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From Start to Finish Entire U.S. Presidential Election is Fake

Trump Hillary FakeMakia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

The US presidential election just keeps getting faker the more it goes on. Yes, it’s bread and circus time again in America, but this time around the rulers are putting on an entertainment show which has lost its ability to convince and persuade. It’s just too damn fake. We know the US and many other Western “democracies” are rigged one-party states where all the major candidates are controlled, bribed and/or blackmailed. We know that US presidents are selected, not elected. In the 2016 US presidential election, we’ve witnessed all sorts of fakery right from the start. Hillary blatantly rigged the Democratic Primaries in several states (Iowa, Nevada, Arizona andCalifornia just to name a few). She colluded with the DNC board, led by the disgraced Wasserman-Schultz, to keep Bernie out of the nomination. Then, at the DNC convention, she pulled out all the stops with a grand display of riggery and fakery, including paying people to sit there to hold her signs, playing white noise machines to drown out protests, having DNC officials turn off the lights above Bernie supporters to plunge them into darkness and all sorts of other dirty tricks.

Hillary’s Fake Health and Fake Transparency

The fakery continued after Clinton’s nomination coronation as queen at the DNC. Ever since the topic of Hillary’s health has come to light, Hillary has been in damage control mode, trying to convince a skeptical public she is well enough for the office of president, despite her coughing fits, bouts of dizziness and confusion, struggling to walk up stairs, tripping and falling, bouts of inappropriate laughter, wild crossed-eyed looks and her public seizures (see The Real Hillary Clinton for more info). Wikileaks apparently discovered that Hillary was searching online for adult diapers. Maybe she currently wears them.

Meanwhile, corrupt Hillary continues her campaign without conducting press conferences, which is highly unusual for a US presidential candidate. Zero Hedge reports it has been 273 days (absolute zero) since her last press conference! Clearly we can deduce from this that Hillary is scared of being asked some tough questions, given how flooded she is with scandal after scandal (Clinton Foundation fraud and corruption, email deletions, foreign bribery, pay to play shenanigans, the growing Clinton Body Count, etc.). There’s nothing open and transparent about her; she’s barely holding on, keeping quiet and hoping Trump will shoot himself in the foot some more between now and November 8th.


Trump rallies vs Clinton rallies


Sanders rally vs Clinton rally

Clinton vs. Trump Rallies: Spot the Fakery Anyone?

Take a look at the above images. The same thing that was happening with Bernie is happening with Trump – they have both been attracting large crowds and filling up stadiums. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign relies on several forms of fakery to give the false impression that Hillary is actually popular. They have produced blatantly photoshopped images of a Hillary rally (see below). They constantly make it look like Hillary is speaking to a large room by keeping the camera at one angle, putting bleachers or rows of people behind her, and never panning the camera around the room. They have been busted over and over for camera trickery and fakery, but unless you are tuned into the alternative media, you probably won’t see it.


Hillary’s fake photoshopped rally. This is a collage of images. It’s fake!

Was She Even There? Hillary Takes Fakery to a New Depth

It was somewhat stunning, even for someone as fake and fraudulent as Hillary Rodham Clinton, to release a video of a purported rally which is entirely faked (embedded above). Look carefully at the video. There are at least 3 separate people holding smartphones pointed at her, yet when she finishes and exits off the stage, the images reflected in the smartphone screens are not what they should be! They show different images entirely. Was the entire rally “made up”? Is anything about this woman true at all, or are we living in a Wag the Dog/Truman Show movie set?

Election Fraud Through Fractionalized Voting

Bev Harris of has done tireless work to expose election fraud over the years. She has recently come out warning the American public of the latest technique in election rigging, which is to fractionalize votes, i.e. make them only worth a fraction (e.g. one fifth, one third, one tenth, etc.) of what they should be (one whole vote). She writes in her article FRACTION MAGIC – PART 1: VOTES ARE BEING COUNTED AS FRACTIONS INSTEAD OF AS WHOLE NUMBERS:

“The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.”

This means that with just a little computer code, someone can flip the vote and make, for example, all of the whole votes for Donald Trump suddenly worth only one quarter (0.25) instead of one (1). Vote rigging like this has already happened in the past. The system is already in place. Welcome to the USA, champion of democracy! Can you see now how other nations feel about the US enforcing democracy down the barrel of gun, when things are so utterly subverted and fake at home?

READ: Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World

Trump’s Connections to the Shadow Rulers

Although this article has so far highlighted the fraud surrounding Hillary, the point here is not to support Trump. The Donald himself has a myriad of connections and associations with NWO agents such as the head of the Rockefeller CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Tommy Haas. Trump is also close to Paypal founder, millionaire and transhumanist Peter Thiel, CIA asset and Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, as well as Louis Lesser partner of CIA Asset Meyer Lansky (who was involved the JFK assassination). To what degree Trump is influenced or controlled by these men is an open question, however we know enough to say that he has tyrannical tendencies, is an ardent Zionist and a possible or probable pedophile – hardly the choice you want to be given in a free and open society.

DHS and UN to Take Control of US Presidential Elections?

The issues of voter fraud and election rigging have become large enough that Obama was recently asked about it. Not long after this, Jeh Johnson, the head of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), let slip that his department is considering taking control of the US presidential election (problem-reaction-solution). Johnson tried to claim that elections may have become part of “critical infrastructure”. The DHS is the very same department that was created right after the 9/11 false flag with a fast bill slammed through Congress that no-one had time to read. It’s also the same department that oversees the TSA, which gives airline passengers the choice of molestation or radiation. It’s funny how almost all governmentally-proposed solutions have the characteristic of centralizing more power in the government. Perhaps this 2016 US presidential election will be hard to rig for Hillary (given her massive unpopularity) so her controllers want more power over the election process to ensure she gets in.

Top Conservatives and Neocons Bust the Two-Party Illusion by Openly Declaring Support for Hillary

As if all the fakery listed above isn’t enough, consider the fact that many top Republicans, neocons and conservatives have openly come out and stated that they would rather vote for Clinton than Trump. Why? Almost certainly because she’s more likely to start foreign wars (against China and Russia), more likely to continue the corrupt status quo and more likely to advance the New World Order agenda in line with the ambitions of these shadow rulers. Those at the top know the fake left-right paradigm is a facade designed to fool the masses into thinking they have a choice. Look at the cosy relationship between George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, supposed opponents on opposite sides of the aisle (nothing like some CIA Mena cocaine and Satanic ritual to bond over). However, the 2016 US presidential election is unique in that it appears that some of these guys aren’t even trying to maintain the illusion of freedom.

May 2016 be the Year the Masses Awaken to the Fakery of the US Presidential Election

There’s enough fakery to fill a few hundreds football stadiums with this US presidential election. Hopefully we are about to see it reach a tipping point where a critical mass of people simply refuse to buy into at all. Once enough people see the “bread and circus” show for what it truly is – a distraction, a fanciful ruse, a facade and a silly game of no real consequence – they will lose confidence in the whole system and begin dreaming of new, better and fairer systems. This, of course, is the worst nightmare of the NWO controllers.

About the Author

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance

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  • joba

    In the first sequence, you can see hilary on the guys phone down to the right…pause at 0:45 and look at the phone to the right and you see Hilary.

    And they both have iphone but the iphone to the left have a completly different layout. Where is the modes (text) above the “take picture button” (and where is the red stop recording icon inside the circle?) and at the top the time of the video is missing.

    You gonna make a conspiracy of something, then do it right.

    I guess ppl believe anything nowadays thats why there is no effort.

  • JC Ballenger

    Americans are too complacent to even give a shit. Send in the Kardashians.

  • Anthony

    As much as I agree with the article that the presidential race is from the start to finish a game of deceit. Some truth are missing which is also the fact that Donal J. Trump And Hillary Clinton have both connived. Donald trump is an actor in the presidential race. He was deliberately pitted to buy time for Hillary Clinton as no one in their right mind will vote for Hillary Clinton if they were presented with choice better than that of Donald Trump personality. So in this Dilemma, they give the illusion of freedom.
    Let’s take this as an example from this article: Her fake video and photo rally which is photoshopped and how they constantly make it look like Hillary is speaking to a large room by
    keeping the camera at one angle, putting bleachers or rows of people
    behind her, and never panning the camera around the room. This is enough for Donald Trump to give an incorrigible reputational damage by exposing her trickery which of course Trump is capable of voicing out and I believe this does not go unnoticed by Donald Trump.
    So I believe that some shadow rulers have chosen both presidential candidate and have skillfully crafted the political game all with the Patriotic citizens’ tax money anyways.

  • Ben William

    About time the alt media serves up some truth on this ridiculous presidential election.

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  • Veri Tas

    Excellent, revealing analysis!

  • Jim Slaten

    Trump is the scum of the earth and a disgrace to humanity

  • Dan Jones

    …and only the weak cannot see it…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  • ALL of the United States Constitutional Republic’s election woes are the consequence of the constitutional framers usurping Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (Deuteronomy 17:15), thereby turning elections over the to the discretion of We the People, the majority of whom, according to Christ in Matthew 7:13-14, are in the broad way leading to destruction. Talk about a D U M B idea! No wonder after every election America has only grown more ungodly, less Christian, and further enslaved REGARDLESS whether a donkey or an elephant has been elected.

    For more, see blog article “Salvation by Election” at

    Additionally, thanks to Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders was also eliminated, America has thus been destined for nothing but nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals for her civil “leaders.”

    For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see online Chapter 9 “Article 6: The
    Supreme Law of the Land” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • FiuToYou

      Don’t forget ‘separation of church and state’. What’s been done in the name of religion in history is horrible at the least, maybe worse than politicians!

  • jimmime

    and now you know why I don’t vote, it makes no difference, so, you can keep watching the dog and pony show, and just know we are going to be screwed again! Sounds like a song,(the who).

    • Clamb

      The new boss is the same as the old boss.

    • Veri Tas

      Why not give your vote to an alternative candidate?

      • jimmime

        You didn’t read my comment? It makes no difference who you vote for, there has not been an election in this country in decades, as far as figure heads go, it is all pre- decided, It is a dog and pony show to keep the masses happy, their vote does nothing to change anything. Now I could be wrong,(LOL) you could be right, you can cast your vote for whom ever you like. The one that set me off this time around was Bernie Sanders, he had all kinds of support, and still Killary took the spot, even though she is not all there, can’t make a speech, no debates, and takes orders from George Soros, because he pays a hell of a lot to “the foundation”. Need I go on? This election is bought and paid for. The “so called” hacks from outside the country is also a hoax, that’s the C.I.A., then we have Homeland Security, witch will keep tabs on the election results. Yeah, is all over except for W W III, that maybe soon after the”election”.

  • L Garou

    Even the rigged voting machines hate Hillary..

  • Hank

    A “vote” in this kind of situation/environment is NOT a vote! It is a smoke screen that hides the fact that corporations control elections, not people. The Demo/Repub dichotomy exists only to keep Americans DIVIDED, DISTRACTED and CONTROLLED by the powers that be! Americans have a memory as long as there noses- every time one party has the Oval Office it commits crimes against humanity while the other party lambasts and criticizes its actions. Then the roles are reversed when the OTHER party has the Oval Office. It is a perpetual do-nothing setup that stymies progress for American lives and keeps clueless sheeple at each others throats over BS issues!

  • BadClown
  • bill

    It’s good to finally see someone not kissing Trump’s rump, Thank you. Sick of the Trump worship on one side and Hillary worship on the other. Both candidates suck, America is screwed!!

  • Jim Slaten

    Bernie got screwed for sure..However, I am not going to let the Orange monster become POTUS. Go Hillary. Hillary Clinton 2016

    • Clamb

      Then you can buy her pampers, cough meds and anti-seizure/dementia meds yourself because my taxes aren’t paying for it.

      • Jim Slaten

        Well boo hoo…

        • Nom De Plume

          THis is not just to Jim but ALL of you who are still ASLEEP. GOVERNMENT IS AN ILLUSION AND A SUPERSTITION.
          Once the the masses get this………..then the rest will fall like a house of cards.

          • jimmime

            Do you really think that the masses will get this? One can only hope so much, but know our words, and emotions are controlled by the powers that stymie us. I know there is good out there, I have been reading a hell of a lot of it right here! But when we can’t elect a “leader” of our choice, we are screwed, again, and again. I know I sound like a broken record, or a CD with a scratch, I will now shut the hell up, thanks for your ears to bend, or your mind to twist.LOL!

      • Jim Slaten

        Why don’t you just find another country to live in becauseTrump is not going to win either are you. Goodbye and good riddins.

        • Clamb

          Nah Jumbo I’ll just stick around, I’m not a Coward like your liberal-hollyweirdos that threaten to leave over any little thing but NEVER follow through, really shows their lack of conviction doesn’t it.

          • Jim Slaten

            I happen to be a contractor. I wouldn’t vote for someone who cheats hard working people. Your Trump is thief and a crook. He’s blackballed from the banks and even Goldman Sachs doesn’t want his business. No one wants to business with your Donald….You must be a cheat and a slime ball yourself to vote for a man like that. Good luck,!

        • Terry Kuehner

          Jim…did you read this article? Or are you just spouting ‘yay Hillary’ without even knowing why.


    Hillory, the new Hitler



  • Alex

    If people are stupid enough to vote for a synthetic cloned tranny, who frequently has clone melt downs, then they deserve what they have coming. Hil-lie-ry will be the first cloned male President with a chip so that she can be controlled if she gets in. You will have a fake synthetic for President whichever synthetic those behind this scam pre-select for you. In the UK we are lumbered with Mr Theresa May. Don’t be fooled by the con-artistry of Satan. Donald Triumph is also a cloned synthetic. No real man looks like that. Look at his female hair line and his weird colored synthetic skin and his fake followers. They are all trannies – a product of the Generational Satanist Freemason cabal that control the whole world unfortunately. Those behind this Presidential Game are having a laugh and truly taking the piss and they have had big mouth NSA Agent Michael Rivero perpetually brainwashing all who listen to him as he obsesses on Trump and Clinton, Trump and Clinton!!!!! They may as well turn the fake event into a video game because that’s all it is. They both have multiple clones, that’s why Clinton was seen in two different places wearing different outfits. When you see Hillary pulling faces, she is ready to be replaced for yet another version of Hillary.

  • The sElection is obviously being pushed towards Trump, which was the plan all along. He is the Trojan Horse to be used to take us down. For Israel’s benefit.

  • desertspeaks

    The democratic party and the republican party are both CORPORATIONS that have usurped the country. They are listed as non profit, but don’t be fooled, it’s all about the money, power and control!
    No where in the US Constitution will you find authority that the electors who chose the president be chosen by two corporations ! ITS FRAUD!


      STOP LABELLING democratic party and the republican party AS

      • FiuToYou

        You missed the point @desertspeaks.

        • Terry Rice

          everybody is a have to follow their rules
          ..look up the word person in the black laws dictionary

  • wayne

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely
    believe they are free.”

    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    U.S. politics is a dog and pony show compliments of lobbyists and their puppet masters. The illusion of choice keeps the sheeple entertained, hopelessly working, and grazing at the malls .
    Rigged fractionalized voting is a move right out of the elitist bankster’s playbook, as fractional reserve banking has worked masterfully for years, to deliver the world on a silver platter to Rothschild and Rockefeller.
    I can’t help but imagine these guys sitting around sipping expensive scotch and laughing hysterically in amazement at the cluelessness and gullibility of their American subjects.

    Great article, Thanks!

  • (1) Trump has THOUSANDS that can’t get in to a packed stadium – (2) Trump has more Soros-funded protesters than Kommrade Hitlery has audience – (3) Kommrade Hitlery must pay attendees and can’t fill a high school gym … but Kommrade Hitlery ‘leads in the polls’ …. ??? PUPPYDOO!

    • Howlingmad

      Its the reason Col . . . ALL of the “Bullsh_t” their going to try, ISN’T going to work . . . its going to be a “Serious Landslide”. . . THAT, is all that really “Matters”. The CLOSER the election “Gets” . . . the more OBVIOUS this will “Become” !. . . to the point that ALL of the “Propaganda” the Lame Stream Media is trying to spread, will actually become “Ennoying” to most people.

      • Yep. The longer and more-often the lying Marxist Stream Media spews their knowing damned lies and propaganda for the dumbed-down proletariat, the worse they are viewed by all concerned.

        Since they are ANTI-capitalists all the people have to do is boycott their advertisers – telling them so actually puts the icing on the cake …

  • Markus Allen

    How is it that the entire election is fake and we see the Clinton campaign making fools think there are more people than actually attending?

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