we’re all anarchists in the pure sense of the word, and that’s the first principle we can unite on. But how we transition to a ruler-less world is yet to be determined.

After all, oligarchical and tyrannical systems have been the norm throughout our so-called civilized history, not the exception.

So, given we need to integrate to undermine the mechanisms of the control-system, where are we at?

Unfortunately, the alternative media is in tatters. We’ve recently had a couple of big names surrounded by big controversy, causing further division. Many people are violently arguing about the shape of our reality. The conspiracy rabbit hole and it’s multiple tunnels of truth and untruth have left many people poorly focused, as well as the truth-seekers significantly divided. The competing views on Trump has also resulted in more infighting.

In addition, many people think they have their shit sorted and are ‘enlightened’, but few appear to remember they’ve continuously changed their minds and behaviors since birth. Even if they have a good idea of what the fuck is going on, many fail to realize that this ride of ‘waking up’ is a journey, not a destination.

For example, there’s a couple of quotes which have been shared tens of millions of times, which say something like ‘be the change’ and ‘I’m wise so I change myself’, but they’ve been disgraced by all those who don’t bother to truly live by them.

The hypocrisy and inaction among the truth-seekers is painfully obvious.

Yet, we’re all hypocrites to one degree or another. We’re all going to evolve our beliefs in some way too. If we truly accept that we all have our weaknesses and contradictions, and that we’ve got philosophical and behavioral refinements that we’re yet to undertake, then it makes it very easy to accept one another as comrades.

And it’s absolutely necessary at this point too. The concerning reality is that the entire freedom movement is in danger of becoming a running joke, not just to the outsider curtain hangers, but internally as well.

That’s one of the reasons why we really need to start fresh. If we begin by accepting that none of us 100% know what has, is and should be, then we will create a level playing field where we all have an opportunity to volunteer as equals on the team of truth and freedom.

If so, we will actually have a strong shot at finally unifying, which is the only bloody way we’re going to get anything seriously done.

Of course we’re already moving in a general direction, and there’s many agreements already subtly made. For example, it’s fairly clear there are certain concepts and primary targets that have manifested as a pattern within the independent media and the progressive mindsets. What follows, therefore, is a simple merger strategy that’s based on a few core values, and a few core systemic areas.

So let’s see how this resonates. In terms of values, do you personally agree with the following?

  1. We value love over hate.
  2. We value truth over lies.
  3. We value freedom over enslavement.
  4. We value happiness over suffering.
  5. We value honor over disrespect.
  6. We value cooperation over competition.
  7. We value family and community over money.
  8. We value health over business.
  9. We value peace over war.
  10. We value justice over injustice.

Sound fair? I’m going to assume that’s a yes, because otherwise you need some serious self-healing. Sorry (not sorry) to be so blunt, but your-self and your fellow-man are not your enemy.

In addition, if we agree on these values, they must be applied in every area of discourse. Of course there are areas where competition for example has its place, such as sport, but there is still cooperation first and foremost otherwise the game wouldn’t even be played. So if these values can stand the test of time, that also means they will naturally dissolve any so-called rules and laws that contradict them.

In terms of the systemic issues, let’s see if we can at least agree on the Four M’s as our primary targets for change, which are Money, Medicine, Media and Management:

  1. Money should be a sovereign public utility, not hijacked by private stakeholders and converted into a transnational banking cartel.
  2. Medicine (including food) should be as natural as possible, as well as be inexpensively available to all who need it, not monopolized by the multinational giants and perverted into the toxin-rich, addictive and unnatural substances we have today.
  3. Media should be based on truth, authentic journalism and what’s best for the people, not propagandized to create minions of the failing system.
  4. Management of our society should be designed by and for the people, not by and for the corporate and oligarchical structures.

Is that fair too? Does the whole lot sit well with you? Let’s bloody well hope so.

So in saying all this, and of the thousands of people who read it, what will actually change to unite the world’s justice-seeking communities?

To be straightforward and realistic, most likely fuck all. In truth, I actually could care less if it’s this proposal either; if a group would like to design a basic unification strategy that we can agree on, please do so. No matter how it happens, it just needs to happen, and that’s the most important thing.

However, we really do need to show some solidarity, so this has been created as an opportunity for the fragmented independent media to stand together on some core values and systemic focal points. We’re all in the position to share this information through our networks too, so if you more or less agree with this strategy for unification then there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

In addition, the recent issues arising from two key voices in the independent media has further shown that we shouldn’t be rallying around individuals, but instead be binding around some very simple and key agreements. If so, we could use them as a framework for publicly debating how they relate to the behavior of governments, corporations, oligarchs and the system itself.

By continuously saturating our agreements and discussions into the collective consciousness, more and more people – working both inside and outside of the system – will be emancipated from the delusions they’ve been programmed to have. After all, people are just people, and most of them deep down want the best for their fellow-man.

It would then continue as an education process for everybody who needs it, based on any agreements made. And as Max Igan suggests in the below interview, we could also organize a global day of protest to show unification around our quest for truth and freedom.

In any case, I primarily wrote this as an energetic injection because I know that somewhere lurking just beyond the veil, the many movements for truth and freedom have an innate capacity to put their differences to the side and come together as a peaceful force to radically transform our world into one of honor and justice.

Could this happen soon? Who knows; we’ve all been pleasantly surprised before.

For further information regarding where we’re at, and where we’re going, watch this new interview with the infamous Max Igan.

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  • Michel

    Quote “Could this happen soon? Who knows; we’ve all been pleasantly surprised before” Well well, here then is the surprise for all.
    That UNITING force is already here and its called Scientology. And if the mention of Scientology in any way shape or form received an allergic reaction by your thinking mind then ask yourself: How Come ? Was it perhaps the media spin that made you react in fear? Where it perhaps the opinions of friends and other such people that you TRUST that never read a book or asked any questions either. Gossip fueling Gossip for more then 50 years have by now created some bizarre and fucked up spin stories. How subtle they managed to install fear into the mind of most about a group of Volunteer Humanitarians that are hard at work protecting mankind’s freedoms. The effect on the thinking mind by our psychology controlled Media is widespread and has no doubt also touched you. Could it be that you, the person of great intelligence that you are have been misled for all this time. Is that the reason why you never looked into Scientology YOURSELF. So what is truth then? Truth is not what we say it is. It is what it is.
    Ask questions. Find out why the INSANE powers to be are hard at work destroying you, your family, your groups and our civilisation and why those same merchants of Chaos are so hell bend to discredit and destroy Scientology and why they did not manage to do so for over 50 years. Could there be a link? Find out also why this group is growing and why its uniting people from all groups and creeds including those not religiously inclined. To truly find out its best NOT to read further Media and internet spin. Go and find out in person. Yes that’s right go and visit a Church of Scientology or mission or visit them online. For one you may learn they are hard at work to bring back mankind’s Freedom and correct all that is wrong in this “fucked up” system we have going on. All people of goodwill will quickly understand that that what is going on if one was to look for themselves. Step away from any installed fears. Your concerns are installed.

  • S_Dawn

    this is a very bold article, and i applaud you for such. as far as the ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ idea, i have a hard time due to the following: so much of what i hear from self-proclaimed ‘freedom fighters’ is just regurgitated bs. i do a lot of sorting through the poop in the barn in my attempt to find a pony in there somewhere.

  • Alphanista

    My ancestors from Africa established Maat, which a system in which you govern yourselves in way that establishes truth, justice, harmony, reciprocity, and balance. If we simply follow the ancient African practices that the enemy hijacked, this world would have been further ahead. They have been around for hundreds of thousands of years and the world seemed to have been a much better place until the 7th century….when some people came out of a cave..I hate to say it but it is true…

  • AnotherLover

    I think what you’re getting at is…

    Might makes right. I’m serious, actually — to some extent.

    I’m a life-long philosopher and I definitely don’t have my shit sorted. But, I’ve spent decades with these topics, and just about 100% of that thought has followed one path: morality. Now, we need a quick definition, so I’ll give it a try: morality is the thing all religions pretend to offer: a working definition of good and evil, or right and wrong. I’ve always sought a world for the truth, and hoped that truth and morality could guide us.

    Can it? Might makes right is an inherent truth to this Universe, it seems. Think about it: you’re just an idea and then you start consuming the world. And how you consume mightily! All that take is might. All that oxygen you take. You take some of that water and then you eat something. Destroyer. Absolutely annhilating the Universe around you. You might say.

    And then you turn back around and you say: “but might doesn’t actually make right, it doesn’t create it,” which seems true, which may be true, but it can be said might makes the thing that can experience right. So it could be more accurately stated: might makes life.

    It’s a big circle. But we have to recognize the validity of some of the evil that we see. We have to comprehend it. It’s just like digestion. If you never recognize the thing for what it is, you’ll never destroy it, and thus never truly consume it at all. Always seek the truth, I say. If you can truly describe the truth of your opponent’s position — let’s say they’re hiding something, ahem — then accuracy is your friend — even the facts that justify your opponent’s actions help you if you’re right to begin with. If the only thing you can defeat is a 2-dimensional cartoon of your opponent — a straw man of your own creation — and not the actual, 3-D reality of these other entities — then perhaps you should check your position again.

  • LorieK

    For the last week, I have been here in Portland, OR, in support of the Bundys and the other political prisoners being tried for events in Burns, and the Malheur refuge. During the week, I have observed other protests related to Black Lives Matter, and Tenant Rights in the area. Lots and lots of people were in the different groups. Several of us have discussed how we have to come together with common ground if we are ever going to make progress and overcome the intentional division TPTB try to create. Standing together for basic rights eliminates any political, cultural, racial, economical differences. The attacks on “the people” will continue to increase, and the division will too until we all realize it is them against all of us. Especially when you have folks like George Soros spending billions to keep us divided and tensions high. WE absolutely do have to realize that we’re all on the same side, ignore inconsequential differences and focus on what unites us… the desire for freedom and liberty and justice.

    • blue579

      Thank you – great story and insight, most relevant comment on the thread.

  • Sovereign Jo

    Trouble is, are we all really on the same team? This question will come up over and over again. There appears to be a lot of controlled opposition and even ourselves can potentially be agents without knowing it if we take into account the hidden alters of the mind. It’s a tricky one because we’ve got to trust, unite, cooperate and work together at times but we also need to be aware and careful what and who we associate with. I suppose there’s an art to discernment and being accurately intuitive. There’s probably a journey towards being a good judge of character, with lots of mistakes or lessons on the way. Sometimes the labels such as Narcissistic personality disorder, sociopath, psychopath, … can be useful in comprehending that some people and organisations manage to hold such convincing masks, they can appear so charismatic and loveable that they can sometimes blind us to the truth of what and who they really are. I feel it’s also useful to understand why people can have such massive egos at times, because of their insecurities and wounds, that motivates people to chase fame, publicity, to try hard to prove themselves or prove a point, attention, success, to be acknowledged, liked, loved, admired, … some are stuck with their wounded child or their rebellious angry teenager part of them, because they haven’t yet managed to resolve and rise above the issues and behave more like a balanced, centred adult, …
    I feel that the world and everything can be wrapped in many, perhaps endless veils of illusions. It’s a useful thing to study slight of hand tricks and NLP, Hypnosis mind control and other techniques, ..
    And the last thing, i’d like to express is that it may be best just to accept that we are all possibly being constantly watched and listened to, and so we could all just work through our fears and insecurities and not be afraid to speak and live our truth as long as it doesn’t intentionally hurt others, perhaps the agents may get some useful education too.

  • Rog

    I agree with Meter. The life “system” is autonomous, self sustaining and perfect. I suspect one of the reasons we are here is to discover this. The big snag is, it’s extremely difficult to let go of what we think is control over our lives. We are bombarded with the message that we should take the reins and steer our lives toward some distant destination. Call it “success” or what you will. I’ve come to believe that this is illusion. Have you ever reached a point in your life where you MUST change something? Do not ignore it. It is life taking the wheel. Follow it without worrying where it leads. This is the way of life and it will not do you wrong. The illusion of evil is that we should substitute God’s plan or way for our own. Trouble is, we don’t really have a plan. We are clueless in this regard because we are not really listening to ourselves. We listen to what’s outside of us, what others want for us or of us. It’s simple really, but oh so hard.

  • Meter

    I’m one of those enlightened know-it-alls the author so thoughtfully included, and here’s what I think:

    It may seem like centralization is the disease or cause, yet like cancer, it can be considered a response to imbalance. Collective ego lives in fear and is always trying to fix ‘the problem’. Even this article is an example of that, a monkey cleverness and calculation. This ego organizes at higher and higher levels attempting to solve the problem, creating globalist monstrosities, designs on world domination, wars, etc. This is all to ‘put the world right’, in the twisted insanity that this collective ego becomes.

    Ego can never see the real problem, because it *is* the problem its trying to solve; the source of its fear is its own separation. As that dissolves into unity, so does the problem. No self, no problem.

    The real solution is the ego’s surrender to higher consciousness (as impossible as that may sound to some). This also leads to the dissolution of the centralization technologies, because this level of consciousness understands that there is already an order, a divine one, called nature. An artificial order does not need to be imposed, and doing so is what creates dysfunction. Rather, harmony is developed with the order *which already exists*. You don’t need to invent it. This is not the anarchy of mindlessness, but the rapture of living in mindfulness.

    You may enter when you like. It’s already here. This is what we’ve been trying to tell you. You’re invited to the party! Won’t you attend? It’s Now in a place called Joy, don’t be late.

    There is no substitute for this shift in consciousness. If it does not occur, growing collective ego will destroy the human being, like a bad case of insanity. No amount of planning or calculations or clever monkey measures can stop it. Only surrender. Yet the incentives to surrender will be increasing through a natural process called pain. Imbalance always creates pain, which leads to correction. Life is a self-correcting system, quite the miracle to behold in its truth.

    The only question is, do you want to experience yourself in harmony with this process of life, or at odds with it? You’d be surprised how many people like to feel the pressure of challenging it in order to feel their own presence, the range of their soul. It’s only natural, this ‘evil’, which is but ‘live’ spelled backwards. Yet with growth comes the opportunity for the even greater rewards of super-harmony, also known as love. That one you got ‘right’.

    • Meter

      A bit more on the shift to higher consciousness in this context…

      I used to have no clue what such words meant and I thought it was delusional like poetry, so I understand people who read it that way. Across decades I moved into direct experience of these things and now find myself speaking that same mumbo jumbo. It’s one of the great ironies of life that the more you know, the less anyone can understand you.

      But this isn’t hard to get, so please meet me for a moment. A good analogy for the shift to higher consciousness, and out of egoic consciousness, is connecting a computer to the internet. Suddenly the computer is like a radio that can pick up lots more information outside of itself, part of a network of many other computers. It’s not alone anymore, and is virtually unlimited. All because of that little ethernet cord or wireless signal.

      The move to higher consciousness is not merely a mental trick, it is a soul thing. It goes deep. It’s of the heart, rooted in the evolution of one’s deepest personal meanings. Through this growth, awareness grows beyond the confines of the mind, of local thinking. It moves into larger ‘networked’ thought (the realm of genius and psychic creativity), and beyond. Thinking is but a tiny part of what we are. With access to this larger realm of self, we gain access to great knowledge and freedom, to spirit.

      What this is about is that this article asks how the alternative community (which includes alt media as well as alt sciences, etc) can evolve and unite, how the world can be fixed. Yet there are some problems you can’t merely think your way out of. They will just go round and round in endless maya. This is what Einstein meant by not being able to solve a problem on the same level of mind which created it. A rise of perspective is necessary. Then the solution becomes apparent. Often, the problem itself isn’t seen as a problem, but as a process unfolding perfectly already. This is transcendence and harmony.

      Already the alternative community represents a rise in consciousness. The power of the mainstream media is due to people still in lower awareness, who have not reached out on the internet to find larger truths. They are asleep, informationally speaking – the mainstream media is their pacifying and controlling dream state. This parallels their not reaching inward to awaken to larger truths. They are in lower consciousness, and the media preys upon this. How hard it is for you as a human to trick a dog into a cage? Lower awareness is easy prey to slightly higher awareness and the momentum of cultural beliefs.

      In the alternative community, you’re dealing with people who have both gone inward and outward for larger truths. This is a somewhat painful process of growth, because the larger truths are very difficult to behold. It is also a time of loss. The ego is actually dissolving, being defeated. You’re not getting your way when you read the alternative media. It’s frustrating to have one’s will defeated again and again, yet in a sense this is the ego’s destiny. The ego doesn’t win in the end, it loses everything and surrenders.

      Surrender of ego is not the same thing as loss of personality, becoming a cult-entrained robot, or anything of the sort. If anything, personality and creativity are more able to express themselves, and this is a delicious feeling of living in freedom. It’s like being young, yet with wisdom. It’s like being connected to the internet, and thus far less concerned with only the old tired games. In fact, it’s much like the alternative community, which is much less ego-invested than the establishment culture, thus more aware.

      Raised consciousness has another benefit. Similar to a computer connected to the internet versus one which is not, connected consciousness has access to larger knowledge called intuition, a creative guidance which defies rational analysis, yet leads one to one’s dreams (and groups to collective dreams, such as a free world). Access to higher consciousness is like having a very good view, and a very wise friend, like having God in your pocket advising you. Yet the advice isn’t just aimed as your small self, but is part of a bigger picture. The ego still loses, yet with a better understanding of why and whatfor. The point of awareness called the self begins a much larger journey than the mere mind or ego.

      The alternative community is like a breakaway civilization. It is also like a son of man, a rising Christ (watch out for crosses). It is still dependent on the physical networks and infrastructure created by the establishment. The blogs and sites run on some of their equipment, hardware made by them, using electricity produced by their power plants. They are somewhat subject to the laws, thugs, and prisons of the establishment, etc. They even still subscribe to some establishment beliefs. This dependency is an issue, one which the branches of the alternative community are always seeking to address. Yet this parent-child relationship with the mainstream is still a source of suffering; it inhibits growth, yet also inspires it. The challenge is to move even further away from this dependency, into true interdependency with all of life (you still need others to exist, yet no *particular* other).

      One thing higher consciousness shows you is don’t try to control the whole universe like tyrants do. Just a glimpse of how truly unfathomable ‘the world’ really is, will tell you that you can’t control it. Like the internet reflects, the universe goes forever in every direction. Rather, notice your freedom, form your own wave, and choose a direction. Like each country defending its borders, each wave maintains its own integrity through intent. In this realm, like attracts like. Different levels of consciousness separate like oil and water. There is LOTS of free space. Find a new spot.

      Overall I find the alternative community too invested in trying to force change and recognition in the mainstream postage stamp consensus, like a child trying to bring his parents with him everywhere. Sometimes you have to leave family behind and go on. Rather than developing and continuing their own consensus and narratives and actions, they look backward, fearful of moving forward, begging for recognition and action. The alt media never seems to get past whining about what liars the mainstream media is, trying to force that media to be in agreement. This obsession with others is not healthy overall and smells of dependency. Use the art of persuasion, not force. Set others free to choose their destinies. The attempt to control others is egoic. Control yourself, choose your own actions and responses.

      The alternative community also represents not-mainstream, so it represents ‘everything else’. Although consensus in some areas does develop, it’s not aligned with a single controlling narrative like the mainstream tends to be. Perhaps “full spectrum media”, or “total awareness media”, is a better moniker and goal, as “alternative” implies there is a center and you’re not it.

      This shows what the mainstream is: just another narrative, not central anymore than any other narrative is. It also shows that the alternative community is simply infinity, all of it. Otherwise known as One.

      • Winston

        The alternative community…”It is still dependent on the physical networks and infrastructure created by the establishment.”

        No it’s not and that’s the problem. If it was, what is so “alternative” about that. You see? No you don’t. Ugh.

        This afternoon I facilitated and helped change a young mans life forever, for free, all by myself, a complete stranger, he was so grateful he was almost in tears. He heard the knowing in my voice, he respected and listened to the authority with which I spoke. He was humbled but not humiliated.There was not a cell phone or website or media in sight or infrastructure anywhere, just water and the earth. It took all of ten minutes. That’s all.

        Anyway, I liked your mumbo jumbo as you call it. Carry on.

        • Meter

          I do get it, yet there is a degree of dependency, especially in the technologies used, but also in water and earth.

          It’s much like a young person leaving home – the alternative is rising out of the establishment, out of the old order. Dependency transforms once the larger world becomes available. Yet so long as they can interrupt your communications by pulling a plug, you are dependent on them to a degree. It’s wise to acknowledge this so it doesn’t surprise you when the lights go out. It’s also wise to have alternatives.

          Just water and earth…

  • Winston

    I was with group of people of the “movement” yesterday and the first thing I noticed was that there were varying degree’s of critical capacity, most having none and therefore I want nothing to do with them; they’re dangerous because they think their childish “views” are equal to those of adults. They’re not! Most of them also had little to offer in very real terms as far as currency of skills or contributions. However, believing they were smart they all seemed interested in a leadership role of some sort.
    The second thing I noticed was that when the shtf, the group of people from the “movement” I was with yesterday would be the first to go, knocked off, taken out and otherwise disposed of from those not of the “movement”.
    Just sayin is all.
    I’m off to get my hair did now, nameste.
    PS. Whose TRUTH are we talking about here anyway, the adult or the childs?

    • Tabbytha

      You sound very elitist to me. i wouldn’t trust you either.

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